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Outfit: Over the Knee Red Boots

Wearing: Bag: Bulgari, Sunglasses: Dior, Dress: Mango, Boots: River Island, Jacket: Bershka via Asos

When I saw those red Fendi over the knee boots I kind of felt we will see them a lot. And my intuition was right. LFW showed how much these type of boots are trending at the moment. And after being photographed a lot in this outfit I am in my bed trying to write this article and Liam is watching nursery rhyme songs on my phone. LOL

Life can be so different on different days right? I can truly say though I am enjoying both sides though. Motherhood is amazing but so is fashion so I feel very lucky to have both.

Kdyz jsem poprve uvidela ty prekrasne cervene Fendi kozacky, nejak jsem tusila, ze je hodne uvidime a to i v levnejsich verzich. LFW mi jenom potvrdil, ze tento typ kozacek je momentalne v kurzu. A po tom co me v tomto outfity opravdu hodne fotili street style fotografove, lezim rano v posteli a Liamek kouka na mem telefonu na pisnicky pro deti na youtube. Zivot muze byt tak rozdilny ze? Ale obe strany jsou krasne a uzivam si je jak to nejvic jde. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Camo Print PINKO Skirt

Wearing: Skirt: PINKO, Coat: H&M, Bag: Chanel, Boots: Mango, Top: Kit & Ace

When I received the parcel from PINKO and found this insanely gorgeous skirt inside I fell in love with a split of second. I mean my favourite pencil skirt with the coolest print. Camo has been huge trend but this is another level of coolness.

It is 5 am when I am working on this post (perks of having a baby) and I am also planning in my head everything that has to be done. March is looking like the busiest months and I am working on number of exciting collaborations and campaigns at the moment. You know I can sometimes complain that I am busy however we are creators of our lives, aren’t we?

You know at the end of the day I love being busy and working hard.  In the end it puts a big smile on my face.

I am also trying to create footage for my first vlog this weekend. It may not work out however you can still subscribe to my new channel. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Kdyz mi prisel balik z PINKA a v nem jsem nasla tuhle nadhernou sukni, okamzite jsem se zamilovala. Miluju pouzdrove sukne, ale tato ma naprosto vyjimecny potisk. Tyhle zajimave kousky jsou zkratka neprehlednutelne a i kdyz obcas nosim velmi jednoduche outfity, neni na skodu mit neco vyrazneho. Fotografie jsem fotila na Milotickem zamku, kde fotim vetsinou, kdyz jsem doma v CR.

Je asi pet rano a snazim se dat dohromady tento clanek a take si vse poradne naplanovat. Brezen vypada velmi slibne a take me ceka hodne uzasnych kampani a kolaboraci, o kterych se mi pred par lety ani nesnilo. A i kdyz toho mam hodne a obcas to vypada, ze si stezuju, tak si uvedomim, ze tyhle veci si vlastne vytvarim sama.

Do toho se snazim tento vikend vlogovat a vzit vas sebou na par blogovych projetku, ale ted jeste nevim, zda z toho neco bude. Muzete se kazdopadne prihlasit k odberu mych vlogu a videi tady. 

Uzijte si zbytek vikendu.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Outfit: Sequins and Flares at LFW

Pictures: Comb 

Wearing: Bag: Stella McCartney, Shoes: Zara, Dress: Zara, Jacket: Swagga & Soul, Sunglasses: Rayban, Jeans: Mango

Looking back at this outfit I feel Rachel Zoe vibes. Flares, sequins, leather jacket however when I was dressing I did not think of that all. I simply liked the sequin dress and as it is quite short I opted for comfort over fashion week and decided to layer it over white flared jeans.

It may look brave that I only wore leather jacket in the winter however it is not as cold and I was also taking taxis everywhere. I cannot believe that Monday has come so fast. I am in charge of the baby again so today is probably going to be the last I am doing something around LFW. I am going to pop in to an event with Tom Ford and that will be then end for me for this season.

Yay. Another season and lot of great fashion. Although this time a bit different as I a mum. A bit harder I am not going to lie but still amazing.

Kdyz se tak divam na tento outfit, okamzite se mi vybavi Rachel Zoe, ale pritom kdyz jsem se oblekala, tak me to ani nenapadlo a nebyl to ani zamer. Zkratka se mi libily tyhle saty a protoze je fashion week a zaroven jsem chtela pohodli a nemyslet na to, zda jsou saty dostatecne dlouhe, hodila jsem si je pres kalhoty. 

Myslim, ze jsem byla odvazna si dat jenom kozenou bundu, ale uz jsem byla po par dnech (plus nocich, kdy vstavam k malemu) tak unavena, ze jsem se rozsoupla a vsude jezdila taxikem. Marniva zena co? A bylo asi 13 stupnu, takze se to docela dalo. LOL 

Jsme v udivu, ze je opet pondeli. Uz mam zase Liamka na starosti ja, takze se mnou jeste dneska zajde na akci Tom Ford a timto dnem asi fashion week zabalime. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Metallic Leather Top

6 Pictures – Rebecca Spencer
Wearing: Bag: Gucci, Coat: Armani Exchange, Polo neck: Kit & Ace, Boots: Mango, Earrings: Mango, Top: Zara, Sunglasses: Celine

Layering can be fun. I absolutely love classic polo necks as they are the best way how to layer in winter and colder weather. There are endless options from layering them with dresses, different tops, knits or blazers. They keep the outfits chic and warm. All the boxes are ticked.

My latest version of layering was with this gorgeous metallic faux leather top. I got this one on sale in the summer and it came handy to wear it on one sunny autumn day.

Vrstveni je zabava. Kdyz se ochladi miluju klasicke rolaky, protoze s nima se v horsim pocasi pracuje nejlepe. Napada me tolik kombinaci a to uz treba si rolaky dat pod saty, ruzne bluzky, topy, svetry a nebo saka. Dodaji vasim kombinaci chic nadech a navic vam bude teplo.

Moje posledni kombinace byla s timto metalickym topem z umele kuze, ktery jsem si poridila ve slevach. A vidite jak se da vynosit i na podzim. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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