17 BEST DENIM PIECES FOR SPRING - edit of the best denim pieces for spring 2024


I wonder if people knew in the 19th century how big denim will be one day. Levi Strauss started a big revolution and today we cannot imagine life without jeans. Well, clearly jeans are part of most people’s wardrobe but denim isn’t just about jeans.

This year Denim is having huge comeback again in all sort of shapes and forms and we see it even on shoes, bags and so much more. I personally have denim dresses and shirts and some of them have been in my wardrobe for years. My point is that denim will never be out of fashion but as with most trends sometimes a big wave comes in and more people experiment.

We simply love jeans and I will never forget that feeling when I was back in my jeans after giving birth. Even though there are maternity options there is something very rewarding getting back in shape and fitting in your old jeans once you give birth.

My mum keeps raving about denim coats and she simply adores them. I am more into jackets and skirts however I admit there is something cool if you wear the denim coats right.

There are so many cool pieces out there so here is a beautiful mixture of luxury and high-street just for you.

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