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Blogging: Which platform is the most important to grow?


There is hardly black and white situation in many areas of work and the same applies in blogging. When I meet other bloggers we often discuss certain blogging trends and the importance of social media as well. And you hear different opinions which is natural as some bloggers may have lot of followers on Instagram and some may be bigger fans of twitter. The fact is that blogging and social media can constantly change its form. There are new platforms that becoming popular and lots of shifting. And the speed is ridiculous. By the time you achieve decent following on one platform there is something new (like all the fuss with Instagram stories vs Snapchat). And at the same time you do not want to lose traffic on your blog so you have to stay consistent there too. Lot of work right?

So what is right or wrong? Well, I believe we are all different and what works for me does not work for others others. In an ideal world we all want consistency and even following across the board. However, how to achieve it? I have noticed that trends can change also depending on the countries. Maybe I will be generalising but have you noticed the amount of followers Italian bloggers would they have on their Facebook? The numbers are huge and they sometimes are miles away from their following on Instagram.

I have also noticed that some bloggers with very big following on Instagram have very few followers on Bloglovin. And I have also seen the opposite. Does that mean that Bloglovin is giving them massive traffic on their site whilst Instagram fans may not seem them as successful? Who knows.

The key is for your to identify what works for you and realise what you want to achieve in blogging. I also believe that more visual people will enjoy platforms like Instagram more and will be very good at growing it. And there may be some of you that are better in writing so most people will be coming everyday to your blog to read something new and interesting.

As I said a great thing would be to have it all but only very few can keep the right balance. So heads up and create a plan that works for you.

Stejne jak v jinych sferach tak i v blogovani plati, ze neexistuje zkratka cerna a bila situace. Kdyz potkavam ostatni blogerky tak casto probirame posledni trendy v blogovani a socialnich platformach. A kazda ma vzdy jiny nazor. Neni se cemu divit, co funguje u jedne nemusi zarucene fungovat u uplne jineho uctu. Existuji blogeri, kteri maji obrovske mnozstvi sledovatelu na Instagramu, ale na jejich blog chodi malo lidi a muze to byt i obracene. Navic smer blogovani se neustale meni, protoze technologie a trendy se siri a promenuji obrovskou rychlosti (treba jako posledni manie ohledne Instagram stories vs Snapchat). Nez si clovek staci vybudovat zakladnu na jednom ucte, musi si otevrit novy. A pokud nechce dojit napriklad o navstevnost na blogu musi se ve stejne mire venovat i psani na blogu. A to vsechno obnasi hodne prace.

Idealni situace by vzdy byla mit vyvazeny pocet ctenaru a sledovatelu vsude, ale to se malokomu podari. Vsimla jsem si (a ted budu asi hodne generalizovat), ze nekdy se trendy meni i podle toho z jake zeme jste. Treba takove Italske blogerky maji obrovske mnozstvi fanousku na Facebooku a v porovnani s Instagramem mi to prijde nevyvazene. A mam take kamaradky, ktere maji obrovske mnozstvi sledovatelu na Bloglovinu a treba v porovnanim s tim zase malo na Instagramu. 

Osobne si take myslim, ze to ma co delat s tim jaci jste. Pokud jste hodne vizualni tak vam asi pujde od ruky Instagram. Vase fotografie budou ucelene a to vam pomuze ziskavat nove sledovatele. Nekteri zase nebudou tak dobri vizualne, ale treba jsou skveli v psani a to zvysi jejich navstevnost na blogu. At uz jste dobri na to ci ono…je na vas vytvorit si plan a soustredit se na to, co se k vam hodi. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

Blogging: Master your networking

Networking is not just something you would expect from a fearless business woman. As a blogger it is important to network from the very beginning when you start your blog. I have mentioned this several times in some previous articles with blogging tips including the one about how to increase collaborations. Networking skills come to some people naturally and some people have to work on it. I have met so many very shy bloggers that find it difficult to communicate especially when in face to face interaction. However, try to step out and make it happen. The easiest way is to start to network with bloggers and then move on to PR people and brand professionals.

Networking online – Use things like guest posts (especially as a new blogger), comment, engage with other bloggers. I find twitter really good place to get noticed and engage with other people.

Go to blogger meet ups – Lot of bloggers organise big meet ups where you can meet so many new people and grow your network. One thing to avoid is to speak only to that one blogger that organised the meet up. Firstly, everybody in the room will want to speak to them and secondly they may not even remember you as there could be other hundreds of other people. The best way is to look around and speak to other attendees.

Attend as many events as you can – As a blogger you must go to events. When you are new to blogging the more the better. You meet PR, you meet journalists and other bloggers. This is your opportunity to get yourself out there. When I was staring my blog I tried to go everywhere. I remember how many days a week I would be rushing somewhere over my lunch break just to spend there 20 minutes. After a while I realised I needed to slow down as when you work and blog and you try to go everywhere your body just refuses to function. However, try to do it as much as possible at least in the first few months of blogging.

Share the love – If you see an interesting content share it. It does not matter if the information comes from a start up blog or  an established one. It is all about giving not just receiving. I believe these things will always come back to you in a good way. You may get noticed by the person that wrote it or some other key people.

Be ready and stay confident – Easier said than done. Wherever you go and whatever you do you must know how to introduce yourself shortly and introduce your work. Fluffy words are not required. Know your stats, know your target audience, your strategy and know how to shortly introduce yourself and your blog. Your pitch and intro does not need to be long however the quality is what matters.

If you are asked to introduced yourself and your blog I wanted to show you an example of a pitch. Now bare in mind this will change all the time as we all have different blogs, we all have different strategy and we are all at different levels.

Example: I started my blog Affordable Fashion 8 months ago. I focus mainly on affordable fashion and beauty products and my readers are mainly girls in between 12-20 years old and 80 % of them are based in UK. The blog is mainly about detailed text rather than pictures and that will be my strategy going forward. In the last two months my traffic increased by 40 %.

Other pitch may include recent awards, collaborations etc. It really depends on the blogger individually. The key is to be specific and not fluffy.

I hope these tips will help you with networking and constantly growing your blog. I wish everybody lot of success whatever they are trying to achieve.

Networking neni neco co se da ocekavat pouze od ambiciozni businessmanky, ale je treba i v blogovani. Mozna se budete divit, ale je to jedna z aktivit, ktera vam v blogovani hodne pomuze. Zminovala jsem to jiz predchozich clancich jako napriklad tady, kde davam tipy na to jak zvysit pocet spolupraci na vasem blogu. Kazdy clovek je jiny a komunikace s novyma lidma mu jde lehce, ale potkavam spoustu blogeru, kteri pusobi strasne nesmele a zrovna networking jim dela obrovske problemy. Az me prekvapuje, ze dosahly takoveho uspechu. Kdyz si predstavim, kde by mohly byt, kdyby se dokazaly zbavit ostychu. Nejlepsi bude asi zacit se spojovat s ostatnimi blogery a az po nejake dobe se snazit vybudovat si sit kontaktu mezi PR representanty. 

Networking online – To je asi velmi jednoduchy zpusob jak zacit. Takze hura vrhnete se na to a komentujte, sledujte ostatni blogery a komunikujte. Tim nemyslim nesmyslne komentare typu I love it, ale dejte najevo, ze jste clanek opravdu cetli. Ja shledavam twitter jako nejlepsi platformu na komunikaci a take se spojit s ostatnimi profesionaly v oboru. 

Vydejte se na bloger meet ups – I u nas v CR poradaji blogeri vetsi akce, kde muzete potkat ostatni a seznamit se. Nejvetsi chybu, kterou muzete udelat je, ze kdyz porada jeden bloger takovou akci, tak se snazit mluvit jenom s nimi. Za prve vam to moc neda, protoze s nimi chce mluvit kazdy a za druhe si vas mezi tim mnozstvim lidi nemusi ani pamatovat. A proto se rozhlednete kolem a seznamujte se s navstevniky. Je totiz velika sance, ze i oni maji svuj blog. 

Chodte na akce firem pro blogery – Za nejaky cas se vam budou hrnout pozvanky na ruzne akce a moje rada je, ze nejlepsi je ze zacatku chodit vsude. Potkate tak hodne lidi a to nejen PR, ale i ostatni lidi jako novinare a blogery. Pred par lety jsem se i ja hnala na temer kazdou akci. Misto obeda jsem v rychlosti sedla na metro a utekla na akci jenom abych stravila nekde treba 15 minut  a potkala nove lidi z oboru. Priznavam se, ze po case to proste neslo. Telo dokaze zvladat urcite maximum a tohle silenstvi jsem musela po case omezit. 

Sdilejte – Pokud se vam libi obsah clanku, fotografie ci zkratka vas neco zaujme urcite tyhle veci sdilejte. Ja jsem velky zastance toho, ze v zivote se ma davat a nejenom prijimat. Muze si vas vsimnout autor ci jini lide a tyhle positivni kroky, ktere ucinite se vzdy vrati jenom v dobrem. 

Budte vzdy pripraveni – Tohle je asi jeden z nejtezsich bodu a na nem i ja stale pracuju. Castecne protoze blog se stale vyviji a udava novy smer (jako napriklad ted v tehotenstvi se objevuji nova temata), ale take, ze rostete jako osobnost. Ale musite byt vzdy pripraveni a byt schopni se predstavit a predstavit i vas blog. Nesmyslne zvatlani musi jit stranou. Musite znat vasi cilovou skupinu, strategii, uspechy, navstevnost apod. Nikdy nevite, kdy tyhle informace budete muset pouzit. Vas pitch nemusi byt dlouhy, ale musi obsahovat kvalitni informace, ktere zaujmou. 

Kdyz se vas nekdo zepta at mu reknete v rychlosti vice o vasem blogu tak kratky pitch muze vypadat napriklad takhle. 

Muj blog Affordable Fashion pisu 8 mesicu. Je zamereny zejmena na cenove dostupnou modu a kosmetiku a ctenari jsou zejmena mlade divky ve veku 12-20 let z nichz 80 % je z Ceske Republiky. Nejdulezitejsi je pro me kvalita clanku a recenzi a proto se na blogu objevuje vice textu nez fotografii a chtela bych si to takto udrzet i v budoucnu. Za posledni dva mesice se mi navstevnost zvysila o 40 %. 

Opravdu zalezi na vas co si do intra zahrnete, protoze kazdy blog se lisi a kazdy meri uspech jinak. Nekdo muze mluvit o poslednich spolupraci a jiny o tom, ze behem 2 mesicu jim narostl pocet fanousku na facebooku. Je to velmi individualni a proto tento priklad berte s rezervou. 

 Doufam, ze mi moje zakladni tipy pomuzou a preji vsem hodne uspechu. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

How to have a good karma in blogging?

1 Picture source: Pinterest

Who would not know the saying what goes around comes around and basic karma rules? I am a huge believer in karma and law of attraction. I believe your behaviour, what you send to the universe will always come back. It is not sometimes that easy to stick to being good all the time however the more we try and we are aware of this the better it is for us. And Karma definitely comes to blogging as well and with giving the best intentions and hard work and good thoughts to all your work and being you can make your blog and yourself better and better. So how can you bring karma to your blog? I put together some tips that I think are relevant.

  1. Create a content that you have a passion for! Write about things you love, you believe in and do it with love and passion. These things can only make you look credible but also will bring more great things to your life and blog and also more readers.
  2. If you like something share it. There were many times I shared other people’s content just because I loved it. Share the love and share articles and pictures of others. And of course ideally if you can credit the original source that would be ideal. Otherwise that is just stealing the original content right. And always think do not do others things you would not like yourself.
  3. Reply to your comments and communicate with your readers and followers. This is such a basic karma rule as what you give to people they will give you back. They will engage, comment more as they feel you are actually reading their comments. Nobody wants to feel like they are putting their time into commenting and they get nothing back. I know there are many of us that have no time to respond to every email or question but try to do your best.
  4. Share your knowledge and share it for free. Yes I get paid for some of the content I create but there are still many things I share and do it for free. Like this article or any other blogging tips. Do you remember how people say sharing is caring and it is so true. I get emails from people asking me things like how to make a blog better, more successful…how to set up a blog or which platform is better. It is sometimes hard to find time to respond to everybody so these blogging articles are the best way to  share what I learnt over the years.
  5. Treat everybody equally. This is a tricky one. It is not a long time ago when I watched snapchat of Aimee Song where she saw at a big event a “colleague” who she met numerous times and that person totally ignored her. I believe there are basic rules for being polite and even though you do not get on with people that well or they may not be your closest or favourite you should have the courtesy to at least smile, wave or say quick hello. It does not matter how many followers you have or what you do or how good you are at what you do. It is about how you come across and stay polite.

There are only 5 tips how to bring karma to blogging and there are so many things I can think about that perhaps I can write a part two of these particular blogging series. So have a lovely rest of the weekend and stay positive.

Urcite vetsina z vas vi, co je karma. Ja v karmu verim a take v zakon pritazlivosti. To co vysleme do vesmiru se nam zkratka vrati. Neni jednoduche se porad ridit positivnimi myslenkami a obcas s tim take bojuju, ale snazim se byt v zivote pozitivni a uvedomovat si, ze to co dam jinym lidem ci vlozim do prace, se vzdy vrati. Cim vice positivnich veci a dobra tvorite, tim vice se vam vrati. A myslim, ze je tomu take i v blogovani. A jak tedy muzete karmu v blogovani ovlivnit? Mam pro vas par tipu, ktere me napadly.

  1. Tvorte obsah, ktery vam dela radost a bavi vas. Piste o vecech, kterym verite a o produktech, ktere vam sedi. Vasen a laska kterou vlozite do dila bude pridavat vasemu blogu zajimavy obsah a ctenari si vas najdou a hlavne budou verit vasim slovum.
  2. Kdyz vas neco zaujme, sdilejte to. Kdyz se mi neco opravdu libi, rada to sdilim se svymi followery. A idealni, kdyz uvedet zdroj. Vzdy se snazte vzit do dane situace. Predstavte si, ze nekdo pouzije neco od vas, co jste s velkym usilim vytvorili a nedali vam kredit. To je proste plagiat a kradez a to by se vam taky nelibilo.
  3. Komunikujte se ctenari a odpovidejte na komentare. Zadny ctenar nechce mit pocit, ze hovori do prazdna. Ja se snazim co nejvice odpovidat na komentare na socialnich mediich a pri nejhorsi, kdyz uz nezbyva cas tak alespon dat like poslednimu tweetu ci komentu na facebooku.
  4. Sdilejte vase znalosti a zkusenosti (zadarmo). Ne vsechno co blogeri tvori na svem blogu je placene. Ja jsem prave proto napriklad zavedla tuto rubriku, kde sdilim tipy v blogovani a sve zkusenosti. Nemam vzdy cas odpovidat na kazdy email ohledne blogovani, kde se me ptate na to jak udelat blog uspesnym, jak zacit apod. A tohle byl pro me idealni zpusob, jak sdilet to co jsem se za poslednich sest let naucila. 
  5. Chovejte se ke vsem stejne a nepovysujte se. Neni to tak davno, kdy jsem s udivem sledovala snapchat Aimee Song. Je to sama blogerka s velkym B a proto me prekvapilo, ze neco takoveho se muze stat prave ji. Uz si presne nepamatuju kontext ci misto, kdy se ji to stalo, ale nekde na akci potkala svou “kolegyni”, kterou nekolikrat potkala a ta ji uplne ignorovala. Clovek si nemuze vzdy sednout se vsema, ale ja jsem osobne typ cloveka, ktery da sanci vsem. A je slusnost se alespon usmat ci pozdravit. A je uplne jedno jak uspesny ten clovek je, ci zda ma vic fanousku a ctenaru, ale existuji zasady chovani a tech bych se mel kazdy drzet. 

Myslim, ze tohle je pet zakladnich veci, u kterych muzeme zacit, ale takovych bodu by se naslo urcite vice. Takze mozna budu mit moznot napsat dalsi dil o karme a blogovani. 

Preji vsem krasny zbytek vikendu.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

Blogging: Know your value

It has been a while since my last “blogging tips” article. The other day I came across a discussion about sponsored post and how much individual bloggers charge. One blogger basically responded with a polite but open email to a brand that massively under offered her work. Everything she wrote back to them made sense. She explained how much time, money and effort goes to each post and broke down the offered fee and once she has done that it  all made sense.

Well, people coming from business or sales environment hear time, money and effort all the time right? It is used so much and it is all about making money, save time and ideally for little effort. The more time and effort you put into something the more money you should get in return. There are lot of ways to look at it but there is one important thing to realise and that is you must know your VALUE.

The question is how do you set your VALUE? I was trying to find some articles about this topic over the weekend and actually I found few very good posts about this matter. I thought most people would be silent about this but actually the blogging world is more and more open about sponsored posts and their earnings. And why not? At the end of the day most bloggers are business owners and that means that money will be a big part of it. I am not sure what is the ideal way how to set your price as I found lot of ways and indicators but there are few factors to take into an account. And trust me it is not all about the numbers. Firstly it also depends on the type of collaboration and the brand but let’s talk about standard sponsored posts in general. One thing is for sure that you should not work with a brand just because they pay you. You should like the brand and only present things that you believe in. Otherwise you will lose trust of your readers and followers.

So what can you use as an indicator to set up your value? There are easy ways how to find out PR strength of your blog so that would be a good start. Then you can look at things like traffic, social media followers, engagement of your readers, how much can you sell on your blog, content or quality of the blog or the brand fit. Luckily most brands are not just looking at numbers anymore as they realise that huge numbers are not everything.

I honestly came across extremes when bloggers with lot of followers work practically for silly amounts to bloggers that charge tens of thousands pounds. There are still many of us that do not realise their value and it is actually quite sad as I am sure they put lot of time and effort to each post. Perhaps if some people in your circles are open enough and share their standard fee that could help you as an indicator. Especially if you feel that your blogs are similar when it comes to PR strength.

Whatever you decide to do though just remember that you must VALUE what you do and you work very hard. It is mainly you that should set your worth. If a brand tells you that somebody with this amount of followers charges less it means nothing. Perhaps they have a reason for it or they do not know their own value. You need to be able to explain why you charge a certain amount and what can the brand get for that amount of money. You may have better engagement or more suitable readership for the brand. Whatever it is be prepared to present it.

And let me know if you came across this topic elsewhere as it would be great how you all feel about this.

Uz je to nejakou chvili, co jsem vydala posledni clanek venovany blogovani. Minuly tyden jsem narazila na diskuzi blogeru o tom kolik si uctuji za jednotlive spoluprace. Jedna blogerka zratka sdilela s ostatnima email, ve kterem odmitla spolupraci, jelikoz ji potencialni klient nabidl sazbu, ktera byla pod cenou. Myslim, ze email nemohla napsat lepe a uprimne vysvetlila kolik prace, snahy a casu venuje jednotlivemu clanku. A to samozrejme porovnala s nabidnutou castkou a ve finale by i velmi hloupy clovek musel uznat, ze ma pravdu.

Nevim kolik z vas slyselo v oblasti prodeje a businessu tri kouzelna slovicka – cas, penize a usili (time, money, effort), ale prave tyhle slovicka se daji aplikovat i v blogovani. Pokud jste uz v blogovani na urovni, ze chcete vydelavat nebo je to dokonce vase zamestnani tak opravdu je dulezite znat vasi HODNOTU. Zalezi vzdy jak se na to podivate, ale v kazdem pripade kazdy chce usetrit cas a usili a dostat dobre zaplaceno. Ale zalezi z jakeho uhlu se na tohle divate. Potencialni znacka zrovna chce penize usetrit a mozna si neuvedomuje kolik prace a casu do dane spoluprace investujete. Je treba vzit v potaz obe strany. 

Myslim, ze v dnesni dobe je velmi tezke urcit presne jakou mate hodnotu a kolik by si mel ten a ten bloger uctovat, ale existuje spousta ukazatelu, ktera vam mohou pomoci si cenu stanovit a tu uz si zaradit do vaseho media kitu. Zalezi na vecech jako typ blogu, navstevnost, sila vasich socialnich medii, obsah blogu a kvalita, demografie a ctenari samotni a take kolik jste schopni pres vas blog prodat produktu ci sluzeb a jakych. A kazda firma hleda neco uplne jineho a na kazdou spolupraci se hodi neco jineho a proto je treba umoznit misto pro vyjednavani, ale urcite se nepodcenovat. PR silu vaseho blogu je docela jednoduche si najit a to muze byt takovy pocatecni bod na stanoveni ceny. Ja jsem vyhledavala o vikendu ruzne clanky venovane tomuto tematu a nasla jsem jich nekolik. Myslela jsem, ze je to tema, o kterem se otevrene nemluvi a ono ano. Pokud mate to stesti a vase “kolegyne” se vam sveri jake pouzivaji sazby, tak to muze byt take vas pomocnik. Zejmena pokud vite, ze mate podobnou PR silu. Muzete si zkratka cenu stanovit podobne pokud to odpovida praci a usili, ktere do teto spoluprace vlozite. 

Mam pocit, ze se setkavam s extremy, kdy si blogeri s velkym poctem sledovanych stanovuji smesne castky, protoze si asi neuvedomuji silu jejich pozice na trhu az po castky, ktere si top blogeri stanovuji tak vysoko, ze se pohybuji v castkach milionu korun. Ani uznavana celebrita by takovou nabidku asi neodmitla. A take jsem se setkala s blogery, kteri pracuji zadarmo a otazkou je proc? Neceni si snad sveho casu a usili? At uz je za jejich rozhodnuti cokoli, mozna je na case si prave stanovit HODNOTU vasi prace a z te neustupovat. Proc byste meli svoji snahu a usili hodnotit mene jenom protoze nekdo to tak dela? Mozna vam trvalo nekolik let vybudovat vas “blogersky business” a proc tohle vsechno hodit za hlavu? Musite si vazit sebe a vasi prace a to je prvni krok.

To samozrejme neznamena, ze je spravne presentovat znacky na vasem blogu jenom protoze vam zaplati. Kazdy bloger by mel presentovat veci, za kteryma si stoji a hodi se do konceptu jejich blogu, nemyslite? Ale svou HODNOTU nemusite menit.

Urcite me zajima jak se na tohle tema divate a taky zda jste narazili nekdy na clanky s podobnou problematikou?? 

Love Glamazon xoxo