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Spending NYE in a cute cottage in Devon

Dreams are for chasing and making them happen. I have always wanted to do a countryside break and stay in a cosy cottage, enjoy the fire place, endless cups of tea, hot baths and peaceful village atmosphere. So when I suggested my other half to do NYE somewhere in the countryside he nodded quickly.

I will not sit here and tell you that travelling is the same as it used to be.  It is more challenging with children, you need so much more stuff, you need to plan more and obviously it is less comfortable so the idea of renting a place, pack everything in the car is just so easy. We have decided to find somewhere great on Airbnb as we used their services before for a road trip in Ireland and we loved it. Tadhg has always been keen on exploring Devon or Cornwall and as Devon is closer we opted for less hours of driving and it was perfect.

I have done lot of research and decided that I want to go for two bedrooms so Liam can have his own room and this is all you can do with Airbnb, there are no limits which is great. You can rent a penthouse or a small but stunning place like we did. This cottage totally stole my heart. It was exactly what I was looking for and it was so convenient for a small family. Liam loved it too. And I did get to enjoy those cups of tea and cosy armchair by the fire. And if you do not believe me you can check out a full video from our journey. I loved the setting more than anything. It is set in a lovely small village called Gittisham where pretty much every house is a cottage and has a thatched roof. It was such a lovely change from London especially after crazy month of December that was full of work, social events and Christmas madness.

And as we had a car with us we could explore other places. I cannot even describe how lovely the coastal towns are and how much character there is to find. The beaches as so lovely, fresh sea air, lovely cafes and things to do. It really was a great end how to finish a year and enjoy it with my little family. We had a bit of challenge to find good places to eat as I think we are spoiled by London. We are so used to have the best places at our door step with long opening hours and great food. Lot of places stopped serving lunch after 2 pm which is something we are not used to but there is a  hotel and pub  The Pig in a walking distance from the cottage which was beyond. You just have to book in advance as it was very busy but full of character. Well, if you are going to Devon come prepared :)

I would definitely do this again and hopefully I will as all three of us had a great time.


Sny jsou od toho, aby se plnily. Tim nemyslim nocni mury, spis ty krasne a takove to nase denni sneni. Ja vzdycky chtela stravit par dni na Anglickem venkove v krasne chaloupce, ktera ma charakter, krb a uzivat si tepla s hrnkem caje v ruce. A kdyz jsem navrhla si zajet nekam tady v Britanii na kratsi dovolenou, manzel okamzite kyvl.

Nebudu tady tvrdit, ze cestovani s detma je stejne jako predtim, protoze neni. Sbohem jsou ty casy, kdy jsem si letiste uzivala, behem letu precetla ctyri casopisy nebo pulku knizky. Cestovat se da, ale musite se na to poradne pripravit. S detma clovek potrebuju tunu veci a proto idea, ze vse nacpeme do auta a proste si nekam zajedeme se nam libila. A rozhodla jsem se najit neco idylickeho na Airbnb. Jejich sluzby jsem vyuzila nekolikrat, napriklad na nas road trip v Irsku a byla jsem spokojena. Tadhg chtel vzdy prozkoumat Devon nebo Cornwall a protoze Devon je zkratka blize, vyhral Devon. Je to asi 4,5 hodiny jizdy a tak jsem zacala hledat, kde se chceme ubytovat a naslu tuhle milou chaloupku, ktera me uchvatila. Je v malicke vesnici Gittisham, kde ma snad kazda budova doskovou strechu a vubec je v krasnem prostredi a presne to jsem chtela. Cestovat s airbnb s rodinou je opravdu super napad a ja si to hrozne uzila. Muzete se klidne podivat na cele video z nasi mini dovolene.

Nejlepsi bylo to, ze autem si clovek proste vsude zajel, projela jsem diky tomu krasne mestecka na pobrezi, uzila si plaze, kavaren na promenade, navstivila akvarium, ale taky jsem se podivala do mesta Exeter, kde jsem drive nebyla. Vse mate na dosah a vlastne si muzete zaridit program jak se vam to hodi a jak to vyhovuje prckovi. Trosku vetsi problem bylo obcas najit dobre misto, kde dobre vari. Londyn nas trochu rozmazlil a treba hodne se nam stavalo, ze restaurace neserviruji jidlo po druhe hodine a nektere byly treba v sobotu zavrene pres obed. Ale kousek od nas bylo neuveritelne misto The Pig, ktere je ztelesnenim britskeho venkova. Tolik charakteru a vyborneho jidla na jenom miste.

Ja si to opravdu uzila a myslim, ze kluci taky. Musime asi brzo vymyslet dalsi vylet.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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What to gift to home decor and household lovers?

There is not that long until Christmas however I know so many people that even haven’t started their shopping. I was few weeks ahead with publishing my gift guide for beauty and fashion however not everybody is about shoes and lipsticks. To be quite frank I like both. LOL What an ideal situation happy and healthy family and then you find your favourite pair of shoes with new coffee machine that has got incredible design. Plus points for the husband right?

A good coffee machine is always a good present for coffee lovers. I totally fell in love with design of this gorgeous Ariete model. And if somebody is a fluffy milk fan you can get this from the same range. If your budget does not reach that level but you still want to gift something nice you can buy a lovely mug, dining sets, interesting clock or gorgeous and unique cushion.

If your budget is reaching higher and you know that your loved one loves cooking they will absolutely love Thermomix. I cannot get over how much work this does for you and actually your kitchen stays quite clean when cooking. What else to ask for?

And if you know people that love gorgeous dining sets and dining in general you have to check out Anthropologie as they have some stuff that will blow your mind.

Well, Christmas is almost here so happy shopping and even happier holidays.

Do Vanoc nam zbyva jeste par dnu, ale mam kolem sebe tolik lidi, kteri nemaji jeste ani jeden darek. Vzdy se takovy clovek najde. Ja jsem uz pred par tydny vydala clanek s napady na darky, ale to bylo spise pro milovniky mody a kosmetiky. Ne vsichni ale miluji rtenky, boty a parfemy. Najdou se i lide, kterym nejvetsi radost udela pomocnik do domacnosti ci neco krasneho z domaciho dekoru. Ja vam nebudu lhat, chci idealne oboji. No neni to skvele, kdyz se sejde u stromecku stastna a zdrava rodina a ceka na vas vysneny par botu, ale take uzasny kavovar s jeste uzasnejsi designem?

Dobry kavovar je pro milovniky kavy idealnim darkem. Ja jsem se zcela zamilovala do tohoto krasneho kavovaru od Ariete a pro opravdove fajnsmekry muzete poridit i napenovac mleka ze stejne rady. Do me kuchyne se hodi naramne a kdo sleduje muj youtube, tak to urcite pochopi. Pokud vas rozpocet nesaha treba na neco drazsiho, urcite potesi i mensi darek jako krasny polstar, zajimave hodiny ci porcelan. 

Ja mam uz nejakou dobu zalusk take na kuchynskeho pomocnika Thermomix, ktery prakticky dela vse za vas. A navic jak to tak vypada, bude vase kuchyne i uklizena. Co vic si prat, ze?  

A pokud chcete nekomu udelat radost napriklad hezkym jidelnim setem urcite se podivejte do nabidky Anthropologie, protoze jejich veci mi doslova berou dech a myslim, ze nejen me. 

Kazdopadne Vanoce jsou temer tady a proto vsem preji prijemne nakupovani a jeste prijemnejsi oslavy. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


Hotel Nobu Shoreditch

The Nobu fever started many years ago thanks to Nobuyaki Matsuhisa and he really made an impact on the hospitality industry. And plus you may know about Nobu in connection with Robert de Niro who is an investor. Yes that is right!

Having visited Nobu in Mayfair I had certain idea about what to expect and those things would be quality, good food and good service. However, the question I had before the stay at Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch is how is the East London going to projected here. Most people know that West and East London have got totally different vibes and style.

And I think the designers and the teams behind this project did a good job. It reflects the far east influence and the Japanese style without a doubt. Every corner of the hotel is sleek and stylish and they thought of every small detail. However, it is not fully my style. I am more traditional kind of girl but no harm to experience a bit of change. The disadvantage would be definitely that the rooms are really dark and so are the corridors. I kept getting lost as the directions are pretty much non existent. Yes, it looks mysterious and chic but I would prefer to find my way back to room at all times. The whole building and the interior is a perfect fit for more industrial East London and the building is hidden really well giving it a bit of privacy.

After we checked in there were some issues with getting in the room so we were offered a different room. I think overall you can tell the hotel is new. The staff isn’t working well in between each other, they definitely need to improve their knowledge and work more on their team work. However this is probably caused by most people being new and it only opened few weeks ago. I am sure they will get there and will represent the Nobu brand moving forward. I do not want to list all the issues we experience in this post as I have Tripadvisor for that and that is where it belongs.

And now on the other note and that is food. Oh my….I had such a culinary experience when I decided to order in my room. I loved the sound of sashimi tacos and the staff was so kind and they made me those famous nobu fries even though it was not a dinner option. And I am definitely coming back for those. I simply cannot get them out of my mind. I was also happy with the breakfast and ordered the Japanese fusion english breakfast that had interesting touch. Although I still missed a piece of toast or bread but that may be just me. LOL

Another fab thing is the bed. Yes, let’s talk about that super comfortable large bed that deserves plus points. I even forgot I cannot have a bath as it was not simply an option with only a shower. On the other hand that gold basin is a dream, don’t you think.

Well, as you can see my feelings are mixed but then on the other hand you are not paying for that standard room too much money. I am definitely interested to go back and firmly believe there will be an improvement. You know I am still thinking of those fries so another visit is a must.

Nobu horecka zacala pred asi triceti lety a to diky zakladateli Nobuyaki Matsuhisa. A ten vytvoril ikonickou sit restauraci a hotelu.  A mozna vite o Nobu i diky Robertu de Niro, ktery je jeden z investoru. Ano a to je opravdu holy fakt. 

Ja jsem vyzkousela Nobu na Mayfair a kdyz jsem zjistila, ze stravim noc v nedavno otevrenem hotelu Nobu v Shoreditch, byla jsem zvedava. A to hlavne protoze vychodni a zapadni Londyn jsou dva velmi rozdilne svety. Maji jinou atmosferu, styl a vubec pusobi uplne jinak. Mela jsem tuseni, co by me tak mohlo cekat, ale i presto si nemuzu zvyknout na fakt, ze Nobu restaurace a navic i hotel se proste nachazi v techto koncinach. 

Myslim, ze architekti a interiorovy navrhari si s projektem poradili velmi dobre. Neprekvapil me vubec vliv dalekeho vychodu, ktery na vas okamzite dychne. Uprimne to neni uplne muj salek caje, ja mam radsi utulne a tradicni hotely, ale obcas zmena neuskodi. Je to otazka vkusu, kazdopadne je to velmi dobre udelano. I kdyz jsem byla zklamana z velikosti pokoju a take ze je vsude silena tma, neustale jsem se ztracela na chodbach. Nemaji tam skoro zadne navigace a radsi bych mela treba mene sik chodbu, ale hlavne, ze najdu bez stresu zpatky cestu do pokoje. 

Hned napoprve nastal problem s tim se vubec do pokoje dostat a tak jsem musela s kamaradkou Atosou zpatky na recepci. A vubec obdobne veci se nam dely porad. Neustale nam nosily cizi objednavky na pokoj apod. Vse davam za vinu tomu, ze je to misto nove, personal neni poradne zaskoleny a sehrany. Nebudu tady zachazet do detailu, na to mam tripadvisor, ale maji co dohanet. Doufam, ze pri dalsi navsteve bude vse lepsi. Myslim, ze to chce jenom cas anebo taky lepsi management. Kdo vi. 

Ale minusove body, ktere jim uberu za servis, jim musim pridat za jidlo. Objednala jsem si veceri na pokoj a to byl kulinarsky zazitek. Jeste ze tak. Zaujaly me sashimi tacos a chtela jsem vyzkouset Nobu hranolku, ktere si kazdy, kdo tam jedl hrozne chvali. A ze jsem nelitovala. Vratim se tam uz jenom kvuli hranolkam, opravdu vynikajici. A nejvic me potesilo to, ze nebyly vubec na vecernim menu a kuchari mi i je i tak udelali. A zajimava byla take snidane. Vyzkousela jsem English breakfast, ktera jako ve vsem mela japonsky vliv. Bylo to vyborne, ale klasicky toast ci kousek chleba by mi k tomu nevadil. 

A dalsi uzasnou veci byla super pohodlna postel, ktera byla velka, pohodlna a hrozne dobre se mi na ni spalo. Na druhou stranu mi chybela vana, i kdyz zlate umyvadlo jsem si chtela odnest domu. LOL 

Me pocity jsou po pobytu v tomto hotelu trosku smisene, ale zase si rikam, ze nas pokoj nestoji majlant a tak nemuzu ocekavat obrovskou vanu a spoustu mista. Pevne doufam, ze se zlepsi jejich pristup a personal, protoze bych se tam rada vratila, i kdyby jenom na ty vyborne hranolky. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Learn how to love yourself first

There are many beliefs in life, many religions, theories and philosophies and although I am not an expert or anything I started to be more interested in some of them. Purely as I want to feel happy, I want to become a person that has got ability to control their thoughts, I want to be able to feel love no matter what, I want to be able to always see the positive even if negative things are happening.

And the reason why I want to do this is to achieve what I want to achieve in life and help others. Yes help others. It is said that you cannot help others unless you help yourself first and love yourself first. That seems to be tricky right but there is definitely some truth in that. I realised after looking more in to this I was doing things wrong in life for a long time. I simply was not introduced to any other way. Everybody deserves to be happy, everybody deserves to feel love and be loved and do whatever they want to do. And so do I.

So I am on a mission to love myself, to put myself first, to build up a positive energy around me and aura that shines miles and miles around me.

Imagine I have to now forget the things I thought all my life, things I heard, I was told, I read. Things that may become beliefs. Changing these beliefs may not take a day or week or a month. It is a process and you have to practice and not give up. I have noticed huge change in one month in my behaviour, reactions and views on certain things however yesterday I had a crisis. So yes, I  can tell it will be a long journey.

Here are some things I am planning to work on:

Don’t care about how you look –  Easier said than done especially in the age of digital world where we see perfect images from thousands of sources. It does not have to mean you stop caring it means you do not take it as seriously. It also means you stop beating yourself up for not being skinny enough, have super long legs, great teeth and so on. I know what I like the most on myself and I will treasure it. I will focus on things I like about myself.

Don’t Compare yourself to others – This is one thing I have to work on probably the most. And I keep saying to myself – comparison is the thief of joy and it could not be said better. You are unique and there is nobody like you. That is already a huge plus right? Why to be like somebody else when you are such a unique jewel? Look at you how many amazing things you have others don’t and how many things you can do that others can’t?

Know your worth – This is a key in relationships, work, life and anything really. You are worth it and you should realise this at all times. Set your value in life. Nobody’s life, value or time is bigger than yours. Do not undervalue yourself just because somebody is trying to do it. You stand behind your beliefs and put yourself on pedestal. That does not mean putting yourself above other people as I believe we are all equal but just do not put yourself down.

Say yes to yourself and learn to say no to others – I am still working hard on this but I guess the last year or two were much better than in the past. I wanted to please everybody. I worked for free on the blog, I met friends even I knew I should rather rest, I did lot of favours when I knew there will be no return and I was just being used. You have to say YES to yourself more. Listen to your body and your intuition. It does not mean you stop seeing your friends or compromise it purely means you say YES yourself more.

Look after yourself – Your body is your temple. Look how much it does for you daily, your legs carry you, your brain functions, it gives you so much joy in life and yet we don’t treat it well. People eat badly, stretch themselves, work too hard and long hours, put lot of stress on their mind and soul and body. Why? It is OK to have a glass of wine or eat bad food at times but why to turn it in a regular thing? I think for me stress is one thing you work on and improve. I slowed down so much in August and I can see how much better I feel. I meditate and spend more time in the parks where I feel recharged. I workout for fun and health but If I do not feel like it I just do not go. I listen to my temple.

Do what you want not what others want – I am trying to get better with this. There is so much expectations from us based on other people. Your parents, your boss, your friends and people around you constantly force something on you. Stop thinking things like “What would mum say if she saw me doing this now”? We constantly do what the society expects from us. I am now not saying to go and become an “outsider” I am talking to do more things you want to do at the time you want to do. Even if it is small things like eating soup for breakfast which I did last week almost every day. I feel that people in UK were always surprised by my breakfast choices LOL and so what. If I feel like missing out on an amazing party I will do it and happily swap it for a cosy evening at home. Just do what you want and trust me you will feel more free than ever.

I simply decided to go with Love. Perhaps it is because I do what I love for living, perhaps it is because I am a mother and I managed to escape the wheel of tiring lifestyle and craziness of two jobs. Who knows? I just feel happier and better and I want to feel like that at all times.

Existuji ruzne formy viry, ruzna nabozenstvi, teorie a filozofie a prestoze se nepovazuju za zadneho experta, zacala jsem se o nektere vice zajimat. Zacala jsem delat veci jako meditace a jsem odhodlana poznat vic sama sebe a poslouchat sama sebe. Chci se stat vyrovnanym clovekem, ktery dokaze kontrolovat sve myslenky, chci citit lasku at se deje co se deje, chci se divat na veci ze spravneho uhlu, i kdyz se to mnohdy zda nemozne.

A pokud si rikate, ze jsem se zblaznila, nezblaznila. Clovek ma dat na sve pocity a je mi dobre, kdyz se pomalu vydavam na cestu sebepoznani a lasky a navic, komu tim skodim? Rika se, ze dokonce pokud chcete pomahat ostatnim, tak musite zacit mit nejprve sam u sebe. Existuje spousta duvodu a teorii a myslim, ze do jednoho clanku se vsechny me myslenky a postrehy v zadnem pripade nevlezou. Kazdy z nas ma pravo na krasny zivot, zivot plny lasky, naplneni, poznani a radosti. A techto veci se dosahe lepe, pokud se mate radi, najdete pozitivni zpusob zivota. 

A tak mam pred sebou misi. Chci se mit rada, chci sebe davat na prvni misto, chci byt ztelesnenim pozitivnim energie a chci aby moje krasna aura zarila na mile daleko a mela pozitivni dopad na vsechny kolem. 

Ale takova mise neni jenom tak. Predstavte si, ze cely zivot vam nekdo neco rika, az tomu zacnete verit. A kdyz to nekomu trvalo roky vam urcite myslenky a nazory dat do hlavy, nestane se prece ze dne za den, ze se jich zbavit a budete se milovat a videt vse ve spravnem svetle. 

A tady je par veci, ktere se budu snazit dodrzovat.

Nereste vzhled do takove miry – Ted se asi pousmejete a reknete si, je to blogerka. Ta by mela brat svuj vzhled v potaz. To ano, ale nehrotit to. Myslim, ze za posledni rok jsem se konecne naucila chodit ven i bez makeupu. Kdyz nechci, nedam si ho. A je mi dobre, citim se hezky i tak. Prestala jsem resit vahu a vycitat si, ze si dam neco “zakazaneho”. A prestala jsem se psychicky trestat za to, ze nejsem dost hubena, dost krasna, nemam dokonalou plet. A vite proc? Protoze mam dalsich x veci, ktere mam dobre. A soustredim se na ty. Jsem za ne rada, delam z nich sve prednosti a ucim se mit rada sama sebe. 

Nesrovnavejte se – S timto porad hodne bojuju a to hlavne v dnesni dobe digitalniho sveta. Vsude na me cihaji dokonale fotografie, dokonale tela, dokonale vse. Ale pomalu si uvedomuju, ze ja jsem unikat. Nikdo neni presne jako ja. Nikdo nema takove vizualni citeni jako ja a najdou se lidi, kterim se libi presne to co ztelesnuju ja. Ti ostatni zase nemaji to co vy. A to ze se srovnavate vam akorat ubira radost z veci kolem. Predstavte si, ze jste treba na dovolene a prozivate absolutni extazi na plazi s koktejlem v ruce a projde kolem vas super fit kocka a vas to zaboli u srdce, protoze ma treba o cislo mensi velikost. No a co? Ten moment vam prave vzal radost z momentalni situace. A pritom treba vubec nevite v kolika vecech jste mozna lepsi nez ta zena. Mate jine prednosti a talenty a tak nedovolte, aby vam nejaka srovnani ubrala ani spetku radosti. 

Vazte si sebe a drzte si svou cenu – Znat svou cenu je velmi klicove ve vztazich, v praci a vubec obecne. Neponizujte se, nedelejte veci zbytecne zadarmo, nenechte se vyuzivat. Ja jsem leta delala na blogu zadarmo, delala lidem otroka, protoze jsem se chtela zavdecit. A k cemu? Pokud pomuzete to je normalni, delat veci z lasky protoze chcete. Ale musite si neustale hlidat svou cenu. Vsichni jsme si rovni a tak se nenechte ponizovat tim, ze vasi hodnotu nekdo nerespektuje. 

Naucte se rikat NE a rikejte ANO sobe – I dneska obcas citim vinu, kdyz nekomu reknu ne. Ale vzdy si reknu, ze v tom pripade sobe rikam ANO. Neznamena, ze jste spatny clovek, kdyz urcite veci odmitnete, ale nejde vsem porad dokola rikat ano na vsechno a vsechny pozadavky. Zatezujete tim sve telo a svou mysl. Tim nechci rict, at se z vas stane sobec, ale jenom vice zvazujte situace. Pokud jste unaveni a reknete kamaradce, ze s ni nepujdete na vino, tak to nevadi. Myslim totiz, ze lepsi spolecnik budete az na pristi schuzce, kdyz budete odpocati. 

Starejte se o sebe – Nase telo je nas chram a presto se k nemu tak nechovame. I kdyz vime, ze je lepsi jist zdrave, dobre spat a zit bez stresu, tak se k nasemu chramu chovame jako odpad. Ja nerikam uplne vypustit vino a nedat si uz nikdy nic smazeneho. Jenom rikam, ze je dobre se o ten nas chram starat. On nam to vrati ve forme energie, zdravi a stastneho pocitu. Uplne nejvetsi jed dnesni doby je stres. Lide jsou prepracovani, nechaji se vytocit a nedaji telu ani moment kvalitniho odpocinku. A to si ten nas chram nezaslouzi. Ja zacala trosku meditovat a cvicim pro pocit. A take chodim na dlouhe prochazky a po kazde z techto cinnosti je mi opravdu dobre. 

Delejte co chcete ne to co se od vas ocekava – “Co by na to rekla maminka/sousedka/sef/ucitelka”? Znate to? Vsichni v nasi spolecnosti maji urcita ocekavani a za ta leta se clovek nauci jakoby delat veci, ktere se spolecnosti jevi jako “normalni”. Zena pripravi cele rodine veceri, i kdyz se ji nechce, je nemocna ci unavena….! Prijde vam pozvanka na party a nechce se vam a stejne jdete, abyste potesili ostatni. Proc? Myslete vic na sebe, mejte se rada a kdyz vas neco ucini v ten moment vic stastnou tak to udelejte. Tim opet nerikam prestat svym dete varit, ale kazdy z nas ma mit urcitou svobodu. A lide by si meli delat co se jim chce. Ja jsem treba minuly i predminuly tyden snidala porad zeleninovou polevku, i kdyz to neni uplne tradicni snidane. No a co? Mela jsem pocit, ze mi v ty rana proste nejvic prospeje. A pak jsem se dovedela, ze je to vlastne jedna z nejlepe zvolenych snidani, jenom to neni rozsireny zpusob. Britove jsou hrozne udiveni pokud clovek snida “trochu jinak”a  bylo mi to vzdycky jedno. LOL

Ja jsem se proste rozhodla se mit vic rada, chovat se k sobe hezky, ke sve mysli a svemu telu. Proc se zbytecne zatezovat spatnym a cernotou. Mozna je to i tim, ze jsem zacala delat praci, kterou miluju, ze mam dite a ve spravny cas vyskocila za prokleteho kolobehu dvou praci a unavneho zivota. Kdo vi. Ale je mi urcite lepe. 

Love Glamazon xoxo