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Outfit: Blogger of the year/Blogerka roku

Wearing: Boots: Duo Boots, Bag: Saint Laurent, Waistcoat: Old, Sunglasses: Chloe, Skirt: TkMaxx

It is that time of the year and the Czech Blogger of the Year awards are here. I have it so much connected to beautiful autumn. I kind of totally forgot the last year but since the beginning of the Awards I have always been in the Top 10 in Fashion blogger category. This year the whole Awards rebranded, the system is new, the competition is bigger but I though I would try and ask for your support.

Since I have more followers internationally I wanted to ask you my English speaking readers for your support and vote here. Simply click on HLASOVAT in both categories and it will let you you to log in with Facebook. It would mean so much to me and I am very grateful for your support and help.

Thank you.

Pocasi bylo doposud nadherne, ale presto vidim podzim kolem sebe, jenom je trosku teplejsi. A jak to tak byva touto dobou je tady opet Blogerka Roku. Loni jsem to nejak presla, ale od zacatku Blogerky roku jsem se 4 roky po sobe umistila v top 10 a i kdyz je konkurence mnohem vetsi, pravidla uplne jina, tak jsem vas chtela pozadat o vasi podporu. Jsem nominovana ve dvou kategoriich a byla bych moc stastna za vase hlasy.

Staci hlasovat tady, kliknout na hlasovat v obou kategoriich a system vas necha prihlasit pres Facebook. Takze je to rychle a jednoduche. Nominovany jsou ostatni blogeri, youtuberi a ze jich je. Kazdy hlas mi udela radost a moc si vazim vasi podpory. 


Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Outfit: When does it stop?

Wearing: Dress: Airfield, Coat: Zara, Bag: Chanel, Sunglasses: Nelly, Boots: Duo Boots

Every year after fashion week I go into relaxation mode or at least I like to think I do. Even though I am still in the working process it is not about running from one show to another, trying to master instagram stories, filming, pictures, street style shots, emails and this non stop madness.

I actually caught myself few times to film on my camera and phone at the same time during the show. Yes it takes a bit of skill. LOL

So the whole day I have been dreaming about an afternoon off but it is hard when you do what I do for living and when you love what you do. You say I will relax but then you go and answer that email, edit those picture, keep editing videos, catch up on social media. It simply never stops. So although I said I will put legs up after my meeting with Guerlain this morning I am still in the working mode.

However, that is fine too as I do it for love.

Kazdou sezonu po fashion weeku se jakoby dostavam do faze relaxace, nebo bych si to alespon prala. Samozrejme porad pracuju a moc se toho nemeni, ale litat na prehlidky, akce, byt porad v pozoru, do toho vydavat obsah na blogu a socialnich platformach a jeste si vymyslet kazdy den zajimave outfity je vic unavne, nez se vlastne zda. A tak jsem dneska porad myslela, ze by bylo uzasne si zalezt do perin a nic nedelat.

Ale to ja moc neumim, pisu emaily, edituju atd, beham kolem Liamka, rano jsem mela schuzku s Guerlain a je to porad jeden kolobeh. Ale ono to jde vzdy lepe, kdyz se clovek zapali pro neco, co ho opravdu bavi. 

Ale toho slofika bych si dala sto pro.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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