Outfit: Ruffle Shirt/Dress up your tourist look

3  Wearing: H&M Shirt, Mango Jeans, Adidas Trainers, Chloe Bag,  Marc Jacobs Coat, Celine Sunglasses

Packing for short breaks can be tricky. I am such a pro by now as I go for short breaks more than a week long holidays. And I also pack only in my hand luggage. So it requires lot of thinking and making sure you pack transitional pieces that are easy to combine. You always need one dress up outfit and also one or two outfits for the day.

This is my touristy outfit. The ruffle shirt dresses this look up and the trainers keep me comfortable during long walks around the city. And if you take a nice coat or a blazer you no longer look like a typical tourist unless that is the look you are going for. LOL

Baleni se na kratke pobyty muze byt obcas tezke. Ja uz si prijdu jako profik, protoze na prodlouzene vikendy jezdim vice nez na dlouhe dovolene. A vetsinou se balim jenomdo prirucniho zavazadla. Vzdy potrebujete asi dva outfity na den a jeden na vecer. 

A tohle je muj outfit na chozeni po meste. Kosile klasicke zvonace trosku nazdobi a v teniskach se dobre chodi. Nezapomente na doplnky jako oblibene slunecni bryle ci satky.  A kdyz si sebou vezmete hezky kabatek a sako, tak uz nemusite vypadat jako typicky turista. I kdyz treba nekdo zrovna o tohle usiluje. LOL. 

PS: jeste stale muzete podporit Glamazon Blog v Blogerce roku a hlasovat tady. Moc Dekuji.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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