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You know I always tell you about the good places where I stay or eat or just have fun. When I visited Rome last weekend I stayed right in the City Center and then moved to a wedding venue few kilometers outside of Rome. So let me tell you more about this hospitable hotel – Rome Times Hotel. I could not wish better place when it comes to service and location.

When we arrived the staff was so lovely and for the whole stay they offered immaculate service and the warm welcome in the form of cold bubbles in my room was a perfect touch. I was also glad to see there is a wi-fi in each room which is very important for me as a blogger. And trust me not every hotel has got this luxury. The whole hotel has got modern however very cosy atmosphere and design. I usually love more traditional places but the deco was somewhere in between and I loved it. And the big bed … there is nothing better when a good night sleep in a hotel where you are being looked after right?

You also must have noticed the main picture (please ignore the unhealthy food on the plate as I always go mad on holidays) I was eating like it was last day of my life. It is hard not to when breakfast has got several type of cakes and also savoury food in their selection.

If you ever go to Rome I highly recommend this place as you can really walk anywhere and those views from their roof top terrace are worthwhile the stay. Just get yourself some delicious cocktail and enjoy the buzz of this historical gem.

 Velmi casto, kdyz cestuju, tak vam take fotim mista, kde se ubytuju a nebo taky kde mi chutnalo jidlo nebo se mi libilo na drinku. Tentokrat jsem se v Rime ubytovala v hotelu Rome Times hotel a musim uznat, ze ma idealni lokaci a skvely servis.

V posledni dobe jsem nekolikrat narazila na nejake problemy a taky se mi stalo, ze servis nebyl az tak dobry a tak je dobre mit po nejake dobe dobrou zkusenost. Hotel je na idealnim miste a vsude jsem chodila s pritelem pesky. Dokonce jsme si dali prochazku pesky az do Vatikanu. Ale treba Spanelske schody mate asi 10 minut chuze a take Coloseum a dalsi pamatky. Pro me jako blogerku bylo skvele, ze hotel nabizi wi-fi i na pokojich a taky nabizi moznost vyuziti telocvicny (na tu v mem pripade teda nebyl cas).

Jedna z veci kterou v hotelech miluju je mit k dispozici teply zupan a vzdycky si rikam, kdyz ma hotel zupan, tak je o tridu vis. Je to takove me osobni meritko. A uplne nejvice miluju hotelove snidane. Tady byl vyber opravdu bohaty a dala jsem si vyborne latte. Takove hody sice nejsou idealni pro moji postavu, ale znate me…na dovolene se neznam. LOL.

Dalsi vec, kterou vzdy v hotelich hodnotim je super postel a tato byla uzasna a nas pokoj mel dokonce balkon. Hned bych se tam zkratka vratila a priznavam se, ze se mi z Rima vubec nechtelo.

Pokud se sem chystate, tak tohle misto muzu jenom doporucit. Ja jsem byla velmi spokojena a take muj pritel.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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