Scalp treatment for dry scalp

Scalp treatment for dry scalp - picture of Eva Mcmahon wearing jeans and her healthy scalp

Scalp treatment for dry scalp

I am somebody that started to experience dry scalp at around the time I was at university and it always got worse during the exam period and we know why. Stress is a huge trigger when it comes to my psoriasis.

And and off it has been coming and going but it is fair to say it impacts so many of us. However, this winter I suffered extensively. I just moved my head and tons of flakes would fall out and I was in pain. The itching and almost bumpy scalp was just not something I wanted to experience at all. However, we also know winter can be worse when it comes to psoriasis and also I was sick for weeks and I believe the immune system that was weak was connected to my skin flaring up.

So there I was on the hunt for cure and read so many articles, spent so much money on products that made it worse and came back to my trusted Kerastase shampoo. No matter how many things I have tried I always have to come back to this particular one but this time the mask from the range really helped even more and I am still using this duo. I am also using massage brush to help my scalp and use this affordable one to make sure the products is evenly spread on my scalp.

And the last product I have added recently but love is something my hairdresser recommend and I have been loving it. I use it to hydrate my scalp on wet or dry hair almost every day. It is this Revlon hydrating lotion.

These things are also connected to diet however once you have this I feel it just comes and goes. So yes drinking alcohol and not eating well isn’t gonna help but we can only do our best to keep it under control.

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3 spring summer looks under 150 £

3 spring summer looks under 150 £ easy summer look with flats, gold earrings, sweatshirt and white mini skirt


3 spring summer looks under 150 £

We finally saw some sunshine and so many of you often ask for more budget friendly options of what to wear. You can always look stylish and comfortable even if your budget does not stretch to top end designer. Your outfits do not have to cost thousands of pounds. I created outfits under 150 £ including shoes and accessories you can wear this season.

These looks are so easy and what is the best part of it…they kind of work together and you can mix and match these looks. White is perfect for summer and white skirts are bigger then ever whether you prefer short or long. Of course I had to include some hats, sunglasses and also stripe top. I feel a must have is a cute sweatshirt perhaps in lighter shades for summer to compliment denim, skirts or even throw it over the dress when it gets perhaps chilly in the evenings.

You can also find heels as shoe options as well as the hyped Mary Jane style shoes and some basket bags. And don’t forget jewellery is a great way how to spice up your outfits and you do not have to spend a fortune at all. And then think of things like sunglasses, necklaces and perhaps scarf you can tie in your hear or wear on your bag.

It is honestly brilliant how we can play with fashion and thanks to our high-street look great on any occasion.

3 spring summer looks under 150 £ summer look - ballet flats, black basket bag, straw hat, white maxi and striped top


3 spring summer looks under 150 £ very summer look with white shorts and top and brown accessories


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7 Casual Outfits to wear this week

7 Casual Outfits to wear this week Alexcrpn wearing casual look Celine gold triomphe trench coat and lovely spring look
Source: alexcrpn


7 Casual Outfits to wear this week

It has been a while since the last influencers best outfits round up. And London decided to bless us with slowly rising temperatures (finally) and some sun. I got so inspired and wanted to inspire you. I wanted to share some of my favourites Instagram spring outfits to celebrate nice weather.

This time I really wanted to include more casual and smart casual looks and 7 looks for each day of the week. Whether you go to the office, meeting a friend, rushing to pilates or just simply enjoying glass of wine in the sun I am sure you will find your favourite look.

I love simplicity of some of these and then some cool aspects like leopard print with double belt which I personally have not done in years so maybe it is time to refresh this styling. I remember how obsessed I used to be with double belts. Let’s face it…it makes your outfit pop instantly.

I am also loving maxi skirts and find them so chic with oversized knits or even graphic t-shirts and oversized blazers. There are so many ways to wear these.

As always I have included some key pieces that may help you to recreate these looks. I am currently loving lot of stuff at Arket if you are looking for budget options and amazing pieces at Mytheresa.

7 Casual Outfits to wear this week Meca wirht wearing casual look - oversized blazer with graphic tshirt and loafers
Source: Mecahwirht
7 Casual Outfits to wear this week emitaz wearing miu miu glasses, leather jacket, red bag and light shirt and trousers
Source: Emitaz
Source: Indi.mood
7 Casual Outfits to wear this week Osmancevicines wering double belt with leopard trousers and jodi bag
Source: Osmancevicines
7 Casual Outfits to wear this week Laura jade stone wearing jeans, polo neck and cream jacket outfit
Source: Laura Jade Stone
7 Casual Outfits to wear this week Lovisa Barkman wearing cream shic outfit of wool jumper and long skirt with hermes bag
Source: Lovisabarkman

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Oversized bags and functional trend in 2024

Oversized bags and functional trend in 2024  Eva Mcmahon wearing YSL Jamie bag with sequin coat

Oversized bags and functional trend in 2024

As somebody that works in fashion and adores fashion I cannot pick in between large or small bags. I have inclined in the last few years to smaller but absolutely find large bags very practical and cool.

And the bags are getting big and even bigger than you thought. My dream bag would be the XXL Chanel Flap bag. I find it extremely timeless and cool especially for travel. I still love my LV Never full despite so many people thinking it is an ick bag. Gosh as a mum I rely on it so many times as it really is never full. I love my Demellier New York totes I have black and green.

However, I fell in love with the large bags from YSL and the Row. Yes we know the Margaux is being on the reseller market place for extortionate prices. And of course all the cool girls have it already as they were ahead of most of us. The large Birkins are becoming popular again and of course high-street players are trying come out with dupes in their collections whether it is the the YSL totes or the sought after Margaux.

I just love the practicality of these bags as if you are a corporate girlie, pilates girlie or just mum like me you can fit your life in and still look trendy. So it has lot of benefits. The only disadvantage is that your shoulder may hurt LOL.

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