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Outfit: Life in this heat

Wearing: Shorts: Storets, Shirt: Zara (similar style) , Shoes: Castaner, Bag: Chloe, Sunglasses: Chloe

Summer full of sunshine in London and I am out of ideas how to keep myself and Liam cool in this heat. Do not get me wrong I like hot but not when I do not have access to the pool and where I know my 23 months old wild boy is relatively safe and comfortable. LOL

I was even thinking to go up to Soho Farm house for a day until I realised that kids are not allowed in the pool unless they are members so that idea is a failure. So I am getting through the heat day by day and sometimes even braving to go central which I usually regret but at least it breaks the day for us. I simply cannot wait when the temperature drops down by at least 8 degrees. If it was just me I would be in my element trust me but a moaning toddler is another level. haha

I wanted to share these photographs that I took still when I was in Czech earlier this summer as I simply adore this look. I have been wearing most of these items over and over again and they are so great for summer like this.

So hopefully you are enjoying this weather and cheers to a good summer life.

Leto je v Londyne v plnem proudu a teploty naprosto rekordni, ale uprimne uz me nenapada jak nas zchladit a zabavit v tomto horku. Nepomaha ani to, ze mame neco s autem a jezdit s kocarkem metrem neni taky zrovna zabava. At to nechapete spatne, ja miluju horko, ale to spis, kdyz se muzu vyvalit u vody a take tam, kde vim, ze si to uzije i Liam a bude se bavit a bude v bezpeci. 

Dnes me napadlo si zajet treba na cely den do Soho Farm House, ale pak jsem si vzpomela, ze pokud neni clenem i vase dite, tak do bazenu nesmi, takze muj plan pada. LOL A tak tady prezivame v tom horku den za dnem a uprimne se tesim az teploty spadnou alespon o 8 stupnu. A to ma byt za par dni. Uz jsem vycerpala vsechny napady co delat. Dneska v nedeli jsme dali na zahradu nafukovaci bazenek, ale to ho stejne bavi jenom chvili. Haha 

Kazdopadne jsem vam chtela ukazat tento outfit, ktery jsem nafotila jeste v CR, kde jsem byla prvni polovinu leta. Vlastne tyhle kousky nosim porad dokola a hlavne je nosim rada.

No doufam, ze zvladate tyhle teploty a uzivate si leto. Ja si jdu dat asi studenou sprchu. LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Slow summer is good for your soul

Wearing: Jumpsuit: Storets, Shoes: Boden, Bag: Chloe, Sunglasses: Chloe, Belt: Vintage similar here

Is there anybody who wouldn’t love summer? Well, maybe we find few people as not all of us can like the same thing however let’s face it. There is something about warm sunny weather, trips, holidays, sea or just bbq at the back garden, swimming in the lake and all the fabulous activities.

I love summer and I love it deeply and one of the things I love about it that things do slow down. I can talk from even professional experience working in an office environment and even in social media. Well do not get me wrong people work but the pace is somehow slower. It takes ages to get deals closed, sign offs done as people are simply away. So just like that when the city is hit by sun rays and you get to wear pretty summer dresses you can slow down a bit too.  And it is good. August in fashion is probably the most quiet month of them all and it is like people just disappear to get all the energy for fashion month. I am aware there are lot of industries that do not have this luxury like tourism or hospitality but whoever gets to slow down a bit please do that. There is nothing better for your mind and soul.

Even now although summer brings so much more opportunities for us to create fabulous content I feel people are not scrolling down Instagram feed as much as when they are bored in the winter. So I just post less at least sometimes and do something fun.

Je nekdo kdo by nemel rad leto? Ale myslim, ze mozna jako ve vsem se vzdy nekdo najde. Ne vsichni maji radi jen jednu vec. Ale na lete zkratka neco je at uz je to teple pocasi, slunicko, letni bourky, vylety, more, dovolene a nebo jenom grilovani na zahrade, plavani v jezeru a vsechny tyhle uzasne aktivity. 

Ja leto miluju a to ze spousty duvodu a jeden z nich je urcite to, ze vse tak nejak trosku zpomali. Mluvim z vlastni zkusenosti z prace jak v kancelari ci blogovani. A je to jednoduche, lide jsou proste pryc. Deti maji prazdniny a tak i dospeli jezdi pryc a proto se nekomu dovolat a uzavrit co je treba je nekdy nad nadliske sily. V mode vubec je napriklad srpen jeden z nejpomalejsich mesicu. Je to jakoby vsichni zmizeli a nabiraji nekde sily na tydny mody, ktere jsou naprostym opakem leta co se pracovni narocnosti tyce. A tak pokud pracujete v oboru, ktery vam umozni si trosku v lete odpocinout, urcite toho vyuzijte. Naberte se sily, protoze je to dobre pro jak vasi dusi tak i telo. Je mi jasne, ze lide kteri na druhou stranu napriklad v oblasti turismu se nezastavi, ale pokud ta moznost je, polevte. 

A navic prestoze nam leto nabizi na socialnich mediich tvorit skvely obsah, tak na druhou stranu tim, ze lidi maji porad zajimave aktivity, tak mi prijde, ze engagement je mensi. A tak proste misto neustalych starosti, co dam na svuj feed dal, proste nedam nic klidne i par dnu. Radsi jdu delat neco prijemneho a proc taky ne pro zmenu, ze? 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Things are as they are meant to be

Wearing: Top: River Island, Shorts: River Island, Shoes: Castaner, Sunglasses: Chloe, Bag: Chanel, Earrings: Zara

I could sit here and write about leopard print, wedges, round sunnies or really anything about this outfit and fashion. However today I feel I want to write about life. I just go with my intuition.

Sometimes in life we want things, we have dreams, ideas and plans. And I am a huge believer in law of attraction however my theory is that certain things in life just happen and no matter how positive you are there are hurdles and tests coming your way.

I believe we all have purpose in life and even if these hurdles appear whatever it is … could be money issues, illness, attracting wrongs partners, arguments in your family you can get over them easier if you stay positive. If you use law of attraction and stay happy most of the time you get through these hurdles easier.

I also believe things are as they are meant to be. Some people have certain things in their twenties, some in their forties….some wait for success for 20 years and some become rich and well known over night. Things are exactly as they are meant to be and we all have different timings for different things.

So stay happy and positive, stay true to yourself, spread love and smile and things will happen they may just take longer.

Mohla bych tu sedet a tak jak delam velmi casto mluvit o leopardim potisku, slamenych botach, kulatych slunecnich brylech, ale dneska radsi napisu o zivote. Jdu proste s tim, co mi intuice rika. 

Ja jsem obrovsky zastance zakonu pritazlivosti. Opravdu funguje a mam to vyzkousene. Neni jednoduche s tim pokazde pracovat, je to umeni kontrolovat myslenky a vytisnit z hlavy a tela strachy a myslim, ze je to celozivotni boj, ale kdyz se to podari, veci se opravdu zacnou dit.

Na druhou stranu verim, ze urcite veci jsou dane a zivot prinasi uskali, oskliva prekvapeni a starosti a ty jsou dane. Ale diky zakonu pritazlivosti z nich vybruslite ven a zvladnete vse lepe a s usmevem. Je tezke, kdyz nastanou problemy at uz financni, ci milostne ci zdravotni se usmivat 24/7, ale na druhou stranu si rikam, ze lidem nic jineho nezbyva. Jedine co v ten moment muzu zmenit je postoj. 

A tady prave zakon pritazlivosti pomaha si do zivota pritahnout ty spravne lidi, okolnosti ci finance, aby clovek mohl z problemu lepe vyvaznout. A proto se usmivejte a i kdyz se potrebujete treba vyplakat a vypovidat tak si vzdy vzpomente, ze s usmevem jde opravdu vsechno lepe. 

Ja take pevne verim, ze veci jsou tak jak maji byt a proto ma napriklad nekdo dite ve dvaceti, jiny ve ctyriceti, nekdo se stane slavnym po deseti letech driny a druhy prakticky do mesice…Kazdy ma svuj cas na to ci ono a je to vse spravne. Je to jak to ma byt. Neznamena, ze kdyz nekdo jede na Maledivy poprve ve dvaceti, ze je to spravne ci spatne, zkratka to tak melo byt. 

A proto se snazte usmivat, vzdy najit na situaci neco dobreho a pokusit se byt stastny ted a tady. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Lovers + Friends Pink Dress


Wearing: Dress: Revolve, Shoes: Castaner, Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana, Bag: Chloe

This stunning dress caught my eye straight away for its cut, colour and also there are so many occasions you can wear it for. It is exactly that item that can work for dinner, night out, wedding, beach and it all depends on accessories and how you style it. You can really dress it down or up with the right bag, shoes and jewellery.

I am currently in bed with Liam when writing this post and it is Sunday morning. I simply cannot believe how long we stayed here in Czech this summer but we are having really nice time. What a change from London. It feels like time has stopped here. I rarely wear makeup and just enjoying my skincare routine each morning and evening. I just pop in the garden to get organic vegetables, all food is pretty much homemade and I stay in the garden most times. I go for runs around the forest on the cycling path as that is easier option when pushing the buggy. Everything here is just so healing for your mind and soul.

I think I really needed it and it also helps you to set your priorities straight.

Tyhle saty mi padly do oka diky materialu, strihu, barve a take protoze se daji vyuzit na spoustu prilezitosti. Je to ten kousek, ktery muzete mit na plaz, veceri, ale mozna i svatbu (tam samozrejme zalezi na tom jaka je to svatba) a napada me spousta dalsich moznosti. A muzete je pozvednout ci utlumit spravnym vyberem doplnku. 

Momentalne kdyz pisu tento clanek jsem s Liamem v posteli a je nedele rano. A rikam si, ze je neskutecny jak dlouho jsem tady v CR tentokrat zustala. A musim rict, ze je to prijemna zmena. Jakoby se tady zastavil cas. Lidi moc nespechaji, vse je takove jednoduche, zivot je jednochy, neresi se tady top restaurace a jestli ma nekdo clenstvi tam ci tam. Bavi me cerstva bio zelenina ze zahrady a to kdykoli si preju, domaci jidlo, domaci vsechno. Nemuzu se nabazit grilovani kazdy vecer a nebo proste jenom byt na zahrade. Chodim behat na cyklistickou stezku kolem lesa, sla bych i jinam, ale tam se mi dobre tlaci kocarek. Je to zkratka balzam na dusi.

A clovek rychle zmeni zivotni priority a to je obcas treba. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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