Outfit: Rails LA Personalised Denim Jacket

3Pictures by Anna
Wearing: Jacket: Rails La, Bag: Bulgari, Shoes: Adidas, Trousers: H&M, Sunglasses: Rayban, T-shirt: Zagh

I know people say that a lot but for me this jacket is everything. I am so into customised fashion but to be able to wear my boys name with me at all times is priceless (of course not as good as to be with him LOL).

Although it may not look like it I have been wearing it lot these days. The weather is perfect for a piece like this. I combine it with polo necks or cosy knits which is a great options for casual autumn days. And my favourite red Bulgari bag just adds that touch of luxury. This is what I love about fashion to put together cheap and expensive, luxurious and casual and the contrast of it all.

And if you excuse me now I am on a search for another great London food spot. Yum!

Vim, ze to rikam casto, ale tahle dzinova bunda je proste uzasna. Miluju modu, ktera je na miru a personifikovana. Tak muzete mit vzdy jistotu, ze je ta vec proste vase. A mit jmeno meho syna na tak klasickem kousku jako je dzinova moda je k nezaplaceni (samozrejme to neni tak skvele jako cas straveny s nim LOL).

I kdyz to tak nevypada tak ji nosim docela casto. Kombinuju ji hodne s teplymi svetry a rolaky, coz je v tomto pocasi uplne idealni. A s moji oblibenou kabelkou Bulgari je zkratka k nakousnuti (stejne jako Liam). Tohle je na mode nejvetsi zabava ty kombinace levne a drazsi mody, luxusnich a obycejnejsich kousku a vubec vsechny ty necekane kontrasty. 

A ted kdyz me omluvite, jdu hledat dalsi skvelou Londynskou restauraci, kterou bych mohla vyzkouset. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Tip of the week: Pizarro


Pizarro on Bermondsey street is a another place that definitely deserves lot of attention (although some reviews I read may not agree) . Especially that I always complain there are not many good options where to eat around London Bridge (that’s a fact and any new tips are welcomed). Over the last few weeks I had lot of visitors here in London including my best friends from Prague and Hong Kong and we had the best time together. Eating out, drinking good wine, chatting and mainly sharing experiences of motherhood. This is what it is like when four mums friends and mums meet.

One day after admiring Anthony Gormley exhibition in White Cube we all headed to this nearby restaurant which is only few steps away from the gallery. Bermondsey street is another go to place for cute cafes, great vibe and good food. The restaurant welcomed us with modern Spanish looking design and lovely staff. I always compliment when a place can combine well modern furniture with more traditional items to keep the space authentic.

If you are in to tapas I think you will like this place. I have tried many restaurants with Spanish tapas cuisine and this one is now high on my list. We ordered loads of dishes and this is the beauty of places like this. You can share and try lot of different excellent things and pick your favourite. My top dish must be vegetable lasagne. It may sound boring however I love when chef can create vegetable dish so well that it tastes better than fine meat main course. However other things from the menu were fantastic too including the lamb, octopus or their breads.

And although I am not huge on desserts after trying a little bit I had to keep going. I think partially I have to blame the breastfeeding as the sugar need is endless. LOL

I would love to now take my hubby to Pizarro and hopefully little Liam will be as good as last time.

Restaurace Pizarro je dalsim skvelym mistem, ktere si zaslouzi byt v mych tipech, kde se dobre najist tady na blogu (i kdyz nektere recenze online si to mozna nemysli). Ja si vzdy stezuju, ze v okoli London bridge je tezke najit dobre restaurace a jsem rada, ze jsem tuhle objevila.  Cela Bermondsey street vubec stoji za navstevu a nabizi hned nekolik dobrych mist k jidlu ci jenom si posedet v trendy kavarne.

V poslednich par tydnech jsem mela navstevu za navstevou a kdyz prijela moje kamaradka z Hong Kongu a z Prahy tak jsem si to s nima uzila na plno. Kazdy den jsme neco podnikali, jedli v dobrych restauracich, pili dobra vina a hlavne probirali materstvi. Tak nejak to vypada kdyz se sejdou ctyri maminky a kamaradky.

Jednoho dne jsem s holkama vydala do galerie White Cube na vystavu od Anthonyho Gormley. A po te jsme se vydali do teto nedaleke restaurace. Hned u vchodu nas privitala prijemna obsluha a skvely design. Mam rada pokud se podari vybalancovat tradicni kousky a ty novejsi. Ve finale pusobi interier jako moderni Spanelsky styl.

A pokud jste milovniky tapas tak si na sto procent pochutnate. Myslim, ze vsechny ctyri mame docela rozmazlene chute a ja jsem zkusila tapas restauraci opravdu dost. Objednali jsme si  hodne jidla a to je prave na tapas vyborne, ze clovek muze ochutnat hodne rozdilnych jidel a vybrat si to co mu nejvice chutna.

Za me to budou asi zeleninove lasagne. Miluju kdyz dokaze nekdo tak chutove vyvazit zdrava jidla, ze chutnaji lepe nez ten nejkvalitnejsi masovy pokrm. Ostatni veci z jejich menu ale v zadnem pripade nepokulhavaji. Vynikajici byla take chobotnice, jejich chleby a jehneci. A i kdyz nejsem zase az tak desertova tak po zakuseni jednoho sousta jsem se do nich pekne pustila (trochu za to mohou i chute, ktere mam ted kdyz kojim haha).

Strasne rada bych jsem ted vzala manzela, tak snad se nam to podari. Liam byl v Pizzaro opravdu zlaticko a snad pri trose stesti by byl i podruhe. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Outfit: Pink Velvet Dress

Wearing: Dress: Asos, Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Bag: Valentino, Polo Neck: Uniqlo, Sunglasses: Celine

My last few weeks have been like a roller coaster. We are family and I have a son. I have mastered my multitasking to even another level and so it feels great if I can keep doing what I love (this blog) and wear nice things. As it feels like the old “me”.

There are times I am going to Sainsbury’s wearing a red lipstick or I feel a bit overdressed in the park. However, that is ok as it helps me a lot. So when I saw a gorgeous pink velvet dress I knew that is the kind of dress that will always dress up. With velvet being a huge trend this season I did not hesitate twice to get it. They are great for winter layering with knits and polo necks.

I attended Stylist live event last weekend and went to talk how to dress like a fashion editor. And the editor Alex was saying exactly what I have been thinking. When you have a baby or a child it keeps you alive to dress well at all times. So remember this next time you feel tired or down. Little lipstick or nice dress may cheer up.

Poslednich par tydnu bylo jako kolotoc. Najednou jsme rodina a mame syna. Vylepsila jsem dokonce svou schopnost delat nekolik veci zaroven a tak je skvele, ze muzu delat porad to co me bavi (tento blog) a hezky se oblekat. Mam tak pocit, ze se vlastne nic nezmenilo.

A tak se casto nachytam, ze jdu do obchodu s cervenou rtenkou a nebo se az podezrele hezky oblecu jenom do parku. Tohle mi zkratka pomaha a bavi me to. A tak kdyz jsem objevila tyhle sametove saty, dlouho jsem nevahala. Samet je obrovsky trend a tyhle jsou proste opravdu holcici. Skvele jak na vecer tak na normalni den a libi se mi, ze se daji skvele vrstvit.

O vikendu jsem byla na akci poradane casopisem Stylist a navstivila presentaci o tom jak se oblekat jako modni editorka. A modni editorka Alex jako by mi z duse mluvila, kdyz rekla, ze kdyz se ji narodilo dite, ze ji pomahalo se stale hezky oblekat. A tak nejak to mam i ja. I kdyz verim, ze budou i vyjimky. LOL

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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My breastfeeding story


Have you heard stories that breastfeeding is hard (at least at the start?). Well, I have and I can add now another story to all those out there. Nobody prepared me for this. You hear that it hurts at the start and it can be very exhausting to be a “milk factory” every three hours (as it may also be every one hour right). However nobody out there tells you everything and mainly say that everybody is different.

Well, I learnt the most in my NCT class however our breastfeeding class was interesting one on its own. The teacher was one of those who claimed everybody can breastfeed and there is no way that there are women that do not start to produce milk. I already knew back then that was rubbish as I was not breastfed from those reasons. She also said that you can eat whatever you want without having an impact on your baby and their behaviour. Now, I had to learn the hard way that it is rubbish piece of information after I ate too much cheese one day.

I cannot even describe how stressful were the first few days. I was pulled to different directions by my friends, family, internet and all. And everybody was saying different things that “will definitely work”. I had quite major baby blues and so much confusing information coming at me from all possible angles. Breastfeeding was all I talked about. I tried so many things from hot towels, hot showers, nursing teas, massaging, stimulation with breast pump, feeding less, feeding too often and it was bloody hard. It was painful, time consuming and frustrating. I wish I could sit here and say (like some women out there) how beautiful breastfeeding is and how they felt the bond with the baby. As I did not. And I do not think it makes me a bad mother. Actually, I am proud of myself that although I struggled so much I lasted and I did it and I am still doing it. It makes me a brilliant mother as I kept going although I wanted to stop every second and was tempted to go straight on formula full time.

I remember how tired I was with all the work, new baby and feeding. Even if I knew breastfeeding was not my favourite thing I sat there and after each feed I tried to stimulate the production by using a breast pump. That was one thing that at least made it easier because I cannot imagine to all this I would have to do this manually. I chose an electric pump that is widely used at hospitals here in UK and has got best reviews ever. Medela swing pump was the pump of my choice and I can just add another positive review to all those out there. It is very easy to use and will save you lot of time and stress. The buttons set up is pretty self explanatory and it really is simple to use it. You have got bottle that comes with it and also a strap that makes your expressing sessions more comfortable.

I knew full time feeding with formula would suit my lifestyle so much more. I am the type of person that is not designed to sit at home. I am running this blog, go to events, meetings with PR and I have so many other activities and social life so I need people to be able to mind my baby and if you breastfeed you are pretty much chained to your little ones. And again that does not make me cruel. You need to adapt things to your lifestyle and needs. And even after this I kept going. I was drinking my teas, using the pump, massaging and everything possible to make it happen.

Another thing was breastfeeding in public. I am not a huge fan to be honest however I got now to the point where I fed Liam on a bus, on a platform, in Starbucks, different restaurants, Tate gallery and everywhere possible. I still have got issue to feed in certain places that seem less breastfeeding friendly but it got so much better.

My point is that lot of women do not say things openly and they should. I am not ashamed to say I really had to work hard to get to this point and I am still not loving breastfeeding. There is so much pressure on women to make this work but nobody should feel like this. There are also lot of judgmental people out there including some of my friends. My message to them would be you do what you feel is right and I do what feels right for me. Everything you do should make you happy as you know what they say happy mummy means happy baby.

Uz jste asi slyseli pribehy o tom, ze kojeni je pekne narocne (alespon na zacatku). Ja se k temto pribehum s radosti pridam a podelim se o vlastni zkusenost. A budu asi pekne uprimna, protoze nedokazu tady presentovat neco co vlastne neni. Nikdo me totiz nepripravil na kojeni, tak jak jsem si myslela a ano ty informace, ktere nam vsichni davaji jako ze kojeni ze zacatku boli a take je velmi vycerpavajici jsou pravdive. Proste vase telo je “mlekarna” kazde tri hodiny (a vlastne kdyby ty tri).

Nejvice jsem se o kojeni asi naucila v nasich NCT hodinach, coz je kurz, ktery je organizovany tady v Britanii pro budouci rodice, kde se ucite o porodu, jak se starat o miminko a jak kojit. Nebudu vam lhat. Nase lektorka na kojeni byla trosku jako prisna ucitelka s pravitkem a presne ten typ, ktery tvrdi, ze kazdy muze kojit a ze muzete jist uplne vse aniz by to melo dopad na dite a jeho chovani. Oboji je bohuzel jedna pekna lez. Za prve ja jsem nikdy kojena nebyla, protoze moji mamce nikdy mleko nenastoupilo a za druhe jsem se bohuzel musela jednoho dne pekne zakusit, kdyz maly plakal, protoze jsem den pred tim snedla hodne syru.

Nejak ani nedokazu popsat prvnich par dnu a zacatky, protoze to bylo silene. Opravdu nic pro me a to, ze vam to sdelim uprimne neznamena, ze jsem spatna matka, ale kojeni neni vubec muj salek caje. Rada bych tady sedela a napsala, ze jsem citila spojeni s miminkem a jak krasny pocit to je, ale to bych vam lhala. Na zacatku jsem prozivala docela silne “baby blues” a do toho se snazila, aby mi nastoupilo mleko. Ze vsech stran se valily jine informace a ja masirovala, davala teple obklady, pila kojici caje, kojila casto a pak zase kazde tri hodiny, mazala bolava prsa, sprchovala teplou vodou a hlavne jsem nedokazala mluvit o nicem jinem. A prave proto si myslim, ze jsem dobra matka. Dokazala jsem se pres tento sileny zacatek prenest a vydrzela to a kojim doposud. 

Jako odsavacku jsem si vybrala tuhle Medela Swing, protoze jsem slysela, ze je nejlepsi. V Britanii je to odsavacka, ktera se ve velkem pouziva v nemocnicich a vubec ma nejlepsi recenze. Ja k tomu muzu dodat, ze jsem ji opravdu pouzila jenom zpocatku na stimulaci, aby mi nastoupilo mleko. Po kojeni jsem ji pouzila na dalsich 10-15 minut. A uz to samo bylo narocne. Kazdopadne je hrozne jednoducha na pouzivani, takze pokud chcete usetrit trochu prace a nechcete pouzivat tu manualni, jdete do Medely. Nedovedu si predstavit, ze do toho vseho bych se tady jeste trapila s manualni odsavackou na mleko. 

Bohuzel clovek je obklopeny lidma, kteri neustale soudi. Soudi vas sestry, lekari, kamaradi a vsichni. Pritom kazdy by si mel delat co chce. Ano kojeni je dobre pro dite, ale k cemu to je, kdyz to matku frustruje a pak stres prenasi na dite. Ja stale kojim, ale na zacatku jsem kazdy den chtela nasadit umelou vyzivu. A pro ty co kojily mesice ci roky tohle bude znit asi divne, ale ja jsem pysna, ze jsem to vydrzela doposud. Nejsem ten clovek, ktery citil pri kojeni nejake spojeni s miminkem a byla to opravdu drina a presto jsem to vydrzela. 

Dalsi veci se kterou bojuji (ted uz snad mene) je kojeni na verejnosti. To je jeden z duvodu, kdy vim, ze umela vyziva by pro me byla jednodussi. Muj zivotni styl je uspechany a diky blogu vlastne nejsem ani na materske. Mam porad spoustu prace, schuzek, akci a fakt, ze jsem pripoutana k miminku to jenom stezuje. Jsem porad v terenu. A tak ho beru sebou kam se da. Kojeni na verejnosti mi ale neni dvakrat prijemne. Pomalu se to zlepsuje a uz jsem krmila na zastavce, v autobuse, v galerii Tate modern, Starbucksu, restauracich a vsude mozne. 

V Londyne jsou ale stale mista, kde mam pocit, ze kojeni neni moc vitane a nebo pro me nejsou ani moc pohodlna. Ale snad prekonam i to a nakonec mi to nebude vadit. 

Moje rada vsem budoucim maminkam je takova, ze nemusi delat neco, co nechteji. Nikoho neposlouchete a ridte se vlastnim instinktem. Ono je to na zacatku tezke, protoze vam vsichni a take hormony opravdu zatemni mozek, ale udelejte to. Spokojena maminka totiz znamena spokojene miminko. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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