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Unconditional Love with Pandora

It would be hard to count how many times I have heard the phrase ” You don’t know what love is until you have a child. Pure and unconditional love forever”. And until last August I did not know what people were talking about, however when my son Liam was born it finally clicked. I felt the type of love that is hard to describe with words.

I must admit, Motherhood is one of the hardest jobs I have ever done and I say it to all mums out there! We deserve a medal for being mums, we should be put on a pedestal and be worshiped. I know I have only been doing this “job” for few months and I still have a lot of years ahead of me but am now experiencing all the first moments with Liam.

It seems we have done so much together already – first Christmas, first snow, first flight, first fashion week and so much more. I took him to our first fashion event when he was only 12 days old and that will always be remembered. There is one special day approaching fast though and that is Mother’s day.

This year it will be myself who sees their child coming with a bunch of flowers, presents and big smile on their face. Obviously for the next few years Liam will need my husband’s help. I remember when I was little our dad would help us with buying presents for mum (or in other words paid for things we pointed fingers at). And as my husbands has learnt over the years he knows I love to pick my own presents (I know not very romantic but it saves time and no need for exchanging things afterword’s).

I also remember so clearly way before I got pregnant that I used to say to my other half ‘do not ever let me to stop being who I am when I have a child’. I was scared of the image of being a tired mum that forgot she loved fashion, heels and great lipsticks. Sometimes it can be hard but I am so happy I am managing to juggle everything. Honestly, when you think about it women do so much. That’s why I was so pleased when PANDORA approached me to be part of their #Do campaign, which is all about celebrating female empowerment. This got me thinking about all the things I still do as a mum: I still love running my blog, still wearing fabulous clothes and even when I feel very tired I try to put on at least a bit of lipstick. It makes me feel good when I am pushing the pram and have had more than a few sleepless nights. Women are strong creatures and I know we can do it all, even when at times it feels really hard.

My first Mother’s Day is really special this year, so I have chosen some special pieces from PANDORA to remember it by. There is nothing nicer than to look at gifts you received and have them connected to a special memory. I want to be able to wear these things forever and what better to choose than an iconic PANDORA Essence bangle with some gorgeous charms. I can sometimes be very classic and traditional when it comes to jewellery, so to compliment this I went with the Essence generosity and Essence love charm. I love to mix different tones of jewellery, so combined the rose bracelet together with silver which went perfectly. I am also a huge fan of cute necklaces and discovered the stunning and symbolic Family Tree necklace – a great piece to be gifted on this special day. I just know I will be able to wear all these items with anything- from my work white shirt to distressed jeans and simple t-shirt and that is what I am all about when it comes to style- timeless elegant and versatile!

Myslim, ze by pro me bylo tezke zpocitat kolikrat jsem slysela pred tim nez jsem se stala mamou tuhle vetu: ” Nevis, co je skutecna laska do te doby nez mas sve vlastni deti”. A do te doby jsem to nejak nechapala. Dnes uz tomu rozumim a zcela s tim souhlasim. Je to bezvyhradna laska, ktera se tezce da popsat slovy. 

Materstvi je ale zaroven nejtezsi prace, kterou jsem kdy delala a kazda mama si zaslouzi obrovskou medajli. A myslim, ze ani tatinci to nepochopi. Jenom mamy. I kdyz mam za sebou pouze sest mesicu, teto tezke “prace” tak mam pocit, ze toho mame za sebou tolik. Prvni Vanoce, prvni snih, prvni modni udalost a Fashion week. Liamka jsem si vzala na prvni modni akci, kdyz mu bylo dvanact dnu. A na to nikdy nezapomenu. Byla jsem pekne na nervy, hormony se mnou cloumaly, ale nakonec jsem si to uzila a mam na to krasnou vzpominku. 

Zive si tak vzpominam, ze dlouho predtim nez jsem otehotnela jsem manzelovi rikala, at mi nikdy nedovoli, aby me materstvi zmenilo. Myslim v tom slova smyslu, ze se nebudu o sebe starat a ze zmaminovatim. To byla moje nocni mura, ze bych se mela vzdat mody, krasnych botu a oblibenych rtenek. Je to narocne, ale jsem rada, ze se snazim, abych zvladla vsechno. Kazda takova vec mi totiz udela radost. Kdyz mam za sebou neprospanych noci a tlacim kocar, tak dat si na rty novou rtenku me zase povzbudi. Zkratka to jde. 

A tentokrat nas ceka nase dalsi prvni udalost a to den Matek. Tento rok a i ty dalsi jsem konecne ja ta druha, opevovana a obdarovana a Liamek ten, kdo mi s usmevem na rtu prinese darek ci kyticku. No vzpominam si na detstvi, ze obdarovaval (jinymi slovy platil) spis tatinek a ja a sestra jsme tak mozna ukazaly prstem, co si pro mamku predstavujeme, ale to nevadi. Muj muz vi, ze stejne se me musi vzdy zeptat, co presne chci. Ja radsi neco co opravdu chci, nez spatne prekvapeni. LOL A tento rok je poslu pro darek do Pandory

Mam rada, kdyz se po case na veci podivam a mam je spojene s prilezitosti a vzpominkou a to si preju prave letos ke svatku matek. A taky je krasne, kdyz je za darky i symbolika. Napriklad tento privesek rodinny strom je krasna symbolika a k teto prilezitosti jako delany. A jelikoz mam rada klasiku, tak nesmim zapomenout na ikonicky naramek a tyhle dva koralky – Essence generosity a Essence love. Skromnost mi moc nejde co? Kazdopadne se tyhle kousky budou hodit k tolika vecem, at uz treba k vice formalni bile kosily nebo kozene bunde a roztrhanym dzinum. Mam rada veci, ktere se daji dobre kombinovat a neomezuji me. 

At uz si prejete jakykoli darek, snad bude Den Matek a i ty dalsi svatky nezapomenutelne. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Home Decor and Nesting for new mums


I clearly remember when I was pregnant that the closer to the due date I was, the more frustrated I got because of our flat. I felt nothing was ready and I felt I need to finish things, change them, improve and welcome baby Liam to a stunning new clean home. Then I found out it is an actual thing called Nesting. Not all women have to go through that but there are loads that experience this urge to improve their homes.

Well, no wonder. Firstly your life will change massively and you will probably spend more time home than ever and secondly your priorities will change and there is a new addition to your family. That means more things from clothes to toys and also you will have more and more visitors. The entire life as you knew it will be different and even if you want it or not you have to adjust things in your home.

I am huge fan of decor and especially when it is chic and practical at the same time. If you are a new mum or mum to be you have to think about practicality as well as design and they can go hand in hand. And if you live in a smaller flat like me you have to think about furniture and decor even more. So I thought about what would I advice any new or mum to be to get for their homes. We all have different views but I would go for these 5 items.

Top 5 picks to make life of a mum comfortable, easy and keep the touch luxury

  1. Comfortable bed with storage and bonus points for stunning design – You will spend lot of time in bed at least first few weeks so make sure your choice is the best. You will also lack sleep for the few months so the right choice of bed is crucial to make those few hours of sleep very comfortable.
  2. Day bed for your spare room or nursery – That is one of the first things I got for my house and there are so many reasons for that. Firstly you and your partner may need to sleep in separate rooms (not all men want to end up tired at work every day). Secondly you may use it for yourself when you are starting to teach baby to sleep in their own room. Thirdly you can use it for guests that come to your place. And if you chose a day bed with storage you can use it for bedding, toys, clothes or anything really. And I know few of my friends then ended up using it for kids when they grew up as their bed for the bedroom. What a great investment.
  3. Foot Stool ideally with storage – Imagine that you have to nurse every two to three hours in average. Who would not like a bit of comfort whilst doing it and what better way to do it than with your feet up.
  4. Comfortable chair for nursing and bonus points if it looks great – I have been looking for a nice feature chair that I could use as a nursing chair for a long time. We all have different tastes but I tend to find the actual nursing chairs not that great. So why not to go for a lovely design and comfortable chair and it is another excuse how to bring a lovely piece to your family home.
  5. Dining table and ideally extendable – With a new arrival you will probably have to shift your life a bit. It can mean that you will host dinners instead of going out or you have visitors and family over for lunch. So a lovely dining table where you can fit few people is a key for me. And if it is extendable you do not need to worry if you have have few more guests.

Whatever your priorities are we all want to make sure we make family life happy, comfortable and easy. So make sure that your next home purchase is the right one for you.

Pamatuju si, ze kdyz jsem byla tehotna, ze cim vice se blizil termin porodu tak tim vice jsem stresovala ohledne naseho bytu. Manzel si vzdy chce delat vse sam a dopada to tak, ze ziju permanentne v prachu a obklopena naradim ( a to si nedelam srandu). A o to vic jsem snila o tom, ze privedu Liama domu do krasneho, utulneho cisteho bytu. Chtela jsem vse menit a upravovat. S uklidem mi pomohla maminka, ale doted si preju si poridit par novych kousku domu, ktere by se mi hodily vice nez drive. A ono je to vlastne i normalni ukaz u zen v ocekavani tzv. Nesting, ze maji potrebu upravovat svuj dum, uklizet, vylepsovat apod. 

Nektere veci jsem si jiz splnila a nektere jsou stale na mem wish listu. Clovek si az pozdeji uvedomi, ze zivot se mu trosku zmeni. Neni to nic strasneho, ale jsou to veci jako potreba vice ulozneho prostoru, chcete pohodli a zaroven i hezke veci, protoze doma travite s ditetem jako matka vice casu. Neni nad to si poridit hezke a prakticke veci a ktere kousky jsou teda podle mne dobre? Vetsina z toho vychazi hlavne z faktu, ze ziju v mensim byte, ktery ma dve loznice, obyvaci pokoj a kuchyn, takze o nakupuju nabytku musim premyslet dvounasob. 

  1. Dobra a hezka postel idealne s uloznym prostorem. Prvnich par dni jsem stravila v posteli. Za prve po porodu vas vse boli, zvykate si a take hodne kojite a tak je skvele mit hezkou a pohodlnou postel a kdyz ma ulozny prostor tak je to nejlepsi varianta. 
  2. Rozkladaci denni postel tzv. day bed idealne s uloznym prostorem. To byla jedna z veci, kterou jsem poridila do vedlejsiho pokoje jeste pred narozenim Liama. Za prve ji muzu pouzivat ja az si bude zvykat na svuj pokojik, nebo tam muzeme spat i ted (kdyz se potrebuje manzel vyspat) a v neposledni rade slouzi jako postel pro hosty. Vybrala jsem rozkladaci s uloznym prostorem a pocitam s tim, ze v budoucnu muze slouzit i jako postel pro deti. 
  3. Stolicka/Lenoska pod nohy – V prumeru vas ceka kojeni kazde dve az tri hodiny a proc si u toho neudelat pohodli. Ja uz svou mam a ta ma ulozny prostor, ale pokud doma zadnou nemate, urcite je to dobra investice. 
  4. Hezke a pohodlne kreslo na kojeni – Tohle jsem hledala pekne dlouho a konecne nasla. Opravdova kojici kresla se mi designove nelibi a tak jsem chtela takove, ktere bude pohodlne a hezke a bude hezky zapadat do naseho interieru. 
  5. Velky jidelni stul idealne rozkladaci – S prichodem miminka se mozna zmeni i vas spolecensky zivot a je skvele napriklad poradat vecere u vas. Muzete pozvat pratele uz kdyz je miminko male. A take musite pocitat s tim, ze vas ceka hodne navstev, alespon z pocatku. 

At uz mate priority stejne ci odlisne, je treba o investicich do vaseho domova hodne premyslet, aby vam nove veci proste vyhovovaly. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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My first 3 months with baby Liam


This post is another quick turn from fashion world to my baby. It is 4 am and I just finished feeding and was like ok why not to use this time to write. Liam had his second round of vaccination yesterday and he just does not react that well. I spent the whole afternoon trying to calm him down, sooth him and make him as comfortable as I can. And as I stayed in I missed another event where he was mean to go with me and do you know what. I don’t mind. I did not understand when people used to say that their baby is everything but I do now.

Liam is three months and I can hardly believe it. When he was born and I was going through baby blues I remember how much I wanted him to be bigger and things easier and I am looking at him and thinking stop growing I want to enjoy you whilst you so small.

In the past I would never believe I would feel like that. I had zero maternity instincts but now I feel every day the love is bigger, stronger and love that is one of a kind. I also turned to one of those people who says to the husband several times a day how amazing, clever and beautiful her baby is. I am just enjoying being a mum now. Thanks to my husband I get to do my blog, can pop out to shoot, can go to hairdresser or gym. Ok, I cannot do it whenever or as often as I would like but it is still great.

One of my fears at the start was that I would not be able to do things. I still haven’t been out out as most of the time my husband would baby sit is actually “work” stuff but luckily I enjoy it very much. And the blog is better and better which is a paradox right? I should be struggling and have no time but that is not the case. And I have some great collaborations lined up. Practically I am not maternity leave as I have never stopped working. Maybe for a week but my social media were still updated and articles published as I wrote some in advance before I gave birth.

All this does not mean he does not cry yes he does. He suffers mainly  cos of winds or when he is tired and wants to sleep. That happened to me the other day on a train during the worst rush hour when I was heading to meet Tom Ford PR. Firstly, I could barely got on the train and then when I did on the next stop the pram was surrounded by people literally leaning on it. You could not move an inch and then he started. He was dying to get some movement. Screaming that he was so red and people probably hated me. Oh well, what could I do. I had to be somewhere too.

However, I think the nice moments beat moments like this big time. I love our morning cuddles, when he smiles or just love watching him sleep. Well, I am going to be that annoying mum and say Liam is just amazing.

Tohle bude po delsi dobe dalsi post u ktereho si odskocim od mody ke svemu diteti. Jsou ctyri rano a ja jsem prave dokojila a rekla jsem, ze vyuziju klidu na psani. Vcera mel Liam dalsi kolo vakcin a chudacek na to hrozne blbe reaguje. Zazila jsem si hodinu kriku jenom tak a nic ho neutisilo, coz u nej neznam. Je hodne miminko. No ale je to za nama a odpoledne kdy se ho clovek pomalu nemuze ani chytnout je uz minulosti. Diky tomu jsem dosla o dalsi akci, kde mel se mnou jit a vite co. Nakonec mi to vubec nevadi. Dneska uz chapu, ze deti jsou proste to nej a je mi to fuk. A navic jsem konecne docetla knizku Matky Matkam, kterou napsaly holky ze Sexy Mamas a moje kamaradky. Je to prvni knizka o materstvi, kterou jsem cetla, protoze jsem se proste rozhodla, ze proste takove knihy cist nebudu. A vite co knizka je to super (nejen protoze je tam nekolik zminek o mne…LOL). 

Liam ma uz tri mesice a nemuzu tomu ani verit. Utika to jako voda. Kdyz se narodil a prochazela jsem si pocatecni depkou, hrozne jsem chtela, aby uz byl vetsi a veci jednodussi, ale dneska na nej koukam a rikam mu, at uz neroste, ze si chci uzivat toho jak je krasny a malicky. No a to je dalsi vec. Stala se ze me matka, ktera rika tisickrat denne, jak je jeji dite krasne, chytre a nejlepsi. Uff, ja si proste nemuzu pomoct.

A uplne si to s nim uzivam. Ano vstavam v noci na krmeni, nemuzu si odejit kdy chci a kam chci, ale s trochou planovani zvladam vse jen v mensi mire. Mam stale cas na blog a to je pro me dulezite a paradoxne se blog rozjel jako nikdy. Nestiham odpovidat na emaily tak rychle jak bych chtela a cekaji me spoluprace se super firmama. Kdyz vse dobre naplanuju tak stiham fotit, psat, kadernika, fitko a to je co ja potrebuju. Vetsina volna, kterou jsem si u manzela vybrala (na hlidani) je vlastne na praci a pracovni akce. Nebyla jsem jeste vecer za zabavou. Jedna se vetsinou o foceni, schuzky apod. Nedavno jsem moderovala svou prvni akci, ktera koncila asi v deset vecer a domu jsem se dostala po jedenacte. To je asi nejdyl, co jsem byla pryc. Ale mam to stesti, ze tuto praci zkratka miluju. Ja vlastne nejsem ani na materske. Volno jako takove jsem mela mozna tyden a to i tak jsem publikovala alespon na socialnich medii.

Ale tohle vse neznamena, ze nemam momenty, kdy bych se nejradsi zahrabala pod zem. Pred par dny jsem s nim jela na ranni schuzku s Tom Ford PR a chytla jsem bohuzel v metru dopravni spicku. Liamovi se chtelo spat a nejak mu to neslo, chtel pohyb v kocarku. A na dalsi zastavce nastoupilo tolik lidi, ze uplne obklopilo kocar (se divim, ze se tim natlakem kocar nerozletel) a maly spustil. Byl cely rudy a nemohla jsem nic delat. Nemohla jsem ho vytahnout nebo s nim jezdit alespon na kousku. Byly to ty nejdelsi ctyri zastavky na svete. A Liam jel jako by ho rezali. Bohuzel i takove situace obcas nastanou. No a pak celou moji schuzku prospal a kdyz se vzbudil tak se na nas smal. Typicke ze? 

Kazdopadne si ted rikam, ze to je jedno, protoze ty krasne momenty jako mazleni, usmevy a nase rana tyhle silene momenty proste predci. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


Liam’s Sleeping Routine with Cocoonababy


Thinking about my first night at home with Liam and it is not the best memory. I remember how tired I was after birth and because my milk did not come that time  and the poor baby screamed of hunger. I was so terrified that it will be like that every day. Well, lot of things have changed since.

The routine got better and easier. Of course I still have to feed at night and Liam wakes up because of his sore tummy but in general we are very blessed. I though regret one thing. I should have got this wonderful product much sooner. My friend Christina told me about it when I was expecting but at the time I did not pay much attention. I was hoping that my baby will be one of those that will sleep like an angel for hours (how naive I was back then). And plus with all the things we had to buy I saw this as an extra cost. However, Cocoonababy is worth every penny. It is worth to buy it no matter how much expenses you already have as nobody gives you that extra hour or two of sleep.

Cocoonababy is something I started to look into when Liam was waking up at night because of winds. We know lot of babies suffer however he was up so many times a night and I heard stories from people around me how their babies sleep 5-6 hours straight. Oh, what a dream!

It is design in a way to help the baby transition from womb to this world. Thanks to the curved posture and ergonomic design it reminds them being in the womb and gives them security and comfort. And it helps a lot when babies have bad reflux. I really wish I had this from the start but still in general things have improved. We have now more nights when Liam sleeps 5-6 hours straight and he is 2 months and those hours are such a blessing.

I am so happy we are using this now as it really improved the whole routine and I sleep longer and better. I am happily joining all those people that gave this product positive reviews and want to tell you that there is no need to see this as an extra expense. Nobody will give you extra sleep so this really is worth it.

Kdyz tak vzpominam na prvni noc doma, kdyz jsem prisla z porodnice tak to nejsou moc prijemne vzpominky. V Britanii jdete na druhy den po porodu domu a nikdo mi nic moc nerekl. Prvni noc byla krusna, nenastoupilo mi jeste mleko a Liam kricel hlady celou noc. Byla jsem jeste tak vycerpana po porodu, ze jsem se desila po teto noci vubec vstoupit do loznice. Prislo mi, ze se loznice zmenila v mucirnu. Nastesti se od te doby hodne zmenilo.

Jedne veci ale opravdu lituju a to ze jsem si neporidila Cocoonababy hned od zacatku. Moje kamaradka Christina o tom skladala basne, ale uz tak ma clovek tolik vydaju, kdyz ceka miminko a tak jsem to vydela jako dalsi utracene penize. A to byla chyba, protoze je to uzasny produkt. A dobry spanek navic vam jako nove mamince nikdo neda. Liam spi docela dobre, ale budil se mozna vice nez jsem slysela od druhych maminek a hlavne ho trapily prdiky. A tak jsem zacala vyhledavat na internetu, co by nam mohlo v noci pomoci, abych taky mohla jednou rict, ze nas prcek spal pet ci sest hodin v kuse. A recenze na tento produkt byly jenom pozitivni. 

Je to opravdu skoda, ze jsem to nepouzivala od zacatku. Design je zkratka udelany tak, ze miminku pripomina pozici v deloze a navic pomaha miminkum, ktery maji spatny reflux. Liam ma ted dva a pul mesice a Cocoonababy pouzivam asi dva tydny a od te doby mam mnohem vice tech noci, kdy spi az 6 hodin v kuse a opravdu se budi mene. Dokonce se budi mene i na jidlo. Prijde mi, ze se vzdy zklidni kdyz ho do Coocoonaby polozim. 

Opravdu dobry spanek vam nikdy nezaplati a proto se nebojte trosku investovat, protoze u nas Cocoonababy skutecne zabral.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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