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Outfit: Is it Christmas Yet?

Pictures by Hazel Hurley 

Wearing: Bag: Bulgari, Boots: River Island, Skirt: New Look, Blazer: Zara, Top: Kit & Ace, Earrings: Zara

It is 5:30 in the morning and I cannot sleep. This is what 14 months of a motherhood does to you. As soon as I took my laptop and wanted to write I hear baby Liam who is ready to conquer the day. Oh, well I guess it is time to wake up properly and start another day. He has never been a good sleeper but I am even happy for how he is now because the start of our journey was tough. He used to wake up 10 times a night and I remember vaguely how hard it was to get 40 mins long intervals of sleep if we can call it this way.

These pictures were taken few weeks ago and now the weather is at the point when I could not wear just a blazer so perhaps a nice long coat throw over the shoulders would work with this. If you want to see more from the shoot you can watch this video.  Are you also amazed how quickly the time flies this year. I feel I am stuck somewhere in March and here we go it is almost Christmas. I wanted to do so many things including finishing my book and I am still on chapter 4. I simply do not have the capacity to do more.

Anyway, I am putting together Christmas content for the blog and youtube so stay tuned but for those who do not want to wait I have created a Pinterest board when I am adding gift ideas. So you may find some inspiration.

Je 5:30 rano a nemuzu spat. Za to muze fakt, ze jsem uz 14 mesicu mama a taky to, ze Liam neni zadny spac, ale jsem rada i za to jak spi, protoze zacatky byly teda krusnejsi. Desetkrat za noc k nemu vstavat byl standard a 40ti minutove intervaly “spanku” taky. Kazdopadne uz ho slysim v jeho pokojicku, takze je opet vzhuru a chce celit novemu dni. Treba to ma po me. LOL Je zkratka k nezastaveni.

Tyhle fotografie jsem fotila uz pred par tydny a nejak jsem se nedostala k tomu, abych je publikovala. Kazdopadne ted uz je mnohem chladneji a musela bych si na sto procent pres sebe prehodit treba dlouhy kabat. Pokud se chcete podivat na video z foceni, mrkenete tady.  Taky vam obcas prijde, ze cas leti nezrizenym zpusobem? Mam pocit, ze jsem se zarazila nekde na jare a nechapu, kam se cely rok podel. Nesplnila jsem tolik veci, co jsem chtela, protoze se proste nemuzu rozkrajet. 

Vanoce jsou za dvermi a ja zacinam pomalu pracovat na materialu na blog a youtube. A pokud se vam nechce cekat, vytvorila jsem inspiracni nastenku na svem Pinterestu, kde pridavam napady na darky. Tak treba vam neco padne do oka. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: In love with my Chloe Nile

Wearing: Trousers: River Island, Bag; Chloe, Shoes: Valentino, Cardigan: Shein, Hat: Asos, Belt: Pinko

I seriously cannot get enough of this Chloe Nile bag. Since I have done the unboxing on my youtube channel (you should subscribe as I started to be very active and you can see much more from my life and lot of beauty and fashion) I have been wearing it so much. I am though thinking my other bags need a chance too. Last weekend I took out my Saint Laurent bag for a spin and now enjoying it so much. It has got a perfect shade for autumn and I simply love it.

This is great thing sometimes to leave your favourite items hidden in the closet as it can feel like you have a new bag. LOL

And can we also appreciate the autumn vibes of these pictures. I just love London at this time of the year so much. I know I keep going on about it on my social channels but it is magical. I am now off to enjoy another autumn day.

Nemuzu se nabazit teto Chloe Nile kabelky. Od te doby, co jsem vydala unboxing video na mem youtube kanale (pokud jeste neodbirate moje videa, zkuste to…pridavam ted docela casto a muzete me tak i lepe poznat) , ji nosim skoro porad. Ale na druhou stranu si rikam, ze musim dat sanci i svym jinym kabelkam. O vikendu jsem po dlouhe dobe vytahla moji Saint Laurent bloggers bag, protoze ma skvely odstin, ktery se hodi presne na podzim. 

Nahodou to neni spatny napad, obcas schovat nektere kabelky ci veci do skrine a nenosit je, protoze kdyz je pak po delsi dobe vytahnete, tak ma clovek pocit, ze je to nova vec. 

A v neposledni rade snad ocenite podzimni atmosferu techto fotek. Ja se nemuzu podzimu v Londyne nabazit, je to nadhera. No a tesim se na dalsi podzimni den, ktery me ceka. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Love at first sight

Wearing: Jeans: Topshop, Bag: Chanel, Hoodie: H&M, Sunglasses: Nelly, Shoes: River Island, Blazer: Zara, Earrings: Soru Jewellery

I am definitely getting better when it comes to shopping. I think more about investing, I think about what I will wear the item with and I wait if I really love the item. I am lucky as I get lot of items gifted and some of them are stunning beautiful designer pieces from expensive shoes to bags. Although for normal people it may seem crazy the amount of clothes I have or that I am selling items after wearing them once on my depop (evaglamazon) you have to realise it is my job. And also we are living at the times of fast fashion. The way brands turn around their collection is incredible. We can wear latest trends that are affordable instantly.

However then there are items I totally fall in love with and I know I have to have them. When I saw these stunning earrings on lovely Tijane I knew they have to be mine. She told me about the brand. What an incredible piece and not just this one!!! I totally love the other designs and to be quite frank I want them all.  The one thing that totally got me is the significance of the onyx stones. You know how much I love meditation, keeping good energy and this stone protects you from negative energy. I could not ask for more. It was mean to be and I cannot wait to wear them as much as possible. It was simply love at first sight.

Myslim, ze jsem se zlepsila v nakupovani. Zacala jsem vice premyslet s cim budu veci nosit, investovat do kousku, ktere se hodi k hodne vecem a zkratka si nakup rozmyslet. Mam to stesti, ze hrozne moc krasnych kousku dostavam a take to, ze zijeme v dobe fast fashion. Moda se toci a trendy jsou rychle dostupne a jsou levne. Asi si reknete, ze jsem blazen, ze prodavam veci na depopu (evaglamazon) po jednom noseni, ale musim to uprimne nejak tridit. Navic je tohle moje prace, je vam jasne, ze nebudu mit jenom dvoje dziny. 

Kazdopadne v tomto kolotoci se mi stava casto, ze si urcitou vec zamiluju na prvni pohled. A moje myslenky se k veci porad vraci, to vim, ze ji proste musim mit. A to bylo i v pripade techto nausnic, ktere jsem poprve videla na sve kamaradce Tijane. Nemohla jsem na prestat myslet, Tijane mi vlastne znacku Soru poprve predstavila a ja jsem se zblaznila do vetsiny, ale k temto nausnicim me neco tahlo. A pak jsem zjistila, ze onyx kamen, ktery je soucasti tohoto modelu ma uzasny vyznam. Ochranuje od negativni energie. V ten moment jsem vedela, ze ke me patri. Zkratka to byla laska na prvni pohled.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Over the Knee Red Boots

Wearing: Bag: Bulgari, Sunglasses: Dior, Dress: Mango, Boots: River Island, Jacket: Bershka via Asos

When I saw those red Fendi over the knee boots I kind of felt we will see them a lot. And my intuition was right. LFW showed how much these type of boots are trending at the moment. And after being photographed a lot in this outfit I am in my bed trying to write this article and Liam is watching nursery rhyme songs on my phone. LOL

Life can be so different on different days right? I can truly say though I am enjoying both sides though. Motherhood is amazing but so is fashion so I feel very lucky to have both.

Kdyz jsem poprve uvidela ty prekrasne cervene Fendi kozacky, nejak jsem tusila, ze je hodne uvidime a to i v levnejsich verzich. LFW mi jenom potvrdil, ze tento typ kozacek je momentalne v kurzu. A po tom co me v tomto outfity opravdu hodne fotili street style fotografove, lezim rano v posteli a Liamek kouka na mem telefonu na pisnicky pro deti na youtube. Zivot muze byt tak rozdilny ze? Ale obe strany jsou krasne a uzivam si je jak to nejvic jde. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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