Outfit: Monday vibes with Baum und Pferdgarten dress

Wearing: Dress: Baum und Pferdgarten via Luisa via Roma , Shoes: Boden, Bag: Saint Laurent, Sunglasses: Dior

I remember how I used to hate Mondays but I am actually looking forward to Mondays now. I do what I love for living and Monday means new opportunities for me, new exciting emails, collaborations and just more of what I love. It is just such a change for your lifestyle and your mood levels.

It is an amazing feeling to look at your watch and feel great that you have been productive and you do not care about time. I really wish everybody could experience this.

Anyway, it is just me keen to share with the world how exciting it is for me now but the main thing I wanted to show is this stunning dress. I mean the print, the cut, the sleeves details speaks for itself.

I am really in the shopping mood today as sales are starting on lot of designer sites and also I am going on holidays on Sunday and it is always a good time to shop like crazy to create that perfect holiday wardrobe.

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of fun and happy times.

Pamatuju si jak jsem nesnasela pondeli a ted? Ted se na pondelky tesim, novy tyden mi totiz prinasi vzdy nove prilezitosti, zajimave emaily a spoluprace a proste vsechno co rada delam. Je to neco uzasneho pro lidskou dusi a je skvele se na pondeli tesit. A navic je to vetsinou muj neproduktivnejsi den. Ted pisu tento clanek a uz jsem toho opravdu zvladla hrozne moc udelat. A tak to ma byt.

Je skvele kdyz se clovek nemusi divat na hodinky a prat si at uz je vecer, ale kdyz mu den hezky plyne a dela co ho bavi, je to zkratka jine. 

Kazdopadne dneska jsem tady abych vam ukazala tyto krasne saty. Totalne jsem se zamilovala do kazdeho detailu, jestli uz je to potisk, ci zajimave rukavy. Tato skandinavska znacka me opravdu bavi a neni ani tak predrazena, jak to obcas nekdy byva.

Ja jsem v poseldnich par dnech v silene nakupovaci nalade, zacinaji slevy a navic me ceka odlet na dovolenou do Cerne hory koncem tydne. A pak take odlet do Ceska jak se vratim a na to se nova garderoba hodi v kazdem pripade. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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