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Outfit: How to look expensive on a budget?

Wearing: Bag: Azurina Store, Sunglasses: Longchamp, Blazer: very old, Trousers: Couturissimo, Shoes: Zara

You know I love my good quality investment pieces, designer shoes, sunglasses and bags. However, not everything has to cost a fortune to look good. Sometimes it is about putting the right things together, looking at the items at highstreet that are well tailored and know how to shop.

This outfit is a typical example that even more affordable items can look great. I thought I am going to put together few tips how to look expensive on a budget.

Keep the colours neutral – if you keep colours neutral, greys, nudes, black, whites your outfit will always look expensive even though it came from a cheaper shop.

Wear one more expensive item to elevate the look – Invest in one more expensive item. In this case it would be the trousers and the sunglasses. However the price of these still isn’t overly high. If you fancy new designer sunglasses you can shop here with 20 % off with code EVA20.

Keep the look classic – Avoid trends and wear classics. This outfit is perfect example. Classic flares with black cami and sequin blazer that I have had at least for 10 years. Apart from bit of sparkle there isn’t anything overly trendy in this look.

Wear expensive looking handbag – Invest in a good quality bag as they always look more expensive. It can be a cute affordable bag but look at the overall style and visuals.

Wear simple makeup – Makeup can finish off the look so well and take your style to another level. My tip would be subtle makeup with lovely lipstick and of course big smile.

Jak asi vite, pokud ctete muj blog delsi dobu, mam rada kvalitni designerske veci. Rada investuji do kabelek, botu a slunecnich bryli. Ale ne vse co je hezke musi stat majlat a nekdy je to o tom jake si poridite levnejsi veci, jak jsou usite a kvalitni. 

Rozhodla jsem se sepsat par tipu, jak vypadat luxusne, kdyz nemate velky rozpocet. 

Noste neutralni barvy – Styling slozeny z tlumenejsich a klasicky barev vzdy vypada drazsi. Zkuste tony jako velbloudi, prirodni barvy, bezova, cerna, seda a bila. 

Dejte si jednu vec, ktera je drazsi a pozvedne cely outfit – Poridte si jednu vec, ktera vam pozvedne cely look. V tomto pripade jsou to bryle a kalhoty. I kdyz ani jedna z techto veci nebyla zavratne draha. Jestli chcete investovat do slunecnich bryli, mam zrovna slevovy kod 20 % EVA 20 na tento e-shop. 

Vsadte na klasiku – Klasicke kousky, strihy a outfity vzdy budou vypadat drazsi. V tomto pripade mam na sobe cerne kalhoty s mirnym zvonem a sacko, ktere mam snad deset let. Nic z toho neni prevratny trend. 

Vemte si kabelku, ktera vypada draze – Bud investujte do drazsi kabelky, jak jsem zminovala v bodu dve. Nebo si kupte kvalitni ci takovou, ktera vypada draze. Kabelka dokaze zmenit celkovy outfit! 

Zvolte jednoduchy makeup – Makeup je vzdy tresnickou na dortu a udela opravdu hodne. Nenarocny klasicky makeup udela divy a jenom doda to posledni vasemu outfitu. 



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