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EDIT: Grab yourself designer shoes for less at Luisa Via Roma!

As most women even I am a shoe lover. Of course I do love bags but recently I have discovered that when I invest in a pair of shoes I wear them over and over again. They have that power of transferring any outfit within a second and they simply create a smile on my face.

However not everybody has got big enough budget to buy three pair of designer shoes a month so it is always good to wait for sales and different offers to grab that dream pair. I do often wait myself for sales or events like Black Friday as I know it makes a huge difference in highly priced designer items to get few percent off. One of my favourite online shops to buy from is definitely Luisa Via Roma. I also visited their store in Florence which is a must see shopping spot there.

And pretty much as every year Luisa Via Roma will have Black Friday offers so I wanted to create a gorgeous shoes edit as you can start to decide what lush item you will be adding to your closet.

However if you feel like waiting for Black Friday is not for you…you can still shop 15 % cheaper items (the star items excluded) if you download Luisa Via Roma app.

Jako vetsina zen i ja jsem milovnice botu. To vite, ze mam rada i kabelky, ale nejak jsem zjistila, ze kdyz opravdu investuju do drazsich botu, ze je nosim porad dokola a ta investice se vyplati. A navic boty dokazou zmenit styling behem vteriny.

Jenomze ne kazdy ma rozpocet si koupit troje designerske boty do mesice a tak nekdo z nas musi setrit ci pockat na slevy. Ted je pred nama nejvetsi nakupni akce roku a to Black Friday a to je idealni doba na to poridit darky bud pro sebe nebo pro jine a treba si poridit vysneny par botu za mene. Ja osobne casto lovim na oblibenych designerskych e-shopech a jeden z mych top je urcite Luisa via Roma. Jako kazdy rok budou i letos poradat akce v ramci Black Friday a proto jsem se rozhodla vytvorit takovy shoe edit, ktery by vas snad mohl inspirovat.

A navic pokud si stahnete aplikaci Luisa via roma, tak mate slevu 15 % na produkty, ktere nejsou oznaceny hvezdickou, takze vlastne ani nemusite cekat.




Whether you are looking for chic flats or interesting sandals for upcoming party season the selection is huge. I would say it is more problem to decide if you want trendy Balenciaga shoes or just classic pair of Jimmy Choos.

Jestli uz chcete krasne nizke boty nebo zajimave sandalky, tak vyber je opravdu obrovsky. Je spise problem jestli chcete neco z trendujici Balenciaga kolekce nebo nadcasove modely od Jimmy Choo.




For those who want to grab a pair of trainers as they are more sporty than glam there is enough to chose from. They have huge selection of “ugly” trainers models so hurry up.

Pro ty, kteri jsou spise na sportovnejsi obuv je taky hodne na vyber, jestli uz chcete cenove dostupnou klasiku, ci treba neco z trendu jako “ugly” trainers. 




And there would not be a winter without a good and nice pair of boots. I am really loving their selection of Givenchy and Saint Laurent models and still keep dreaming of having them all.

A nebyla by to ani poradna zima bez nejakych krasnych kozacek. At uz mate radi kotnickove ci nejaky skvely kousek nad kolena. Ja jsem zamilovana do vetsiny kousku od Saint Laurent a Givenchy. A tak dal snim, ze budou vsechny moje.


Love Glamazon xoxo 

Edit: What to buy in NET-A-PORTER sales today?


Have you heard the amazing news? Just in time when we are looking for some awesome autumn pieces Net-A-Porter is bringing huge discount 15 % with a secret discount code. Yay.

It is valid on lot of fabulous pieces but always check as there may be some exceptions. 15 % always makes a huge difference if you want to buy something more luxury and expensive. So happy shopping. All you need to do is go HERE and enter code FASHIONFIX at the CHECKOUT.

I have created a sales edit of some pieces I love but you may find something even more fabulous.

Uz jste slyseli ty skvele zpravy? Akorat v dobe, kdy vetsina z nas pokukuje po podzimnich vecech tak oblibeny e-shop Net-A-Porter ma slevu temer na vse 15 % s tajnym slevovym kodem.

A tak jsem rychle vytvorila takovy mensi edit veci, ktere se mi libi a treba i vam, protoze i tech 15 % je na drazsich kouscich opravdu hodne. Kod neplati uplne ve vsech pripadech, takze se urcite podivejte a treba se vam podari ulovit vysneny kousek za mnohem mene. 

Jedine co je treba je prejit SEM a po nakupu zadat kod FASHIONFIX a je to.

So Happy Shopping.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


Big Highstreet shoes summer edit

I hope you are one of those lucky people and you have booked your holidays. I am in that group so I thought it would be great to pick some of my high-street favourite shoes that would be great new addition and perfect item for a hot destination.

Whether you are going to Maledives or Amalfi coast I tried to think of everybody. I included some gorgeous embellished mules for those city walks and few high heeled sandals for those romantic dinners during sunset. I am loving the embellished mules trends inspired by so many designers and also rope sandals for that rustic feel.

I am currently searching for that perfect pair of day to evening sandals that are going to be glam but super comfortable too.  Let me know which one is your favourite pair anyway.

Pevne doufam, ze jste mezi tema, kteri uz maji zarezervovanou letni dovolenou. Ja ano a tak jsem si rikala, ze by nebylo na skodu vydat mensi edit botu, ktere jsou cenove dostupne a byly by idealni na cesty do teplych destinaci. 

Jestli uz jedete na Maledivy ci na pobrezi Amalfi, snazila jsem se vybrat rozmanite styly, at si kazdy prijde na to sve. Ja jsem se zamilovala do trendu botu z provazku a taky ozdobenych nazouvaku. Momentalne vsak hledam boty, ktere se budou hodit jak na den tak i na vecer a budou hlavne pohodlne. 

A dejte mi vedet, ktere boty se vam z tohoto vyberu libi. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

The Dress Edit


I have had a little bit of more time on my hand when staying in Czech for winter holidays in the last few weeks and that could mean also one thing….creating wish lists and browsing on favourite on-line shops. Yes, you are reading it correctly. I love to procrastinate in this way.

And because I am counting days until first spring and summer days I am also dreaming about beautiful dresses we get to wear so here is a little selection of beautiful dresses. Whether you love luxury or your budget is more high-street hopefully you find something in my latest Dress Edit.

Ted kdyz jsem na dva tydny v Cesku tak mam o dost vice casu nez doma v Londyne a to taky znamena hodne prokrastinace. Prichytala jsem, ze travim hodne casu na ruznych e-shopech a tvorim si wish listy a prohlizim si veci, co se mi libi. Co uz se mnou, ze? 

A nejak me to chytlo za srdce a taky si uz snim o jaru a leta o tom jak budu nosit vice satu. A tak jsem udelala vyber krasnych kousku. Snad si kazdy vybere, zaradila jsem do vyberu levnejsi i drazsi kousky.

Love Glamazon xoxo