Swimwear365 Styling Challenge/#5daysofSoma


Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface movie is one my biggest fashion icons….endless 70’s glam, luxury, chic dresses, elegant swimwear, cocktails and powerful attitude. When I was asked to create a mood board and style new pieces from Swimwear365 collection in the Soma Bay setting I knew straight away that Scarface inspiration is the best direction.

Luxury and glamorous setting is a perfect combination and with 70’s being the leading trend in the fashion world these day it is a perfect choice. This movie has always inspired me and as always it is about the right strong attitude of a beautiful woman who knows how to seduce man, live and enjoy beautiful things.

So cheers to beautiful sexy swimwear and great life.

Love Glamazon xoxo


Morning coffee is like a ritual for so many people whether you are in France or in Egypt. Imagine how chic you can look even if it is only a shooting set…beautiful one piece bikini and floating crisp white maxi skirt. I would love the day start like this every day…just me, newspaper and the largest aviators you can find. It sounds like a movie set but beautiful movie set.


Pool or beach time is always about good drink, good book and relaxation. All you need is a minimum accessories, perfect bikini and if you wanna look effortless just grab your boyfriend’s white shirt as a cover up. You can be comfortable but still look like a goddess.


Glamorous evenings are one of the best parts…you can still wear you bikini as a top and just put on chic wide palazzo pants, gold strappy heels and admiring your sun kissed skin. Nothing beats super chic outfit at your dinner table while looking at the sea and enjoying every second of that moment.

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