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How to love your cellulite? The truth about my body..

Wearing: Swimsuit: Figleaves, Earrings: Celeste Starre, Sunglasses: Celine

I am sitting on my sofa and still wearing my pyjamas and thinking how to name this article. The truth is after seeing the swimsuit pictures from my holidays I saw the reality of my body and I know the best way is to accept it and love it with my full heart.

This can be difficult sometimes as we are surrounded by the best images of others on social media, you may also have friends with great genetics, resources, time or that are younger and they are fitter than you from different reasons. My best friend though always tells me that we definitely look better than 95 % of people on this planet and she may be right. Other people may be dreaming about your body or state of your skin, level of cellulite and size. And some maybe even wishing to have fully functional and healthy body if you see where I am coming from.

Originally, I wanted this to be about my journey during lockdown when I pushed myself and did a full course of insanity workout and diet and pretty much everyday did dry body brushing with oil massage after. I wanted to test myself for sure if it all actually works. I lost weight but I am not where I thought I would be…having said that I look better. I am just thinking imagine how much models or stars have to work out if even after all this hard work I am not super tight and smooth?

I have serious respect for everybody that can transform their body to J Lo or supermodel level as it must be bloody hard work. Back to my questions does dry body brushing work? Not for me sadly….I have been inspecting this closely and did lot of reading about this and found an interesting article that said you would need to brush yourself very tough (almost bleeding they stated) in order to awake your lymphatic system like that so maybe there is a truth to this. What I have tried second time and I can swear on it is Insanity workout. It does help cellulite a lot. I still have huge amount of it but it was much worse. And if you are trying to first lose weight I can say The fine diet, Keto diet both work effectively. I am amazed myself.

I would say my last comment is to stay on track. If you want to feel and look good and you have had success just keep trying out new things. The more I am looking into it I need to start to introduce weight training to my routine to tone the lose skin and sculpt your muscles.

However, no matter what you have to start to love your body as it all begins with that. You could lose 10 Kgs or have a boob job but if you do not love yourself it will not change much. That is something we need to take in account.

Sedim na pohovce a jsem jeste rozcuchana a v pyzamu a premyslela jsem delsi dobu jak nazvat tento clanek. Po tom co jsem prosla fotografie v plavkach z nasi dovolene jsem videla realitu sveho tela. A uvedomila jsem si, ze proste sve telo je nejlepsi milovat tak jak je. Milovat se bezpodminecne a prijmout vsechny nedostatky jako celulitida.

To muze byt obcas tezke a to hlavne v dnesni dobe, kdy na nas vyskakuji dokolane fotografie ze socialnich medii a vetsina lidi ukazuje tu nejlepsi cast sebe. Nebo take mozna jako ja mate kamaradky, ktere maji zkratka lepsi telo. Muze to byt danou genetikou, maji na sebe vice casu, maji vice penez na ruzne procedury ci stavi sve telo a to jak vypada na nejvyssi pricku svych priorit a vzdy na sobe pracuji. At uz je to tak ci tak, je treba si uvedomit, ze mnoho lidi by ted s vama klidne menilo. Mnoho lidi si treba preje plne funkcni a zdrave telo a neco jako povolena kuze je jim u pr….! Jedna moje kamaradka mi vzdy rekne, ze stejne vypadame lepe nez 95 % lidi na teto planete a ma asi pravdu.

Jak mozna vite z mych socialnich medii, tak jsem behem izolace zacala trosku vic makat. Ja jsme se vzdy hybala a starala o sebe, ale opet jsem zacala s treninkem Insanity, ktery zabral jiz drive a nasadila poprve keto dietu. Navic jsem pridala kazdodenni masirovani celulitidy kartacem na sucho a po cviceni a sprse osetrovala kuzi olejem. Puvodne jsem chtela venovat clanek pouze vysledkum, ale nastala takova smrst myslenek, ktere jsem vam chtela sdelit.

Jak to vsechno dopadlo asi vidite a vite z mych predchozich postu. Prvni veci je, ze jsem urcite zhubla, ale nejsem zdaleka tam, kde jsem si to cele predstavovala. A diky tomu me napadlo, ze nekteri lide musi opravdu makat jako blazni. A tem opravdu rikam klobouk dolu. Predstava jak musi makat top modelka ci J Lo je docela masakr. Insanity je velmi intenzivni cviceni a v kombinaci s masazi a dietou by mel byt vysledek mnohem lepsi, ale neni. Presto jsem rada, ze jsem se do vseho pustila. Je mi mnohem lepe, obleceni sedi lepe a diky Insanity se dokonce i zlepsila celulitida. Mam ji az az, ale bylo to mnohem horsi. Take jsem zjistila, ze masirovani kartacem na ni v mem pripade nezabira bohuzel. No a keto dieta je zaruceny a efektivni zpusob jak zatocit s kily navic. Tvarovani postavy je uz dalsi vec a to je neco na cem budu muset asi pracovat.

Procitala jsem spoustu clanku a informaci a jak to tak vypada s pribyvajicim vekem je treba pridat cviceni s cinkou a zavazim, aby se zpevnovala volna kuze a celkove se zpevnilo cele telo. Pilates je take dobra volba pro celkove zpevneni.

Ale stejne je treba zacit s tim, ze sve telo mate radi takove jak je. Nepomuzeme vam ani o deset kilo mene ci nova prsa. Vsechno to zacina u vas v srdci. Na tom si musi zapracovat kazdy z nas.


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I have added something extra to my skincare routine and it was the best decision ever. I had the privilege to test out the Silk’n FaceTite Ritual skin rejuvenation device for the last ten weeks and I am very happy with the results. The older I get the more I am interested in testing out different tools and massagers that can postpone me using more radical treatments like botox or fillers. I am proud to say that I have not had any of these and love discovering easy things like this I can use at home. Plus it is quite fun to try new wonderful products for home use. It is also a much cheaper alternative that gives you more flexibility. I am a busy mum and something like this gives me flexibility to do it at times I want.

It is a very simple set that includes Silk’n Bright silicone facial cleansing brush which helps to clean your skin much more effectively. It works on the basis of sonic technology and can clean deeply plus provide massage for your face. It is 5 times more effective than cleansing by handand I have been using this twice a day to make sure I am getting the best results out of the whole FaceTite Ritual. It is waterproof so perfect for those relaxing times in a bath or shower and you can kill two birds with one stone. I am a firm believer that clean skin is the basis of a good skin so this step is very important. The vibrations are very pleasant on the skin and you can use it with your regular cleanser. Just try to avoid products that have exfoliating effect as this tool itself has got good cleansing effect already and you should not overdo it.

However the main tool FaceTite is the one that will help you to reduce wrinkles and improve elasticity and the whole appearance of your skin. I have started to see results as soon as 5 weeks into the routine. I was using this twice a week and would treat my critical areas like forehead, eye areas, lip area and chin and would use it at maximum heat 15 minutes on each critical area. You can expect red skin after as in contact with the skin the electrodes will create heat and the tool will produce red light. Both these contribute to renew collagen and lead to better skin and less visible wrinkles. The set also contains a special gel and a hyaluronic serum that just helps to achieve better results and I have been using those exclusively when treating my skin. I will not lie that some areas like eyes are more sensitive than others so for using the higher scales on fine lines around eyes you need a bit more time to get used to. The results are worth it. It is one area that demonstrated the best results.

You may think that this is quite time consuming. However if you stick to a routine and perhaps do this while watching a movie with family or yourself you will see how easy it is to fit this in. My favourite part of this was that at the weekend when we had on favourite series I would clean the skin and whilst watching a good movie I would also do something good for my skin and use this comfortably whilst sitting on the sofa.

I have also filmed a video where you can see how I have been using this and also more results like before and after pictures as well. I cannot wait to continue using this as If these are the results after just few weeks then imagine after months of using FaceTite Ritual. I can highly recommend this product. You can purchase this at different online retailers and also here at official website.







V poslednich nekolika tydnech jsem pridala do sve pece o plet dalsi krok, ten sice zabere vic casu, ale jsem moc spokojena s vysledky. Jsem moc rada, ze jsem mela vyzkouset Silk’n FaceTite Ritual a podelit se s vami o me zkusenosti. Cim vic mi pribyva let, tim vice se zajimam o ruzne metody, ktere nejsou tak radikalni jako botox ci fillers a snazim se pridavat ruzne kroky, ktere mohu delat v pohodli domova.

V tomto setu najdete Silk’n Bright, ktery slouzi k ocisteni pokozky. Je petkrat efektivnejsi nez bezne cisteni rukou a jde to znat. Pouzivala jsem ho rano i vecer pokazde dve minuty s mym beznym cleanserem a jsem velmi spokojena. Produkt diky vibracim a specialni technologii cisti pokozku hloubeji a take dokaze masirovat. Jakykoli produkt se tak dostane do hlubsich vrstev vasi pokozky. Ja verim, ze cista plet je zaklad vseho.

Hlavnim produktem je ale FaceTite, ktery po pravidelnem pouzivani vyditelne zlepsil moje vrasky a take elasticitu. Vrasky vam nezmizi, ale vyrazne se zlepsi. Ja jsem videla nejvetsi zlepseni na vraskach kolem oci a take na elasticite pokozky na brade. Produkt ma 5 rychlosti/stupnu a idealni je, kdyz pouzivate FaceTite 2x tydne na nejvyssi stupen 15 min na vase problematicke casti. Priznavam, ze to zabere cas, ale ja jsem si vzdy vecer sedla k televizi, vzala male zrcatko a pekne pomalu si jednotlive casti obliceje osetrovala. Pokozka bude po pouziti cervena, ale toho se nebojte, elektrody jsou horke a v citlivych castech jako oci je to trosku narocnejsi. Pak se vse ale upravi. Neni na skodu si po osetreni dat nejakou chladivou masku.

Opravdu nejvetsi vysledky vidim asi kolem oci na drobnejsich vraskach. Necekala jsem se, ze vrasky zmizi, to by bylo asi proti prirode, ale kdyz jsem natacela video, ktere je na youtube, tak jsem videla rozdil i na vraskach na cele. Vypadaji proste mene vyrazne.

Jestli jsou tohle vysledky za par tydnu pouzivani, tak se tesim na vysledky pri dlouhodobejsim pouzivani.


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It has been a while since I have shared some amazing beauty products and since we finished month of February I wanted to introduce some products I have fallen in love with last month. The first product is the Elemis cleansing balm which is the best cleansing balm I have ever tried. My best friend talked about it so much but sometimes when you are surrounded by other amazing products it is hard to prioritise what to test first. And man it is fantastic. The smell is so relaxing and leaves the skin so clean but hydrated.

You know I have been using 111 Skin products for few years now but they are really getting better and better. Their products are top luxury and they work which is what we all want. This brightening mask and new product Illuminating eye mask will give your skin glow and prepare your skin like nothing else. No wonder that top designers were using their products to prep models’ skin before major fashion shows this season.

During the month of February I also felt I had more blemishes than usual so I included Dr Barbara Sturm Clarifying Serum in my skincare routine and what a product. This gem not only helps to battle blemishes but also sings of ageing. To be fair I am in love with all the products I have tried from the brand including their supplements.

And the last but not least product I have to mention is Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight by Skinceuticals. I was so curious to try their products and do not regret at all. This amazing product in particular quickly became my favourite and the reviews do not lie. My skin glows, blemishes go away and I feel great.

Je to uz delsi dobu, co jsem sdilela nejake kosmeticke produkty, ale prave nam skoncil mesic Unor a tak jsem se rozhodla predstavit par novych produktu, ktere jsem si zamilovala. Prvnim je Elemis cleansing balm a muzu rict, ze je to ten nejlepsi cleanser, ktery jsem kdy zkusila. Moje nejlepsi kamaradka ho vzdy chvalila do nebe, ale nekdy je tezke si udelat priority, kdyz toho mate na vyzkouseni tolik. Je to opravdu top produkt od vune az po to jak vase pokozka vypada a take jak krasne hydratuje. Nedivim se, ze je to jejich bestseller.

Pokud sledujete muj Instagram (evglamazon) tak asi vite, ze kosmetiku 111 Skin pouzivam jiz par let. A nemuzu to popsat jinak nez jako totalni luxus. Jejich novy produkt, kterym je maska pod oci je proste ztelesneni luxusu stejne tak jako jejich Brightening mask. Neni divu, ze svetovy navrhari pouzivali jejich pletove masky pred prehlidkama na letosnich tydnech mody. Masky a nejen ty od teto znacky jsou opravdu fantasticke.

Jedna vec, ktera me trosku trapila co se tyce me pleti minuly mesic jsou urcite nesnasene pupinky. Na vinne bude asi hormonalni nevyvazenost, ale produkt Clarifying Serum od Dr Barbara Sturm byl fantastickym pomocnikem. Je vyborny jak na akne tak na starnouci plet a uprimne vsechny produkty, ktere jsem od teto znacky vyzkousela jsou fantasticke.

A v neposledni rade musim zminit i Glycolic 10 Overnight Renew of znacky Skinceuticals. Pouzivam jej asi dvakrat tydne a recenze opravdu nelhaly. Je to uzasny produkt a pokozka krasne zari, pupinky mizi a to bez ztraty hydratace. Jsem nadsena.


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Beauty Products you will love this winter

I am a huge fan of season changes but that also means lot of adjustments for my body, lifestyle and also skincare. I like the idea of living somewhere warm but I know I would miss what each season has to offer. On the other hand even things like skincare require lot of thought.

I wanted to share with you some products I have been loving recently and most of these are perfect winter months companions.

Let’s start with Decleor Night Balm which is one of my top products by this brand. It has got aromatherapy function as well as it is hydrating product for your skin. If you love more natural products you will love this. For me it works on those days when I had very tiring day, it helps me relax and gives my skin lot of goodness. Perfect for winter evenings. Dr David Jack Face Paints especially this Blue one are fantastic all year long but this blue is great if you love using peels but want to keep your skin hydrated. I think the Blue peel works fantastic in the winter as we need to renew the skin, get rid of dullness and also keep our skin hydrated. I have used this many times and it never fails. It is truly fantastic product.

Nuxe shimmering dry body oil is a product I had to mention. Yes not everybody is keen on shimmer and you may want to use the regular one but for all the winter parties this is a perfect choice. Not only your skin will be hydrated but you will be Queen of the NYE party. Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol cream is a product I fell madly in love with. I know some people say it is too strong for them but I add it to my skincare routine twice a week and it works wonders. It is one of the best Retinol products I have ever tried.

I wanted to include Herseson’s  Almost Everything cream product as I have been really enjoying it as a part of my hair styling routine. And I think the creamy texture is perfect for winter month plus it smells divine. Clinique Moisture surge hydrating lotion is a fab product that helps to prep your skin for serum and cream application. Winter makes our skin dehydrated and we need to work a bit harder to keep it balanced. This product will help you to multiply the effect and your skin will be left dewy. La Mer Renewal oil is one of the best products ever. It is one of my hero products and I use it all year long however I feel in the winter it gives me that reassurance of hydrated and fresh looking skin. Plus it always gives me that feel of luxury.

Gallinee Probiotic Body Milk is my favourite and go to product from this brand. I had to mention it as it has been a body milk of choice for me this winter. It contains probiotics, hydrates and leaves my skin smooth. I have been loving this products so much. Barbara Sturm Ski Cream is my newest addition out of these but I have been dying to try so much from this brand. This is a proper winter cream designed for skiing lovers (that I am anyway) and it gives extra protection on the slopes. However it can be used anytime and anywhere. I am keen to try so much more from Dr Barbara Sturm as her facials as well as supplements have got fabulous reviews. This product got me even more keen.

This is my winter top products round up. And what is your favourite winter skincare product? Anything I should try myself from your favourites?


Miluju rocni obdobi a vsechny zmeny, ktere prinasi. Jsou ti co chteji bydlet jenom v teple, ale  osobne by mi chybely zmeny pocasi. I kdyz v nekterych vecech prinasi zmeny hodne nevyhod, at uz je to zmena zivotniho stylu, potreba vice obleceni a take to ma casto dopad na nasi plet. 

Ja jsem v posledni dobe pouzivala tyto produkty a vetsina z nich jsou skveli partaci na chladnejsi mesice. Tak se na ne pojdme podivat. 

Decleor Night balm je jeden z mych top produktu od teto znacky. Jestli mate radsi prirodni znacky a bavi vas aromaterepie, stoji to za vyzkouseni. Maji nekolik vuni a ja je osobne pouzivam v ty vecery, kdy jsem hodne unavena. Pomahaji mi relaxovat a uvolnit se. Idealni na chladne ponure vecery. Dr David Jack Paints a obvzlast tato modra jsou vyborne na zimni dny. Jsou to vlastne klasicke peels, ale tato modra zaroven hydratuje. A to je presne co chci v zimnich mesicich, obnova pokozky, zarivejsi plet a hydratace. Je to vytecny produkt. 

Nuxe Shimmering dry body oil je vyborny produkt a tento zaruci, ze se budete na Silvestrovskem vecirku nadherne trpytit. Samozrejme klasicky Nuxe olej je vyborny, ale proc si nedoprat neco malo navic. Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol cream je produkt, do ktereho jsem se totalne zamilovala. Pouzivam ho teprve par tydnu, ale muzu s prehledem rici, ze je to jeden z nejlepsich retinolovych produktu, co jsem zkusila. Vim, ze recenze jsou takove, ze pro nektere jedince je dost silny, ale ja jsem velmi spokojena. Do meho vyberu jsem chtela zaradit i stylingovy produkt ze staje Hersesons, protoze me bavi jeho kremova konzistence i vune. Myslim, ze v zimnim obdobi je to naprosto vytecny produkt pro vase vlasy. 

Clinique Moisture surge hydrating lotion vam krasne pripravi plet na dalsi kroky jako sera a kremy. V zime je treba dodat vasi pleti spoustu hydratace a tento vyborny produkt vam efekt jeste znasobi. La Mer Renewal oil je jeden z mych top produktu vubec. Pouzivam ho cely rok. V lete spise pridavam kapku do sera ci kremu, v zime spise vrstvim. Miluju oleje a tento mi dava pocit luxusu a hydratace. Gallinee Probiotic body milk je muj nejoblibenejsi produkt od teto znacky. Obsahuje probiotika a krasne hydratuje. Prakticky ho pouzivam temer exklusivne a tak si zminku urcite zaslouzi. 

Dr Barbara Sturm Ski Cream je nejnovejsi prirustek z techto zminovanych a hrozne jsem chtela od teto znacky neco vyzkouset a ted chci jeste vice. Je to produkt vylozene na zimni obdobi, ale nemusite ho pouzivat pouze na svahu. Zatim jsem moc spokojena, ale ted touzim vyzkouset od teto znacky mnohem vice. 

A jaka ja vase oblibena kosmetika v zimnim obdobi? Na co nedate dopustit?