Colour of Autumn 2023 – Cherry Red


Cherry red or to my eyes also burgundy is definitely a colour of this Autumn. Despite being it such a trend on social media it is quite hard to find pieces that we could wear with pride this season. Cherry red and actually other shades of red took over fashion week and we see more and more of this rich shade everywhere.

The shoes that are on more affordable side are sold out or they have some tiny sizes left and the rest of the shoes and clothes are at higher price point. So hopefully the high-street brands will hear us and deliver more exciting pieces. Do not get me wrong I do love the idea of amazing designer items however I also love to find something for everybody whether you are more of a Zara kind shopper or Khaite.

I wanted to share with you some fantastic pieces if you want to rock this colour right now. I personally love the idea of shoes as it is such a gorgeous touch if you just wear them with jeans and blazer. The Saint Laurent heels in particular are to die for.

However if your budget does not allow you to buy even some lovely scarf or a knit you can still rock this trend. I suggest investing in some lovely lipstick or nail varnish.

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