New In…Zara Leopard Trousers

Hey Sweethearts,
I have a thing for leopard print you know that. And after seeing these on sale in Zara i snapped them even without trying on. And happy days they fit even when I tried them on later on at home. I cannot wait for a spring combo with heels and leather jacket. What a classic !!!
Mam slabost pro leopardi potisk. To vime! A kdyz jsem tyhle kalhoty uvidela ve slevach, tak jsem si je koupila a to bez zkouseni (ma netrpelivost opravdu nesnese ty dlouhe rady v kabinkach). O to vetsi bylo poteseni doma, ze mi sedely. A uz se tesim na jarnejsi pocasi az si je dam s podpatky a kozenou bundou. Skutecna klasika !!!
Love Glamazon xoxo

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