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Pictures: Eva

Wearing: Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Jeans: Revolve, Top: Revolve, Blazer: River Island, Bag: Aspinal

I am the type of person that has got huge inner drive to be constantly doing something. I am always on the go, always filling free time with some activity and I find it very difficult to just switch off. I almost feel guilt if my day isn’t productive. I can say I rarely have days when I can say I did nothing. To me doing nothing is really is doing nothing…reading books, watching favourite TV show, having bath, pamper day and so on. However even on those days I always realise I did a lot whether that is work around the house or anything blog related. And I need to constantly find ways to justify why is it ok to have a lazy day and here is why…

  1. Balance is important – Keeping things in balance is important in most areas of our lives. You know it – balance, jing & jang, extremes are not good. So keep balance in between relaxation and work.
  2. Other people do that so can you – Every time I feel guilty again about taking things easy I think about other people and that we all do it sometimes.
  3. Do not force it – Yes sometimes we need to push ourselves for example when going to gym however from my experience if I am tired or not motivated forcing it does not end up well. You do not work as well and the result is not great either.
  4. Tomorrow is another day – If I decide to rest one day I have so much more energy following day that I manage huge amount of work and the quality is great.
  5. Love yourself – Loving yourself means also listening to your body and taking time off.

Jsem typ clovek, ktery ma vnitrni motivaci a nedokazu vetsinu dni zastavit. Musim porad neco delat, jsem rada produktivni a dokonce citim pocit viny, kdyz mam takovy uvolnenejsi a liny den. Nedokazu si pomoci, ale vycitky se casto dostavi. Jsem ten typ, ktery si pise seznam kazde rano s tim, co chci udelat a kdyz nezvladnu vsechno na na seznamu, docela tezce se s tim vyrovnanam. A tak take casto hledam ruzne duvody, abych se presvedcila, ze i takove dny jsou treba a klidne jich muze byt vic po sobe. A prisla jsem na tohle. Priste az si to budu vycitat, tak si prectu tento clanek :) 

  1. Balanc je dulezity – Balanc je dulezity ve vsech oblastech nasich zivotu a tak i balanc mezi odpocinkem a praci! Vyvazenost je tou nejlepsi cestou. Znate to jing a jang, vseho s mirou, rovnovaha….
  2. Delaji to ostatni tak proc ne vy – Tolik lidi v mem okoli ma dny, kdy zkratka vypnou. I prolezeny den u knizky a prochazky v prirode jsou treba.
  3. Neni dobre se nutit silou – obcas je dobre prekonat lenost, ale kdyz vam telo rika stop, musite poslechnout. Rika se, ze kazdy den se ma zit tak jako by byl ten posledni, tak proc se hnat neustale, aby bylo udelano to ci ono. A uz se vam nekdy stalo, ze kdyz se opravdu nutite, tak vysledek neni moc dobry? LOL urcite to znate. 
  4. Zitra je taky den – Moje zkusenost je, ze kdyz si opravdu lenosim, tak dalsi den mam tolik energie, ze stihnu dvojnasobek a ve velke kvalite. 
  5. Sebelaska je dulezita – Sebelaska je dulezita a to znamena, ze budete poslouchat sve telo a date mu vse co je treba a to i den volna.   


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5 not that glamorous habits I have … ooops!!

I used to work with a girl that always said that in her head she can run miles and she looks so good whilst doing it. She can almost feel how fit she is and see her toned muscles in motion. Well the reality was different and we always laughed together. To be fair she was saying it quite a lot and I could see where she was coming from.

Then I was thinking do we sometimes picture ourselves being amazing, looking amazing and other day dreaming “important” stuff? I am sure we are all a bit guilty. The reality is that I do so many things that are not glamorous and it is time to admit those. LOL

They are the small things I wish I wasn’t doing but when the time is precious or I just get lazy I slip back and just keep repeating these things over and over again. And I hope I am not the only on this boat.

  1. Wearing a hairband on my wrist – Yes guilty….I know it is very practical as you always have hair band when you need it but then I end up with so many images even for my website and my socials with it. It drives me mad when I see that silly hairband on my images and it is too late to take off. It is that small detail that can ruin the whole look but I guess it is that bad habit…and very hard to stop. LOL
  2. Drinking water from a mug – It can be seen as it is not a big deal but in my mind I am that glam and chic girl that drinks her water from a nice glass or cool water bottle. However I so often grab a mug at home and guess why? It is easier to wash it than a glass. LOL
  3. Paint over chipped nail varnish – I cannot stand this one but I keep doing it. I love women with lovely manicure and it almost gives me anxiety if I have chipped nail varnish but with busy lifestyle you have times when you simply do not look perfect. Sadly I am often tempted especially in a rush that I just quickly paint over the chipped nails and hope for the best.
  4. Messy handbag – Oh well, I always love to watch those what’s my handbag videos and man I feel bad afterwards….If you look at mine on a good day it is getting closer to those amazing videos but on most days you find the most random stuff from receipts, lot of lipsticks, dummy, snack for Liam and everything is just a big mess.
  5. Not wearing matching underwear – Please tell me I am not alone. I have so many lovely sets and there is no excuse to do this but I keep wearing non matching underwear most time. I always hope that when the colour is close enough it is ok…haha And then when I see in a movie a chic lady with matching underwear I just feel so guilty. LOL

Pred par lety jsem pracovala s holkou, ktera pokazde rikala, ze ve sve hlave umi hrozne dobre behat a strasne ji to jde. Popisovala mi jak se vidi jak bezi strasne daleko a navic u toho vypada naprosto fantasticky, svaly se ji rysuji v pohybu a deset mil je pro ni jako nic. Samozrejme opak byl pravdou a vzdy jsem se s nim smala, rikala to totiz velmi casto. 

A tak jsem se zamyslela a rekla si, ze ja si taky obcas ve sve mysli pripadam skvele a vse mi jde tak dobre. Jsem zkratka denni snilek….jenomze opak je realitou a je treba jit s kuzi na trh. Delam tolik veci, ktere bych nemela verejne priznavat, ale pak se vzdy zastavim a reknu si, ze tyhle zlozvyky bych mela prestat delat.  A tady jsou….

  1. Nosim gumicky do vlasu na zapesti – No ono by to nebyla az takova hruza, jenze ja vzdy zapomenu, ze ji tam mam a pak se hrozim, ze mi to nici fotky. Zadny modni zazrak to totiz neni, ale zase je to prakticke….gumicka je stale po ruce, kdyz je treba.
  2. Piju vodu z hrnku – Ve svych predstavach jsem 24/7 ta elegatni zenska, co si vodu naleva do nejake hezke a chic sklenice, opak je bohuzel pravdou a casto se nachytam, ze zase piju z hrnku. A vite proc? Protoze hrnek se jednoduseji umyva. LOL
  3. Premalovavani nehtu – Jejej…Mam hrozne rada upravene nehty a oloupany lak me desi, bohuzel ne vzdy mam cas vse cele odlakovat a prelakovat a tak casto v casovem skluzu proste chytnu lak a udelam co se nema, prelakuju ty oloupane. Ja vim…zadna bomba to neni, ale co uz nadelam :) 
  4. Neporadek v kabelce – Rada koukam na what’s in my handbag videa a vzdy si rikam, ze do idealu mam hodne daleko. Kdyz me to chytne a vse protridim a uklidim, tak se to da, ale vetsinu dni je to trosku horsi. Rada bych rekla, ze tam nosim sik diare a vse je uhledne, ale vetsinou je to tak 6 rtenek, uctenky, dudlik, svacinka pro Liamka, prazdy papir od nejake raw bar apod. 
  5. Nosim pradlo, ktere neladi – Doufam, ze v tomto nejsem sama. A vlastne na tohle neni v mem pripade ani omluva, protoze mam spoustu peknych souprav a mam jich dost na to, aby mi pradlo vzdy ladilo a presto casto sahnu po tech svych oblibenych a pohodlnych a casto je podprsenka i kalhotky uplne mimo. A pak kdyz koukam na film, kde ma zena krasne ladici pradlo tak me zase hryze svedomi. haha 

Eva xoxo 

5 Ways how to get over January Blues


Wearing: Shoes: Isabel Marant, Skirt: Revolve, T-Shirt: Balmain 

January can be one of the most depressing month. I remember those times when I had to return to the office after Christmas and everybody around was miserable. You just keep bumping into grumpy people in the streets and everybody on the morning train has a sour face on. People used to talk about how much they have to save in January as they splurged on Christmas fun. Nobody was really going out, drinking or doing anything interesting. Well, let’s face it the holiday eating habits are really out of order so it is probably natural that people want to have fresh start and detox a bit. And they also have to watch their spending.

And all of this in a combination with cold weather can result in a very dull month. It is a very long month, holiday fun is over and spring is still far away. I really get all of this however it does  not have to be like that even if your budget is small. So I thought we all need a bit of motivation and few tips how to survive January blues.

Dress Well

There has been a lot of research done how clothes and what you wear is connected to your confidence and your emotions. Just imagine yourself even now wearing a well fitted suit or pyjamas and doing a pitch to somebody. Two different outfits can change everything but mainly your confidence and how you feel. It is ok to wear comfortable clothes but if you slip too often and just say you stay in pyjamas because you feel rubbish it is not leading anywhere. So each time you want to grab that oversized jumper and leggings maybe think twice and pick that glamorous blouse instead.

Look after your body 

If you look after your body it will thank you sooner or later. The first thing most of us tend to do when we do not feel great is to grab a bar of chocolate or another type of comfort food. However, if you eat nutritious food and keep up with the balanced diet you can even manage your moods. And if you add bit of exercise that is even better. And looking after yourself also means to get good night sleep and meditate. Everything works well in moderation so even if you are motivated to lose few pounds do not overdo it.

Do things you love

I know it is January but there has to be at least one thing you can do even on a small budget. You can go for a long walk with a friend and make a cup of coffee at home, you can watch great TV series, finally get that book you wanted to read, go swimming, meet other people or treat yourself to a manicure. I have always loved the idea of having my girlfriends over and do a beauty night in with some pop corn, Neflix and face masks. It is a great way how to keep some social life going even if you overspend during December.

Make plans

January is a great month to plan the whole year, set goals, book holidays and write down your dreams that with a bit of work and luck and planning can come true. Imagine if you actually do book your holidays during this super long winter month. That must cheer up even the most miserable person. Or at least I hope so.

Organise your home/Change decor

If you like to feel productive you can always work on your interior at home. How about to update decor in the living room or bedroom. Your surroundings should make you feel good when you spend lot of time there especially during winter months. There are still lot of sales around so if you grab a different paint or a nice throw with cushions that are on sale you can easily bring a bit of glamour to your house too.

So let’s try this and make sure we feel great even in January. No point to cry, moan and feel bad just because it is winter month and not much is going on. It is about what we do and how we make it.

Leden byva casto jeden z nejvic depresivnich mesicu. Moc dobre si pamatuju, kdyz jsem jeste pracovala v kancelari jak byli lidi mrzuti, unaveni a porad si jenom stezovali. Kazdy musel setrit, protoze utratil vse na Vanoce a Novorocnich oslavach. A kazdy se rozhodl hubnout, zahajit detox a cvicit. A tak nikdo nechtel nic podnikat, nic delat a vubec nalada byla kazdy rok pod psa. Ranni cesta metrem byla prehlidka kyselych obliceju a prichod do prace nebyval o moc lepsi. 

A tohle vse spolu s pocasim ma za to, ze Leden byva povazovany za takovy ponury a nudny mesic. Ale ono to tak nemusi byt a to i presto, ze chcete opravdu setrit. A tak jsem se rozhodla sepsat par tipu jak s touto mrzutou naladou zatocit. 

Hezky se oblecte

Ne nadarmo se rika, ze obleceni dela cloveka. Cetla jsem uz nekolik clanku, ktere tvrdi, ze pruzkumy dokazuji, ze spravne zvolene obleceni muze zvysit vykonost cloveka a take jeho sebevedomi. A neco na tom bude, protoze si treba predstavte, ze delate pohovor po telefonu a jeden v obleku a druhy v pyzamu. Ja si teda myslim, ze ten v obleku by asi dopadl lepe. Neni samozrejme nic spatneho na tom si dat pohodlne obleceni a leden provalet na gauci u televize, ale pokud chcete opravdu zatocit s depresemi, mozna zacnete tim, ze se hezky oblecete a treba nalicite.

Starejte se o sve telo a mysl

Vetsina z nas sahne po necem sladkem prave v tom momentu, kdy nam neni hej. To asi neni to nejlepsi reseni ( i kdyz to sama nechci slyset), protoze je to prave vyvazena strava, ktera nas dokaze ovlivnit a ma za to, ze se citime lepe. A kdyz si k tomu jeste alespon trosku zacvicite, budete meditovat, vase telo vam urcite podekuje. Mezi starani se o sebe take patri kvalitni spanek a proto to nemusite prehanet a nutit se do neceho extremniho. Jak se rika vseho s mirou.

Delejte veci, co mate radi

Existuje tolik veci, ktere muze clovek podniknout a nebude ho to stat majlant. Co treba prochazka s kamaradkou a misto kavy nekde v kavarne si ji muzete udelat doma? Muzete si udelat zkraslovaci den v pohodli domova, sledovat oblibene filmy ci serialy, konecne si precist nejakou skvelou knizku  a nebo usporadat takovy vecer s kamaradkama, kdy si udelate pletove masky, nalakujete si nehty a pustite si prijemnou hudbu. A pokud nechcete opravdu v lednu pit, muzete vino nahradit vyzivnou smoothie a udelat si treba takovy wellness zkraslovaci vecer.


Zacatek noveho roku je nejlepsi doba na to si planovat, stanovit si cile a nebo treba zrovna objednat dovolenou. Je to cerstvy start pro vsechny z nas a takova pomyslna doba na to si planovat sve sny na dalsi rok. A kdyz treba ulovite ve sleve dobrou dovolenou, tak to snad potesi i toho nejvetsiho mrzouta. Ma se totiz pak na co tesit. A depresivni mesic leden pak s vama nemuze zamavat.

Zorganizujte si domov a venujte se interieru

Mit pekny a pohodlny domov je take klicem ke spokojenosti. Ja osobne miluju odpoledne po velkem uklidu, protoze se ve svem dome citim zkratka lepe. Co tak vyuzit zimnich slev a treba si vase bydleni trosku zutulnit. A nemusite se poustet do velkych projektu. Staci treba vybrat novou barvu, koupit pekny prehoz a polstare nebo preorganizovat nabytek. Ja take miluju udelat ocistu ve skrini a ve vecech vubec.

Takze hlavu vzhuru a preju vam co nejprijemnejsi mesic. Je to asi vse o tom jak si to zaridime a nastavime. 


House Decor: Desenio Art Touches in our New House

The time has finally come and after very stressful process of sale and purchase of the property we have moved. It took months to get here and who has ever been buying a property in UK must understand how difficult it can be especially when you are in a chain.

I am so proud we did it and although the move was tough and we did not know until the last minute if we are moving or not we officially got the keys 5th December. I am so pleased as now more fun times are coming. I want to slowly improve the place and make it lovely, cosy and create a lovely home for us.

I had my eye on some Desenio prints for a while however did not have room to play around with their amazing art in our old place. It felt so good to finally be able to pick my favourites when we moved as I know these posters will give me lot of variety and I can move them around the house according my needs. Desenio prints very quickly update any room in the house whether that is your living room, office or simply a bathroom and the selection is huge.

One of my absolute favourites is Dancer One print which I got in the largest size and I absolutely love it. I also got Pink Sky Poster and November Rain 02 in the second largest size. I wanted prints that will work well on its own as well as together and will suit my furniture and deco. And of course I could not resist and had to order Pink Paris Perfume as it is one of their bestsellers and would look awesome in an office, bathroom or simply on a dressing table.

And if you are also huge fan of Desenio like myself there is a Christmas sale on which is always good news. You can get 30% off when spending £60 (expect on frames and on handpicked-/collaboration posters). So you can get affordable art at even better price.

A je to tady po nekolika mesicich dlouheho procesu prodeje bytu a nakupu noveho domu jsme konecne u konce a prestehovali jsme se. Cely proces zacal nekdy v Srpnu a ti, kteri nekdy kupovali nemovitost v Britanii asi chapou nejlepe jak narocne to tady je.

Ale ted uz jsme konecne v novem a i kdyz veci nejsou zdaleka podle predstav, ceka me ta zabavnejsi cast a to vybavovani, vylepsovani a vse okolo designu. Uz nejakou dobu jsem premyslela o plakatech Desenio, ale v mem predchozim byte na ne zkratka uz nebylo misto. A tak jsem si hned prvni tyden po prestehovani s radosti objednala nekolik kusu. Idealne bych je chtela premistovat podle potreby a to se mi na jejich plakatech libi. Velmi casto napriklad potrebuju menit zatisi na toceni videa apod. Nejvice se mi zamlouva fakt, ze jsou cenove dostupne a behem momentu zmeni celou mistnost, at uz je pouzijete v obyvacim pokoji, kancelari ci koupelne. 

Jeden z mych nejoblibenejsich plakatu je kazdopadne tento s nazvem Dancer One a i proto jsem si ho poridila v nejvetsi mozne velikosti.  A plakaty November Rain 02 a Pink Sky Poster jsem si poridila v druhe nejvetsi velikosti. Chtela jsem si vybrat takove, ktere budou vypadat dobre zvlast i dohromady. A nemohla jsem odolat jejich bestselleru Pink Paris Perfume, ktery bude urcite vypadat v kancelari ci koupelne. 

A pokud se vam veci od Desenio libi, prave probihaji Vanocni slevy a muzete si poridit plakaty se slevou 30 % pokud utratite 60 £ a vice (sleva neplati na ramy a specialni kolaborace). 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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