Outfit: Basic pregnancy corporate wear

Outfit: Dress: Zara, Bag: Stella McCartney, Blazer: River Island, Shoes: Preen, Sunglasses: Celine

Corporate wear is something I need to wear 5 times a week and still I am not a huge fan of shopping when it comes to work clothes. I know you can still find some great things for the office (I mean the costumes in the Suits series were the die for right?) however I still find it more exciting to buy stuff I can wear in my free time.

Corporate wear in pregnancy is even another story. I mean your body is growing and growing and you have to keep up with the dress code. And not only that but there is the issue of comfort, design and making sure you still look good. One of the ways how to do it is to wear basic and simple things. If you invest in several simple dresses and combine them with your old blazers you can look different all the time.

It is a safe option for people that either do not want to spend too much money or experiment at all. And this is a typical example of such styling. The only new thing is the dress which I got on sale and it is not even maternity dress! Jersey dresses are my best friends now!

Obleceni do kancelare je neco, co musim resit pet dni v tydnu. A prestoze jej nosim nejvic, tak me nakupovani obleceni do prace moc nebavi. To vite, ze se daji najit krasne veci (takove styling ze serialu Suits stoji za to), ale i tak mi prijde, ze oblekat se mimo praci je mnohem vetsi zabava. 

A co teprve oblekani se do prace behem tehotenstvi. Kdyz vam roste bricho a nejen bricho a musite volit pohodli a zaroven vzhled, tak to je teprve nelehky ukol. Mozna patrite mezi ty, kteri preziji v jednech satech. To ja ale nejsem a tak musim porad vymyslet nove kombinace. Nejlepsi sazka na jistotu je poridit si par klasickych satu a vsadit na jednoduchost. Jako je treba tento outfit. 

Jediny kousek, ktery je novy jsou tyhle saty a ty nejsou materske a poridila jsem si je ve slevach za 10 liber. Strecove saty jsou ted pro me asi to nejlepsi. LOL

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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  1. Evi, super inspirace pro všechny těhulky. Jsi živoucím důkazem toho, že i ženská v třetím trimestru může být sexy ;-)

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