Spring Wishlist


I must say my wishlist is endless by the time I actually buy one thing I want another one. There are so many talented desingers bringing constantly new things, trends and designs that it is hard to keep up. Well, some things  stuck in my mind like the Gucci bag which I loved in black suede but got the one with logo print but there are new bits I have my eye one. I could spend hours on Net-a-porter and dream about the next new thing.

At the moment I guess I am mainly left with shoes and bags  as the belly is growing so no point to buy new clothes. However, I just love a bit of day dreaming and inspiration… What if?

Musim rict, ze seznam veci, co bych chtela je vetsinou nekonecny a hlavne se dost meni. Nez  si poridim nejakou vec, prijde dalsi. Existuje tolik talentovanych navrharu a ti nam prinasi neustale nove kolekce a modely a clovek nestaci ani vnimat. Ale jsou i takove stalice, treba jako ta cerna Gucci taska. Misto ni jsem si minuly rok koupila tu s gucci logem a vidite, sale mi lezi v hlave.

Ale ted kdyz mi roste bricho tak se budu radsi soustredit na boty a kabelky. Asi nema cenu si nic kupovat co se obleceni tyce. I kdyz trocha sneni a inspirace nikomu neublizi.

Love Glamazon xoxo


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