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Four 2019 Autumn Trends

We are very close to August and although it may not seem like it Autumn isn’t that far. So for some fashion enthusiasts it may be normal to start to consider some first purchases for autumn. I decided to do a nice selection of what is currently available to purchase amongst luxury and high-street shops and online shops so you can be one step ahead. Here are 4 trends you will see in the shops and on the streets in autumn 2019.

Srpen je pomalu za dvermi a mozna se to tak nezda, ale podzim se blizi za par tydnu. A pro modni nadsene je to bezna vec, ze zacnou uz ted premyslet, co na sebe jak se ochladi. Neni tedy na skodu si osvezit co bylo na videni na prehlidkach a co se bude nosit na podzim 2019. A tak jsem udelala vyber obleceni od luxusnich i cenove dostupnych znacek. Vsechny tyto kousky jsou momentalne k zakoupeni. 

1 . Dark Florals – As seen on the catwalk like  Balenciaga, Prada and others

Florals have always been around as majority of trends but many designers are bringing lot of autumn florals on darker dresses, blouses etc. We can expect some gorgeous dark tone dresses with variety of floral prints.

1. Kvetinovy potisk – Balenciaga, Prada …

Kvetinovy potisk jako takovy snad ani nevychazi z mody, ale vetsina je ma spojene spise s teplejsim pocasim. Navrhari ale letos prinasi spousty krasnych potisku a to spise na tmavsich podkladech. Je to skvely kousek na podzim a napriklad maxi saty s kozenou bundickou ci sackou jsou klasikou, ktera se nosi velmi dobre. 

2. Bright colours and Neon – As seen on catwalks of Jaquemus, Prada, Off-White, Fendi and others

Bright colours are fun. I must admit I am not the most colourful person but over the years I got definitely much better. I personally think it is so refreshing to see bright shades of purple, green, yellow, orange when the temperature drops. As majority of people in the streets just tend to wear neutrals. It just brings a bit of fun to fashion.

2. Vyrazne a neovone barvy – Jaquemus, Prada, Fendi…

Vyrazne barvy jsou nahodou velmi zabavne a to hlavne v dobe, kdy vetsina lidi presedla na neutralni tony jako bezova, cerna a hneda. Letos ale uvidite v kolekcich vyrazne barvy jako fialova, zelena, zluta, oranzova, zelena a jine. 

3 . 70’s Bourgeois  – Victoria Beckham, Gucci, Chloe, Balenciaga and many many

I have always loved 70’s. If you have followed me for a while you will know and this is one of the favourites trends for me this year. It is chic, love the colours and how much you can layer and play around. Imagine chic pleated skirts with blouses, sweaters and blazers. Loving the boots with midi skirts and it reminds me of Paris and chic style so much. I am really excited to take out my pleated skirts this autumn.

3. Burzoazni sedmdesatky – Victoria Beckham, Gucci, Chloe, Balenciaga a spoustu dalsich

Tohle je jeden z mych oblibenych trendu. Miluju sedmdesata leta obecne, vidim v nich tolik inspirace a fakt, ze tolik svetovych navrharu letos prinasi tento trend klasicke mestske holky ze 70. let mi dela fakt radost. Je to chic, je to elegantni, vidim v tom Pariz, jednoduche neutralni barvicky, kostkovana sacka, plisovane sukne, sem tam nejaky potisk v mensi mire jako leopard, ci satek s potiskem a je to zkratka parada. 

4. Disco – even for the day – Chanel, Celine, Dior

I adore this trend. This reminds me the time when I moved to UK years and years ago. I loved how girls wore sequins for the day. You could rarely see this amount of sparkle in Czech. And we are talking sequins for the day. It is so cool to wear it for special occasion but even cooler to pop on bit of glitter with your jeans or white t-shirt. I mean so much sparkle and disco fun on shows like Chanel, Celine, Dior or Gucci. Love it.

4. Kralovna Disko – I pres den – Chanel, Celine, Dior

Trend flitru a vubec cokoli se trpyti je pro me. Pripomina mi to me zacatky v Londyne. Byla jsem nadsena, kdyz jsem videla holky ve flitrovych vecech jenom tak pres den. Ne zadna specialni udalost ci ples…proste takhle hodit neco flitroveho k dzinum a triku. A presne tohle bylo k videni na prehlidkach jako Chanel, Celine a Dior. Gucci ma ted k prodeji cool flitrovou bundu a jsem si jista, ze neco takoveho bude brzo i v klasickych retezcich. 


    1. Zimmerman, 2. Love Shack Fancy, 3. Saint Laurent, 4. Balmain, 5. Self Portrait, 6. Saint Laurent, 7. Balmain, 8. Self Portrait

One of the best sales of the year is here and Net-A-Porter has brought again fabulous items including classics and trends on huge discount. It is the best time to grab a bargain and perhaps you will be lucky and your item from this year’s wish-list will be 50 % off. As always I have put together little edit of some fabulous items.

Beauty of the sale is that you can buy warmer items and keep them for autumn and winter so I have included some great blazers and knits. However lot of us still has got holidays ahead and you can shop beautiful dress and swimwear.

Jako kazdy rok prinasi Net-a-Porter jeden z nejlepsich vyprodeju. Kazdy rok zaradi do svych slev jak nadcasove tak trendove kousky a je to skvela doba na to si poridit kvalitni kousky za mnohem mene. A mozna se vam postesti a poridite si vas vysneny kousek. Jako kazdy rok jsem vybrala par veci, ktere by se vam mohly libit. 

Je skvele, ze do vyprodeju jsou zarazeny teplejsi kousky a tak si muzete schovat na zimu a podzim pleteniny od Saint Laurent ci krasny blazer od Chloe. Ale vetsina z nas mozna stale mysli na leto, vzdyt mame pred sebou prazdniny a tak jsem zaradila do vyberu krasne saty a ve slevach najdete i skvele plavky. 


    1. Chloe, 2. Saint Laurent, 3. Balenciaga, 4. Rosantica, 5. Staud

Bags are always going very fast. Some of the classics I was eyeing are gone already and in general this is such a good time to buy a new model to your collection. I have picked some neutral colours and few trends you may love.

Kabelky se prodavaji rychle. Nektere z tech klasictejsich kousku uz jsou davno fuc, ale obecne plati, ze v dobe slev muzete ukoristit skutecne poklady. Vybrala jsem par neutralnich kusu a par trendovych. Jako vzdy je to u me o balancu. 

  1. Saint Laurent, 2. Ganni, 3. Jimmy Choo, 4. Saint Laurent, 5. Gianvito Rossi

Shoes are also such a good investment and this year it was so hard to pick. There are so many fantastic designers and lot of gorgeous models from Saint Laurent or Jimmy Choo. So get yourself a new pair so you do not regret.

Boty jsou skvela investice a tento rok bylo tezke vybrat, ktere sem vubec zaradit. Tolik uzasnych navrharu jako Saint Laurent ci Jimmy Choo najdete ve slevach. A tak si muzete udelat radost novym parem a nebude vas to ani tolik stat.



Christmas is round the corner and with that in mind my 2018 Gift Guide is here. This year I have included more fashion and beauty items and less technology as I thought after a long year women should treat themselves to something beautiful and you should treat others the same way. Let’s bring beautiful things to us and feel the luxury. I have tried to include smaller items that could make a great stocking filler as well as gorgeous fashion and beauty items.

This stunning pink blouse would make a great gift as it is something you can wear dress down or dress up. I am also loving the Marc Jacobs Luminizer as it is such a luxurious gift and the packaging and the mirror are simply perfection. What a brilliant product to be found in the stocking.

Vanoce jsou za rohem a proto prinasim i tento rok tipy na darky. Tento rok jsem zahrnula spise kosmetiku a obleceni a mene technologie, protoze jsem si rikala, ze kazda zena si zaslouzi neco krasneho, aby se mohla hyckat a udelat si radost. A tu radost muzete udelat i vy ostatnim zenam, ktere mate radi.

Snazila jsem se zahrnout i drobnejsi darky, ktere by se vlezli do Vanocni ponozky, protoze ty jsou tady v Britanii tradici. Kazdopadne tato ruzova bluzka me hodne zaujala a myslim, ze se da vyuzit jak na den tak na vecer. A vybornym mensim darkem, ale velmi praktickym diky velkemu zrcatku je tento Luminizer od Marca Jacobse.

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Fragrance gifting for the whole family

Christmas is getting so close and so many people may struggle what to get for the people they love. I firmly believe that  fragrance is always a good idea. I know my entire family loves a perfume as a gift and that makes shopping for them much easier.

The only issue I always have is that you cannot post perfumes out of UK so I usually use a Czech online shop Elnino for any purchase of this sort. It is amazing for people in Czech as they stock even brands like Jo Malone and to be fair not every town will have good stores stocking luxury perfume brands. It is super easy for anybody to order online whilst having cup of coffee at home.

If you follow me on youtube you probably have seen my last Product empties video where I talked about my teenage years fragrance and that is Burberry weekend. This old classic scent will always bring memories and I will never get bored of it. And that is a small treat for myself to be honest.

This year I went for combination of the traditional scents my family loves but in few cases I decided to experiment a bit. I chose this Karl Lagerfeld Classic which is a great value and also cool scent by Zadiq & Voltaire Girls can do anything. My mum fell in love recently with Giorgio Armani Si Passione which I don’t blame her to be honest. It is a fragrance I have myself and everything about it is wonderful including it’s bottle.

Vanoce se blizi a protoze mam opravdu shon, snazim se letos byt opravdu o krok v pred a poridit darky s predstihem. Ja pevne verim, ze darovat nekomu parfem je ve vetsine pripadu trefou do cerneho. Alespon moje rodina miluje dostavat parfemy a tak vlastne nakupy na Vanoce jsou pro me v tomto smeru jednodussi.

Muj problem nastava tehdy, kdyz chci parfemy z Britanie odeslat, protoze to je zakazane a tak casto pouzivam sluzeb e-shopu Elnino. Ceny jsou dobre a hlavne maji skvely vyber. A navic neprodavaji jenom parfemy. Sama vim, ze mensi mesta treba nemaji moznost luxusnich drogerii, kde byste podobne veci mohli koupit a napriklad maji na sklade i veci od znacek jako Jo Malone, ktere se daji poridit jenom v Praze ci vetsich mestech a tak se da vse objednat z pohodli domova.

Jestli me sledujete na youtube, tak jste mozna videli posledni video o spotrebovanych produktech a jedna z mych srdcovek je klasika Burberry weekend. Je to vune mych pozdejsich pubertalnich let a prijde mi takova vesela. Mam k ni zkratka vztah a vzdy asi i budu. A tak jsem si poridila malicky flakon pro sebe a skvele je, ze se mi da i do mensi kabelky. 

Letos jsem se rozhodla vybrat pro rodinu jak klasiku tak trosku experimentuju a zaujaly me tyto vune od Karl Lagerfeld Classic a Zadiq & Voltaire Girls can do anything. Panska vune od Lagerfelda je cenove opravdu vyhodna a tak se urcite hodi pro ty, co nemaji na nakup darku velky rozpocet. Moje mama se v posledni dobe zamilovala do vune Giorgio Armani Si Passione, kterou mam doma i ja. Je to velmi luxusni svezi vune a mam rada  i jejich cerveny flakon, ktery krasne vynikne. 

Fahrenheit by Dior has been my dad’s favourite for many years. To be fair I have tried to gift him other fragrances but he is always coming back to this. So no point to experiment anymore if that is what he loves. Another popular fragrance for guys is Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold. I cannot forget to recommend the classic Chloe as that has always been high on my list of fragrances. I went through a period when it was my number one.

Fahrenheit od Diora je vune, kterou ma muj tata leta v oblibe, je to klasika, k niz se porad vraci. Zkousela jsem mu v minulosti dat i jine parfemy, ale zadna ho jeste nedokazala odvratit od jeho klasiky. A tak se toho letos drzim. Dalsi oblibenou panskou vuni je Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold. Ja jsem si take prosla obdobim, kdy jsem ve velkem pouzivala tuhle klasiku od Chloe a tu take mohu jen doporucit. 

Pokud mate pocit, ze darovat samotny parfem neni dostatecne, dobrym napadem jsou darkove kazety, ktere pusobi luxusne a opravdu jsou hezkym darkem. Zkratka kazdy si najde to sve a muzete se podivat i na darkove kosmeticke kazety a vubec cokoli.

Preji vsem prijemne Vanocni nakupy. 

Love Glamazon xoxo