Denim midi skirt

Wearing: Valentino Bag, All Saints Top, Zara Skirt, H&M Shoes, Rayban Sunglasses

I am having time of my life in my home country. Czech during summer can be the best spot ever especially when the sun is out and the temperature rises. I am doing all the stuff that reminds me childhood and picking the most beautiful spots for my photographs. This field scream summer and I just love the whole feel and atmosphere of it.

I am so happy I could bring a bit of authentic places like this gorgeous field. This really is Czech summer dream. And the denim and white works so well together right?

Odjela jsem na par dni do Ceska a opravdu si to uzivam na plno. Priznavam se, ze je to castecne timto krasnym pocasim. Leto doma ma neskutecne kouzlo…..od teplych veceru, grilovani, koupani, Kofoly a nebo nadhernych poli s baliky slamy…vsechno mi pripomina detstvi a prinasi nadherne vzpominky. Mame to u nas proste nadherne, nemyslite?

A tak misto nejakych ulic jsem si na vetsinu fotografii vybrala treba pole za domem a nebo nasi krasnou prirodu. Dzinovina a bila barva stejne v takovem prostredi vynikne na jednicku.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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