Birthday Wish list

It is my birthday soon and as always I like to dream I can get everything and anything. I have been so busy with life, preparing for the baby, work and the blog I almost forgot my birthday is coming up. So I created little wish list to cheer me up. Maybe on the May 24th some of these will actually land in my arms. That is what dreams are for right?

Za par dni mam narozeniny. Za osm, abych byla presna. A jako vzdy snim o vsem moznem a pevne doufam, ze alespon castecne si sve sny mohu splnit. Chtela bych vsechny mozne kabelky pod sluncem, krasne slunecni bryle. Ale priznam se, ze s planovanim veci ohledne miminka jsem pomalu zapomela, ze narozeniny vubec mam. A navic budu na dovolene v te dobe. A tak jsem si slozila mensi wish list jenom tak pro radost.

Love Glamazon xoxo


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