All new in gloomy Ireland

5 Photo by Iva
Wearing: Topshop Jacket and Jumpsuit, Fashionchick Shoes, Chloe Bag

I just got back from Ireland and it already feels like a long time ago since I was waking up by the sea and having a time of my life with my friends from Prague. You are in for a big treat as I took lot of pictures of outfits as well as managed to capture our day trips and all the fun.

I wanted to show you my new shoes from Fashionchick as well this fabulous jumpsuit from Topshop. You have got a link below the article and if you struggled to find a good jumpsuit and you are very tall like me…this is the one. And you may have noticed that I am carrying my new Chloe bag for the first time. So many new things in one post…gosh. And to make sure I am not all glam and glitter I added this men’s denim jacket from Topshop. Well some collections for guys can be so tempting that even women cannot resist. LOL

 Vcera jsem se vratila z kratsi dovolene v Irsku a uz ted mi prijde, ze je to pekne davno. Nekde v pozadi se mi promitaji myslenky a vzpominky, ale zase na druhou stranu jsem si to uzila. Jela jsem s kamaradkou Ivou a jejim manzelem a kazde rano jsem se probouzela v dobre spolecnosti s vyhledem na more.

Alespon jsem mela konecne nekoho, kdo me bez reptani vyfoti. Chtela jsem vam predstavit nove boty, krasny novy overal z Topshopu, na ktery mate pod clankem odkaz a hlavne novou kabelku Chloe. Tu jsem vam jeste poradne neukazala, ale jsem opravdu nadsena. Neni zkratka nad prakticnost. 

Mate se navic na co tesit, protoze jsem i za tech par dnu stihla vyfotit hodne fotografii z nasich vyletu a take nejake ty outfity. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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