How to stay motivated in blogging


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Blogging is a wonderful hobby, passion, job for many of us. Whatever it means to you one of the most common issues is lack of motivation for most bloggers. I had it so many times that wanted to quit or had bigger gaps in between new posts. We all have those days when we feel down and lack motivation to keep going.

So here are few tips how not to give up!

  1. Talk to your readers – It was mainly my readers that got me through this silly period. When you speak to them about it they usually encourage you to keep going. There are always great people that support you.
  2. Focus on people that inspire you – It could be a famous person, friend or another blogger. Think about things you like about them and why they inspire you. This helps so much on those days when you want to quit.
  3. Think about things you want to achieve – It can be a dream firm to work with or increase your followers. These things always encourage me just thinking about them.
  4. Use a vision board – I am a huge fan of visual inspiration. Try to put down things you want to get, achieve, buy…. And print them on a piece of paper. What else could support you more than looking at it?
  5. Surround yourself with positive and inspiring people – I always get so much energy and enthusiasm when I am surrounded by great people that have positive attitude and have achieved something in life. It is the best way how to stay motivated.

Blogovani muze byt uzasna prace, konicek, vasen pro spoustu z nas. At uz pro vas blogovani znamena to ci ono jedno mame vetsinou spolecne a to ztratu motivace. Ja sama jsem chtela zkoncit tolikrat a nebo mela obrovske pauzy. Kazdy obcas sejde z cesty a ma takove dny. A jak tedy zustat motivovany? 

  1. Komunikujte o tom se ctenari – V mem pripade to byli vzdy ctenari, kteri me posunuli dal a presvedcili me, ze to nemam vzdavat. Vzdy se najde nekdo, kdo vas podrzi a povzbudi. 
  2. Soustredte se na lidi, kteri vas inspiruji – Mate v oblibe blogera ci nejakou osobnost. Je dobre si vzdy pripomenout jak se vam jejich prace libi a snad i tohle vas motivuje neprestavat. 
  3. Myslete na veci, ktere chce dokazat – Muze to byt cokoli – napr. vysnena firma se kterou chce spolupracovat ci vice komentaru. Kazdy mame jine cile. Tohle me vzdy nakopne. 
  4. Vytvorte si nastenku – Mozna znate pojem vision board. Zkuste si na papir vytisknout veci, ktere si chcete poridit, cile jichz chcete dosahnout a kazdy den se na tuhle nastenku podivat. Tohle mi vzda obrovske mnozstvi motivace.
  5. Obklopte se lidma s positivnim pristupem – Miluju travit cas s lidma, kteri me inspiruji a jsou positivni. Nejlepsi jsou lide, kteri si nestezuji, jsou plni energie a napadu. Je to opravdu nakazlive a ten nejlepsi lek na demotivacni obdobi.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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