Outfit: Finally Human

Wearing: Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Top: Shein, Jeans: New Look, Coat: Zara, Belt: Gucci, Glasses: Asos

I finally feel a bit human after 8 days of sleep deprivation and carrying crying baby 24/7. I am not joking at all. That week was probably one of the worst in my life as Liam got poorly and after paying a private doctor and going to a hospital they sent us home with nothing. Strangely that was also without doing any testing (shocking I know).

I cried and I cried a lot as seeing a little creature like that in pain and not being able to help but also not being able to sleep, eat or switch off is bloody hard. I am a huge fan of being positive and usually I want to keep positive spin on everything on this site as well. However, that kind of explains why I have not been publishing much.

The weekend was already so much better and I felt I am getting my life back slowly. We are not there yet 100 % but at least when we experience these situations we realise the value of health and things in general.

Konecne se citim trochu jako clovek po osmi dnech spankove deprivace a noseni kriciho mimina na rukou prakticky 24/7. Nedelam si srandu, ale byl to snad nejhorsi tyden meho zivota a prestoze jsem zaplatila privatniho doktora a sla i do nemocnice, tak nas poslali domu bez niceho, ze to prejde. A to podotykam, ze nedelali zadne testy. Opravdu jsem sama mela momenty, ze jsem brecela a to dost, protoze videt to skvrne, jak krici a sviji se v bolestech a vy mu nemuzete pomoci je opravdu tezke. Ja jsem zastance toho, zustat pozivitivni a tak chci vest tyto stranky. Kazdopadne tohle vlastne vysvetluje, proc jsem moc nepublikovala. 

Veci jsou urcite uz na dobre ceste a tak jsem konecne mela normalnejsi vikend. A dokazala jsem to ocenit, protoze kdyz zazije clovek takova muka, uvedomi si, co v zivote ma. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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