Sunny Bournemouth and The Blogger of the Year

Wearing: Coat: Burberry, Sunglasses: Rayban, Shoes: Zara, Top: Asos, Jeans: F&F, Bag: Valentino

On Saturday morning I jumped on a train and headed to sunny Bournemouth to visit my dear friend Christina. Every time I leave London I cannot get over how many beautiful places there are. The weather could not be any better on that day so after great lunch and some bubbles in Jazz Cafe we went for a walk on the beach.

The place is just incredible…sandy beach, sun, beach front cafes, gorgeous houses and all I was missing was Mitch Buchannon in his red shorts! LOL

Well, maybe next time Mitch! I dressed up very comfortably and after a long time I wore my classic Burberry trench. As I spent few hours on a train heels and skirt was the last thing I would wanna wear. I will keep that to the next London hot spot opening.

Hopefully, this post will bring a bit of sunshine to your houses!

PS: Thanks for your votes again to win the blogger of the year in Czech Republic. I made it to top ten and there is a final voting for the number one. I would love if you can support me once again. You can do so here.

And this is how to do it. It will be harder for my foreign readers as it is in Czech. Once you find Glamazon Blog click on the  Icon saying Hlasovat you need to fill the first line with your full name, second with your email address and third with mobile number. Unfortunately the English numbers do not fit there so just drop the zero at the start and last digit and it will work. You will then get an email where you need to click on the words saying Tento Odkaz to confirm the vote. It may be difficult but thanks everybody for the support. I am not sure why it is so complicated however I appreciate your support very much.

V sobotu rano jsem skocila na vlak a vydala se na denni vylet do slunecneho Bournemouth. Pocasi mi opravdu pralo a po obede jsem se sla na delsi prochazku po plazi. Pokazde si uvedomim jak je dulezite odpocivat a uzivat si krasy okolo nas. Tahle pisecna plaz me dostala a navic bylo opravdu nadherne. 

S udivem jsem obdivovala nadherne domy na plazi a cekala kdy na me vyskoci Mitch Buchannon!  Mozna priste.

Protoze jsem stravila nekolik hodin ve vlaku tak jsem se chtela obleci pohodlne. Po delsi dobe jsem si oblekla muj Burberry kabatek a samozrejme pohodlne boty. Nedovedu si predstavit chodit po plazi v podpatcich. To si necham asi na pristi navstevu baru ci restaurace. 

Doufam, ze jsem timto postem prinesla do vasich domovu alespon trosku slunicka! 

Strasne vam chci podekovat za vase hlasy v Blogerce roku, ktere me dostaly uz po treti do Top 10. A jde se do finale, i kdyz uz to musi asi vsem lezt na nervy tak budu mit velkou radost, kdyz me jeste jednou podporite. Hlasovat muzete tady. Dekuji a mam vas rada.

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