Steal Elsa Hosk style/How to dress like her for less

Steal Elsa Hosk style - Elsa in a timeless all black look wearing a maxi skirt
Source: Elsa Hosk

Steal Elsa Hosk style on a budget

Elsa Hosk the supermodel IT girl and fashion icon is inspiring for so many of us and even other supermodels. It has been so many times I have seen other top models mentioning her as their source of inspiration or perhaps that she inspired them for some sort of purchase.

Either or Elsa is the cool girl. She is always full of surprises for me, she is not pure clean girl aesthetic and always throws in something unexpected. That is just right up my street. I love people that can surprise in fashion and that is what she does. One day a cute girl with socks and mary janes and next day slouchy casual vibe for a walk in the park. We can see her in full black look, leopard print and then totally unexpected print, texture or colour.

She is like a mix of timeless capsule wardrobe always with added trendy items like oversized glasses or shaggy jacket, touch of colour. She simply makes fashion so fun. However, often she wears expensive designer items which may not be accessible to everybody.

Let’s look at some items we can also buy at high-street to recreate her looks.

Elsa loves a good jacket and even classics like leather pieces or trench coats. There are plenty in the high-street. You can wear them with some affordable but cool trainers or chic heels. Think also high end looking all black looks like we see in the first image. There are many options you can find in the high street. Some key items to add to your capsule wardrobe would be good knitwear pieces, oversized bomber jacket.

Steal Elsa Hosk style - Elsa wearing jeans with cool jacket and oversized YSL Tote
Source: Elsa Hosk

Steal Elsa Hosk style - Elsa wearing oversized aviators, burgundy chanel bag and khaki trench coat
Source: Elsa Hosk

Steal Elsa Hosk style - Elsa in a cool off duty look - white jeans, oversized bomber jacket and cap
Source: Elsa Hosk

Steal Elsa Hosk style - Elsa wearing red Hermes Kelly, grey jumper, black flats with socks
Source: Elsa Hosk

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