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New App Alert – Save money with Shoptagr


How many times did I say that I am creating my next shopping wish list? And you know those are never ending and they always change. Now, there is a new way how to track your favourite dream items thanks to Shoptagr. You know how much I love my designer pieces and hunting things for cheaper and on big seasonal sales. Well this gives me smarter way how to get the best deals and quickly snap all those things I am lusting. And this is only thanks to one little button you install. And when you see an item you like you just click on this magical icon from your bookmarks bar. You can simply pick size you want, colour and when you want to be notified. Shoptagr will keep an eye on your dream item and let you know if it is back in stock or on sale. Clever right?

Kolikrat jsem rikala, ze mam novy wishlist. A s novou aplikaci Shoptagr bude vse jednodussi. Konecne si muzu ulozit vysnene kousky velmi rychle a jednoduse a dokonce mi prijde upozorneni, kdy je moje budouci kabelka ve sleve ci zpatky na sklade. A to vse diky nove aplikaci. Staci si instalovat malou ikonku na liste na vasem pocitaci a stahnout aplikaci do vaseho telefonu.

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The Toughest Things About Blogging


Blogging is an interesting world on its own. How else do you explain there are so many people that turned their passion to jobs or just simply sacrificed their free time to keep this hobby and never gave up.

It is a great world that offers opportunities, new friends, learning new skills and so much more but on the other hand it is not all roses. There are issues, frustrations and hard parts of blogging.

  1. Creating content – Starting a blog and then constantly thinking of a new content can be a challenge in every blogger’s life. Imagine you have to always come up with new and new stuff you will post about and that in many cases is alongside your full time job. That can be one of the hardest things ever.
  2. Growing your audience – I wish I could say there is a secret formula to help you to grow your audience. However, it can be one of the most frustrating things when you write a great post but you get just few hits. This puts many people off but never give up. Keep going, keep sharing and keep networking. It will come eventually.
  3. Meeting less pleasant people – You meet so many great people as a blogger from brands representatives, celebrities or other bloggers. However, as any industry you must count that not everybody will be nice or honest. There is a lot of competition out there and eager people that would do anything to succeed. So keep your eyes open and look at it from the positive point of view. These things will always move you forward and you do not have to become one of those people.
  4. Having thick skin – You need to toughen up. You will meet lot of fake people and you will experience rejections. You may lose motivations and so much more. So thick skin is needed. Blogging can be very hard business.
  5. Negative criticism – Oh dear how much we love haters right? Nobody loves to be criticised but there are different types of criticism. If it is a constructive negative comment that will help me to move forward and it is from a person that really understand the issue I am happy to take it. However, we all know how much negative energy can some people throw around. Again, do not let these things to stop you from doing what you love.

Blogovani je zajimavy svet. Jak jinak si vysvetlit, ze tolik lidi dokazalo promenit blog v povolani a nebo zkratka se zamilovali do blogovani tak moc, ze obetuji jejich veskery volny cas. A pritom je to tolik prace.

Blogovani je svet obrovskych prilezitosti, moznosti navazanich novych pratelstvi a uceni se novym vecem. Ale nikdy neni vse tak ruzove jak se zda. Tak jak ve vsem i v blogovani se nachazi velka uskali a musite se s tim naucit zit. 

1. Tvoreni obsahu – Tvorit obsah a vubec zacit blogovat muze byt vlastne to nejtezsi. Kazdy den musite tvorit a vymyslet nove clanky, fotit nove fotografie a za tim je hodne prace. Tohle muze spousty lidi odradit, ale nevzdavejte to. 

2. Rust fanousku a ctenaru – Rada bych vam rekla, ze na rust ctenaru existuje zazracny recept, ale bohuzel tomu tak neni. Muze to byt nejvice odrazujici cast blogovani, protoze kdyz si date praci se super clankem, ktery pak nikdo necte, tak to spousty lidi odradi. Ale nevzdavejte to. Delejte co vas bavi a ctenari urcite prijdou. 

3. Potkavani mene prijemnych lidi – Jako v kazde oblasti potkate uzasne lidi a ty mene uzasne. V blogovani to plati take a musite se vyporadat s tim, ze konkurence tady proste je a ne vsichni se s tim dokazi vyrovnat. Potkate lidi, kteri vam podrazi nohy, budou neprijemni a nebo budou dokonce pomlouvat. Musite s tim zkratka pocitat a hodit tyhle veci za hlavu. 

4. Nutnost mit hrosi kuzi – Clovek musi byt v blogovani obcas i tvrdy at uz mluvim o bodu 3 a nebo vubec. Budete se muset vyporadat s odmnitnutim a take si vybudovat obchodniho ducha. Je to zkratka tvrdy business a znate to…silnejsi preziva. 

5. Negativni kritika – Snad kazdy bloger zna slovo hater a asi ho moc v oblibe nema. Ono jedna vec je konstruktivni negativni kritika od lidi, kteri dane veci opravdu rozumi. To beru. Ale doted nechapu nesmyslne komenty plne negativity a zasti. Ja to vzdy resim tak, ze si reknu je to zkratka jenom neci nazor. Zkuste tyhle veci hodit za hlavu a bude lip.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

Top things I wish I knew about blogging few years ago


Most bloggers start blogging because they love it and it is fun but over the time lot of them turn their blog in to business. And this process would be much faster if most of us including me knew certain things from the very beginning.

  1. Network, network, network – When I started blogging I was pretty much isolated and I was surprised not much was happening. I had no idea I need to meet other bloggers or PR. And I was doing this for years. Now I know this is one of the most important things in blogging. You have to be out there.
  2. Invest money in your blog and your camera – There is no point to do things half way. So invest in a good camera, good lens, good blog design and whatever else you feel is important. Quality sells and attracts people. You have to be good in order to get noticed and make people to come back.
  3. Social media are important – I wish I started Instagram straight away. I was pretty much ignoring certain social media as I thought it is not important. And look at those bloggers that started straight away. They were already so much ahead. So never underestimate your social media and stay active.
  4. Don’t try to be like somebody else – Copying, comparing yourself to others and trying to be who you are not is the worse thing ever. The whole Instagram is covered with similar accounts and people creating similar content. Stop trying to be like the others and stay yourself. I remember when I started blogging I was fascinated by Blonde Salad and it was so tempting to create similar content but there is no point. You will get far if you create your own thing.
  5. Work on your brand – Blog is your brand. You are your own brand so this is all about the whole package. Never forget this. It is everything and not just about the content. It is about you and what you want to represent.

Vetsina blogeru zacina blogovat, protoze je to bavi a maji blog vlastne jako konicek. Ale je spousta z nas, kteri nakonec promeni blog v praci. A tento proces by byl urcite rychlejsi, kdyz clovek vi urcite veci. Ja jsem par let nemela ani poneti co je a co neni treba.

  1. Network, network, network – Kdyz jsem zacala blogovat tak jsem byla zcela izolovana. Nestykala jsem se ani s blogery a ani s PR. A to je vlastne jedna z nejdulezitejsich faktoru v blogovani. A proto chodte kam to jen jde, alespon na zacatku blogovani. Vybudujte si sit kontaktu a uvidite pote obrovske zmeny.
  2. Investuj penize jak do blogu tak i vybaveni – Kvalita je velmi dulezita a kez bych to vedela uz na zacatku blogovani. Idealni je udelat si pruzkum trhu a investovat do dobreho vybaveni, do dobreho designu a take je treba obcas pustit korunu, kdyz je potreba. 
  3. Socialni site jsou dulezite – Dodnes lituju, ze jsem s Instagramem nezacala uz mnohem drive. Kdyz vidim nektere blogerky, ktere tak udelaly, tak si uvedomuju, ze to bylo hloupe rozhodnuti. Ale kdyz tenkrat mi to prislo zbytecne a dalsi prace navic. Socialni site jsou zkratka pro blogery velmi dulezite. 
  4. Nesnazte se byt tim kym nejste – A je to tady zase. Myslim, ze tohle vzpominam u kazdeho clanku. Jen si predstavte kolik podobnych uctu na Instagramu denne vidite. Nema cenu se ani srovnavat a ani se snazit byt nekym, kym nejste. Pred lety jsem zboznovala Blonde Salad a tolikrat jsem chtela udelat podobny clanek ci outfit a jsem rada, ze jsem odolala. 
  5. Vypracujte se a vytvorte si svou vlastni brand/znacku – Blog neni jenom blog. Vse kolem blogu a hlavne vy jste takova znacka. Jde o celek a nejenom jednu cast. A proto je dulezite premyslet o vas jako o znacce a co chcete representovat. Na to nikdy nezapominejte.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

Blogging: Which platform is the most important to grow?


There is hardly black and white situation in many areas of work and the same applies in blogging. When I meet other bloggers we often discuss certain blogging trends and the importance of social media as well. And you hear different opinions which is natural as some bloggers may have lot of followers on Instagram and some may be bigger fans of twitter. The fact is that blogging and social media can constantly change its form. There are new platforms that becoming popular and lots of shifting. And the speed is ridiculous. By the time you achieve decent following on one platform there is something new (like all the fuss with Instagram stories vs Snapchat). And at the same time you do not want to lose traffic on your blog so you have to stay consistent there too. Lot of work right?

So what is right or wrong? Well, I believe we are all different and what works for me does not work for others others. In an ideal world we all want consistency and even following across the board. However, how to achieve it? I have noticed that trends can change also depending on the countries. Maybe I will be generalising but have you noticed the amount of followers Italian bloggers would they have on their Facebook? The numbers are huge and they sometimes are miles away from their following on Instagram.

I have also noticed that some bloggers with very big following on Instagram have very few followers on Bloglovin. And I have also seen the opposite. Does that mean that Bloglovin is giving them massive traffic on their site whilst Instagram fans may not seem them as successful? Who knows.

The key is for your to identify what works for you and realise what you want to achieve in blogging. I also believe that more visual people will enjoy platforms like Instagram more and will be very good at growing it. And there may be some of you that are better in writing so most people will be coming everyday to your blog to read something new and interesting.

As I said a great thing would be to have it all but only very few can keep the right balance. So heads up and create a plan that works for you.

Stejne jak v jinych sferach tak i v blogovani plati, ze neexistuje zkratka cerna a bila situace. Kdyz potkavam ostatni blogerky tak casto probirame posledni trendy v blogovani a socialnich platformach. A kazda ma vzdy jiny nazor. Neni se cemu divit, co funguje u jedne nemusi zarucene fungovat u uplne jineho uctu. Existuji blogeri, kteri maji obrovske mnozstvi sledovatelu na Instagramu, ale na jejich blog chodi malo lidi a muze to byt i obracene. Navic smer blogovani se neustale meni, protoze technologie a trendy se siri a promenuji obrovskou rychlosti (treba jako posledni manie ohledne Instagram stories vs Snapchat). Nez si clovek staci vybudovat zakladnu na jednom ucte, musi si otevrit novy. A pokud nechce dojit napriklad o navstevnost na blogu musi se ve stejne mire venovat i psani na blogu. A to vsechno obnasi hodne prace.

Idealni situace by vzdy byla mit vyvazeny pocet ctenaru a sledovatelu vsude, ale to se malokomu podari. Vsimla jsem si (a ted budu asi hodne generalizovat), ze nekdy se trendy meni i podle toho z jake zeme jste. Treba takove Italske blogerky maji obrovske mnozstvi fanousku na Facebooku a v porovnani s Instagramem mi to prijde nevyvazene. A mam take kamaradky, ktere maji obrovske mnozstvi sledovatelu na Bloglovinu a treba v porovnanim s tim zase malo na Instagramu. 

Osobne si take myslim, ze to ma co delat s tim jaci jste. Pokud jste hodne vizualni tak vam asi pujde od ruky Instagram. Vase fotografie budou ucelene a to vam pomuze ziskavat nove sledovatele. Nekteri zase nebudou tak dobri vizualne, ale treba jsou skveli v psani a to zvysi jejich navstevnost na blogu. At uz jste dobri na to ci ono…je na vas vytvorit si plan a soustredit se na to, co se k vam hodi. 

Love Glamazon xoxo