Outfit: How to Wear Sequins in Pregnancy

2 Photo – Anna Sandul
Wearing: Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Top and T-shirt: Asos, Jeans: Asos, Bag: Gucci

Sequins during pregnancy? Why not? Most women probably think it may be too glamorous or too difficult to wear so one of the options is to throw a cute top like this over a simple white t-shirt. Yes, I am mentioning that white t-shirt again. However, I cannot help it. It has been one of the best things ever during the last nine months.

I also remember one of my ex colleagues to rock a sequin mini dress when she was not far away from her due date at a work do. And she looked fab. So no reason to forget about glam pieces and bit of sparkle when your bump is growing. Women can look great at anytime and no need to stop when pregnant.

Flitry v tehotenstvi? Proc ne? Vetsina zen si asi rekne, ze je to zbytecni a mozna moc slozite k noseni behem tehotenstvi, ale ja jsem jineho nazoru. Treba tento krasny top staci prehodit pres bile tricko a je to. Ano, zase pisu o klasickem bilem tricku, ale nemuzu si pomoci. V tehotenstvi se mi proste hodilo tolikrat a jeste o nem urcite budete cist znova. 

A dokonce jsem si vzpomela na byvalou kolegyni, ktera byla v devatem mesici a na Vanocnim vecirku mela na sobe flitrove minisaty. A vypadala vyborne. Takze se mi potvrdilo, ze neni treba se vzdavat trpytu a lesku, kdyz mate tehotenske brisko. Zena by mela vypadat hezky porad. A nemusite prestavat ani v tehotenstvi a ani jako mama. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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7 comments on “Outfit: How to Wear Sequins in Pregnancy

  1. You totally rock them sequins Eva! Hey a question on the Louboutins. I also have a pair and I’ve used them outdoors. Hence the sole is of course scraped away. Should you place a new sole or is that a big no no? Do you use yours outdoors as well or just for photos?

    1. Hi lovely, well the sole always scrapes away. You can always have it painted again. some women put a sole but then it covers the nice red. I also saw red soles but I am just not huge fan of it. I use them outside but not for long walking….One thing I can say do not wear them in the rain

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