Hottest bags to carry through to 2024

Hottest bags to carry through to 2024 that are fun and will make your outfits look great. Some are classic and some are less however knowing women each of us is going to find the ONE.

Unexpected shapes

These bags are fun. We are talking shapes from my 2 years old daughter’s puzzles including hearts, stars, triangles and more. I have been obsessed with the Alaia heart bag since it came out and now when I have it I want other colours. I know typical. I even mentioned it before Christmas in my trends to shop. However, there are so many fun shapes around like the Prada triangles or Chanel star bags.


Source: Modedamour

These are timeless and classic and will suit so many styles. I am sure office ladies will love these bags as well as timeless chic chicks. I am talking the Row Margaux bag. I have to definitely mention the New York Tote from Demellier London and also Savette bags. Those are my new obsession. Chic should be their second name.

Burgundy & Cherry Red

Source: Pinterest

This trend will continue rocking in 2024 and I feel purely because everything that came out in this colour was sold out and so many people did not get a chance to buy anything. Think YSL, Loewe, even the above mentioned Alaia heart. I actually had cute burgundy YSL bag which I sold and now regret a bit. Oh well at leas a reason for a new one in 2024.


Source: Pinterest

We will keep seeing large and oversized bag. The YSL tote is now available in a crochet version so even summer bags will be going this direction. I also love the Coperni Heart bag which is so fun and cool. I am sure this is practical for so many women who love to carry lot things including laptop, heavy diary and full makeup bag.

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