Tasman UGG – 3 ways to wear them

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Love them or hate them. Ugg boots had massive come back and we see them on celebs, influencers or mums on school run (that more-likely never took them off in the last few years). Let’s face it… for some Ugg is an ugly shoe but have you tried them on? Oh man the comfort. So I am in…offer me coolness and comfort and I vote yes. Tasman model is the IT boot right now.

The Tasman model is so popular but perhaps you may struggle to style them. Our fashionista queen Elsa Hosk shows you probably the easiest and most popular way and that is with jeans. I personally would recommend more slouchy options or boot leg style to give it almost that masculine messy vibe. Think oversized blazers, oversized shirts or cool bomber or leather jackets. That almost partially undone look is perfect for these Uggs. Oversized layers will work too.

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A second option is surely for the girls that love a bare leg and boot and I am so in this category. In UK we do not have that many days to do that but we all know the British girls know how to survive cold so they can look stylish. So take those shorts out and maybe even socks for the extra touch of coolness. I love the look “I just got out of my bed”.

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But let’s not forget about those girlies who love tailoring. Oh yes even smart trousers with the right coat, cardigan or jacket can look fantastic with these boots. Perhaps keep it tonal and add a nice knit, bag and sunglasses and you will be the ultimate cool autumn queen.

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Asi jste si vsimli, ze boty UGG se vratily ve velkem a jsou videt opravdu vsude. Jestli se uz bavime o supermodelkach, influencerkach ci celebritach. Je to typ botu, ktere bud nesnasite ci milujete. Uprimne mezi nama u me vitezi ta jejich pohodlnost, takze kdyz mi reknete, ze pohodlne boty frci, bezim s otevrenou naruci si jedny poridit. A model Tasman je ted zhavym trendem.

Ale jak teda takove boty nosit?! Libi se mi asi nejvice tyto tri zpusoby. Jak nam ukazuje samotna modni ikona a super modelka Elsa Hosk…tak volnejsi dziny a oversized sako jsou trefou do cerneho. Pridejte treba ksiltovku, cool kabelku a muzete vyrazit. Nebojte se ani kombinaci se svetry a nezapominejte na sportovni mikiny. Navic vam v tomto urcite bude velmi pohodlne.

A pokud jste milovnici holych nohou tak nemusite smutnit, protoze i takhle se daji tyto boty nosit. Predstavte si styling ala prave jsem vylezla z postele a spala jsem v kratasich, jen si dejte ponozky a vase Tasman Ugg boty a muzete vyrazit do mesta. Tento styl me opravdu hodne bavi, ale samozrejme neni pro vsechny.

No a pokud holdujete spise klasickemu stylu , tak i pro vas mam dobrou zpravu. Jak vidite daji se nosit i k elegantnejsim kalhotum. Muj tip bude urcite drzet se podobnych tonu a vybrat si hezke sacko ci plast a vysledek bude vyborny.


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