Things that make me smile


You know I love beautiful things and I do not think that makes me a bad person. Especially when you are having a bad day these things can make me feel better as you feel better about yourself. Every time when I am down it can be that gorgeous perfume or red lipstick that triggers smile on your face again. And here are some of the things that I just love at the moment. And the Valentino bag? That just speaks for itself right?

Vite, ze mam rada pekne veci a nemyslim si, ze me to cini povrchni ci zlou osobou. Obzvlast kdyz mam treba den blbec tak jsou to tyhle veci, ktere mi opet dokazi vykouzlit usmev na rtu. Muze to byt vune hezkeho parfemu nebo se upravit a natrit rty cervenou rtenkou. A tak jsem vybrala par veci, ktere mam opravdu rada a mam z nich pokazde radost. A ta Valentino kabelka? Ta myslim, ze mluvi sama za sebe.

Love Glamazon xoxo

4 comments on “Things that make me smile

    1. Hi Louie, there are links below…the icons to the same glasses! Glad you like them…one of my favourites!

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