Spring makeup trends including Espresso Makeup

Spring makeup trends including Espresso Makeup Suqqu natural makeup with stunning spring tones
Source: Suqque Instagram


Spring makeup trends including Espresso Makeup

I am really loving how Tiktok dictates what is trendy. Yesterday I went to a hairdresser and a girl next to me asked for the popular Tiktok Butterfly haircut and today I was totally influenced trying on myself over40 version of the Espresso Makeup.

Now that makeup style is all over my FYP and to be honest I do love that look. I just need to keep trying until I master it and until I find the perfect products. Another huge trend is the juicy cherry cola lips. However, I still enjoy exploring new spring collections. I have recently visited the SUQQU counter at Selfridges and explored the collections. I am forever in love with their ombre blushes and the spring shades are just what we need to put on our cheeks.


However, the natural looks are big for this spring. Even the Espresso makeup is natural just more striking with more sexy eyes and smudged liner and big layer of ideally brown mascara. Obviously the Trish McEvoy look is uber natural but we are still using natural tones which I know will make lot of women happy. So think less blush, good skin base, peachy and rose tones even on eyes and looking fresh and youthful.

Roseinc is also is promoting “naked” makeup look with really glossy finish on eyes, cheeks and lips. The finish is just very natural that is giving healthy and youthful vibe.


You cannot go wrong with a good CC cream or perhaps the Roseinc Tinted serum for the natural finish. If you use Trish McEvoy Instant Eyelift you will create perfectly looking natural base. Some new spring blush is a must as well as a product that will bring some glow to your face. If you are more the Espresso makeup kind of girl go for deep brown tones, good highlight, brown mascara and Kajal Pencil Eyeliner. Victoria Beckham has a wonderful range that will be just perfect for this trend.

Spring makeup trends including Espresso Makeup super natural light makeup with touch of rose on the cheeks
Source: Trish Mcevoy Instagram
Spring makeup trends including Espresso Makeup Incredible Helena Christensen in Espresso Makeup Look by Victoria Beckham
Source: Victoria Beckham Beauty Instagram
Spring makeup trends including Espresso Makeup Stunning natural and glowy makeup by RoseInc
Source: Roseinc Instagram

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