New In….Sexy Lace

When I saw this amazing lace camisole I could not leave without it. And after posting it on my instagram I can tell that you my readers love it too. Well, if you think I will wear it just like that you are wrong. Unless I get a Victoria Secret Angel body until summer. My plan is to wear it with blazers and slouchy jumper to show of a bit of that beautiful face. Did I mention that they have a cream one too?

Kdyz jsem uvidela tuhle krajkovou krasu, nemohla jsem bez tohoto kousku odejit. A jak tak koukam na mem facebooku a instagramu, tak se vam taky libi. Nemyslete si, z v tom budu chodit naostro. Mozna pokud by se mi zazrakem do leta podarilo ziskat postavu Andilka Victoria Secret. Planuju tohle krajkove bolero nosit pod volnym svetrem nebo sackem a trosku ukazat svetu kousicek krajky. A dokonce maji kremovou verzi? Ach jo! Nevim, jak tohle dopadne. LOL.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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