Showroom Fun

I love going to showrooms as you can properly look at products and clothes and you can get much better feeling of the item. Last week I went to check out new collection of Pour Moi swimwear and underwear. And I could not resist and decided to get this bikini. I absolutely love the colours and everything about them. Some of my other bikinis are less bright so I need to spice the time on the beach with bit of colour right?

Ater seeing the collection I would say it is perfect even for women with big bust as they have got same sizing as underwear and they can offer more specific sizing. So horray you do not have to stick to the usual – S, M and Large. LOL.

I also finally had a chance to look properly at Launer bags. Yes, very traditional brand and Queen’s favorite. I was so pleasantly surprised that some of the models have got modern touch and are spot on with current trend. But my absolute favourite was that green and burgundy small bag with a chain instead of a strap. And I loved even more when I found it it is called like me … EVA! What a perfect match?

Strasne rada navstevuju showroomy. Clovek si muze produkt ci kolekci poradne prohlednou a priblizit si jednotlivou znacku. Minuly tyden jsem byla pozvana se podivat na novou kolekci Pour Moi a nektere kousky se mi moc libily. Tak jsem se rozhodla si poridit tyhle plavky na dovolenou. Nevim teda ktere si dam prvni, kdyz jedu jenom na tyden. Ale co klidne budu mit na kazdy den jine. LOL

A konecne jsem take mela moznost si poradne prohlednout kabelky Launer. Tohle je velmi tradicni znacka a jeji kabelky nosi sama Kralovna. Strasne me prekvapilo, ze Launer dela i vice moderni modely jako barevna psanicka. Nejvic me ale dostala ta zelena a vinova kabelka na retizku. Byla jsem z ni unesena a nejradsi bych si ji na tajnare odnesla. A navic se jmenuje EVA.. jsme si proste souzene ne?

Love Glamazon xoxo

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3 comments on “Showroom Fun

  1. Ty prouzkovane a kostickovane plavky jsou super a brala bych je. Daji se sehnat online? Jinak kavelky jsou krasne, taky by mi vubec nevadilo jednu vlastnit.

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