Outfit: Favourite Slip Dress

Wearing: Dress: Zara, Shoes and Blazer: Zara, Necklace: Sophia’s Earrings, Bag: Balenciaga, Sunglasses: Dior

I can clearly say I want to live in this dress until I give birth. Funny enough it is not a maternity dress and I actually bought it in sales with a view of wearing it after birth. However, it’s cut fits my bump perfectly and it’s material provides perfect dress for hot weather. It is also very transitional so with a right blazer it works for the office and with more summery things it is a perfect dress for free time. Well slip dresses just work well for so many occasions.

I will definitely invest in more slip dresses once the baby is born. I found this one and this one which are just adorable. I can already see them layered with white t-shirt or just with denim or leather jacket. They are however fine on its own as well.

To be quite frank I am a the point when I have no idea what to wear. I am big, not in the mood and starting my last months of pregnancy does not make things any better. All the side effects like heart burn, all the small pains, difficulties to breath and in my case even feeling my arms are dead does not help. I really salute to all women that carried a child and gave birth. You all deserve a medal.

Muzu prohlasit, ze v techto satech bych nejradsi byla az do porodu. Vtipne je, ze to nejsou ani saty materske a koupila jsem ve slevach s tim, ze je budu nosit po porodu. Je to velikost M, ale diky strihu se mi proste do nich vleze bricho i v devatem mesici. Navic jsou ze skveleho materialu, ktery me chladi v techto vedrech.

Nosim je jak do prace tak ve volny cas, protoze jsou  tak universalni, ze staci zmenit doplnky. No a tom je vetsina satu ve stylu nocnich kosilek. Je to jeden z mych oblibenych modelu a tesim se, ze az se miminko narodi, ze si jich budu moci poridit vice. Treba tyhle nebo tyhle jsou naprosto fantasticke. Bavi me nosit je s bilym trickem, kozenou bundou ci obycejnou dzinovou bundickou. 

A takove veci se zkratka dobre kombinuji. Popravde uz nevim ani co na sebe a pripadam si desive. Jsem na zacatku devateho mesice a mam pocit, ze brisko roste snad kazdou hodinku. Navic vsechny ty neprijemnosti, ktere tehotna zena ma ke konci opravdu zneprijemnuji kazdou chvili. At uz je to paleni zahy, ruzne pichani, pobolivani a u me teda i pocit mrtvych rukou. Opravdu kazda zena, ktera odnosila a porodila si zaslouzi vyznamenani. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Current Favourites: Geneu Serums


We are all individuals and we all have different skin and the way we react to certain products. That also means what works for me does not mean that it will work for you. What about if I tell you that there is a product that is tailored to your skin based on your DNA and your lifestyle?

GENEU is a skincare that specialises exactly in tailored products based on your DNA. They are particularly looking at antioxidant protection and collagen breakdown. I do not want to bore you with terms, boring information and stats. However, I am very impressed. I originally wanted to wait to share this article with you a bit longer but the fact is that I don’t have to. I have been using these products for about a month and a half and I see huge results. My biggest issues were two significant wrinkles on my forehead however they got less visible. In general skin looks better and smooth and there are days when I do not even have to use extra cream or oil as the collagen serum is perfect for hydration as well.

You can chose for how long you want to buy your supplies and the process is very simple. You book yourself for a meeting, the lovely staff takes your DNA and explains anything you need and then you can pick up your tailored serums. You also have to fill in questionnaire about your lifestyle to help to create the best match for you. This all can be done within 24-48 hours and you can pick up your miraculous serums in the shop or have it delivered. You can chose what colour your case will be and look at it…doesn’t it just look super chic and sleek? What a pleasure is to have something like that on your bathroom shelve.

I am one of those girls that at my age I was thinking about getting a botox to sort out those wrinkles but I am glad I found this as these products can delay it a bit. Although some of you may find it a bit expensive I believe that you get what you pay for. And if were to pay for more invasive procedures this is nothing in comparison to what you would pay at some clinic.

I am very glad that I started to use these as nothing beats when you see positive results. I am one happy girl now.

Kazdy jsme jedinecny a kazdy mame jinou pokozku a nejen tu. A proto produkty, ktere zabiraji na me, nemusi zarucene sedet vam. Co kdyz vam reknu, ze existuje produkt, ktery je indivudalne upravne na zaklade vasi DNA a take vaseho zivotniho stylu?

GENEU je kosmeticka znacka, ktera se specializuje prave na sera, ktera jsou vam prakticky usite na miru. Divaji se hlavne na to, kolik mate v tele antioxidantu a take jak rychle vase telo rozbiji kolagen. Nechci vas nudit terminy a slozitym vysvetlovanim. Jen vam chci rict, ze jsem opravdu rada, ze jsem tento produkt mohla vyzkouset. Prestoze jsem byla zezacatku velmi skepticka, tak uz po mesici a pul pouzivani vidim obrovske zmeny. Trapily me hlavne dve hluboke vrasky na cele a ty se opravdu zjemnily. Celkove je pokozka svezejsi, mizi drobne vrasky a vypada zkratka lepe.

Nejprve si sjednate schuzku, kde vam vezmou test DNA a vysvetli proces a vice o tom jak to vsechno funguje. Behem teto schuzky take odpovite na par otazek ohledne vaseho zivotniho stylu. To totiz ovlivnuje mnozstvi antioxidantu. A podle toho vam do 24 hodin vytvori sera. Ty jsou rozdeleny do dvou malych lahvicek a dostanete take davkovac. Dokonce si muzete vybrat jakou barvu. Ja zvolila cernou. Baleni dokonce vypada hrozne chic a elegantne. Proste idealni produkt, ktery s hrdosti vystavite na sve policce v koupelne.

Ja jsem jedna z tech, ktera uz nejakou dobu premyslela o botoxu, ale myslim, ze diky temto serum asi jeste pockam. I kdy to neni nejlevnejsi zalezitost. Vite co se rika, dostane to, za co si zaplatite. A diky temto serum muzu nejake vice invazivni procedury s radosti oddalit.

Jsem opravdu spokojena.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Outfit: Statement Shoes

Wearing: Bag and Brooch: Chanel, Dress: Tchibo, Jacket: Zara, Necklace: Missoma, Shoes: Asos, Sunglasses: Victoria Beckham

When you dress sometimes  it is about that one simple thing that changes everything. I am now wearing lot of black especially when I am in an office. And with time the black gets a bit boring. Do not get me wrong I love black and all black outfits but every now and then it gets a bit too much. One of your options can be to dress the outfit up with statement shoes. Something that catches your eyes.

I think these shoes I am wearing were inspired by Christian Louboutin model and I just love them. I picked some great stand out pieces which you can also shop below. Nothing wrong with buying another pair of shoes! LOL

Obcas pri oblekani plati, ze jedna mala vec dokaze zmenit hodne. Ja se ted hodne oblekam do cerne a to hlavne do prace. Za prve nemam uz v tomto stadiu tehotenstvi nekdy naladu premyslet co na sebe a za druhe vaha roste. Nemyslete si, ze cernou nemam rada. Je to proste barva, ktera tu bude a byla a vzdy bude vyborna, ale nekdy je to prece jenom moc. A prave v takove chvile staci jeden kousek jako napriklad vyrazne boty, ktere zmeni cely raz vaseho stylingu. Chce to neco co upouta pozornost. 

Tyhle byly urcite inspirovane modelem Christian Louboutin, ale vybrala jsem pro vas par vyraznych kousku, ktere si muzete objednat dole pod clankem. Na nove boty je cas vzdy a musime si prece delat radost ne?

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Led Zeppelin T-Shirt

Wearing: Top: H&M, Jeans: Asos, Bag: Balenciaga, Sunglasses: Rayban, Jacket: Swagga & Soul, Shoes: Adidas

I can confidently say I grew up on Led Zeppelin songs. My parents would play their albums in the car and home so it would be hard to forget their tunes. Well, not going to lie but as much younger I did not appreciate the band that much but when I got older I grew to love them.

And I am also happily wearing Led Zeppelin top these days. I got mine before I went on holidays to Santorini. As always I just got a normal non maternity top in larger size and see almost 9 months pregnant the bump still fits in. If you are looking for something similar no harm to explore even male section as these tops look cool when oversized. This one would be perfect option.

With tops like that you always let your inner rock chick out!

Muzu uprimne prohlasit, ze jsem na skladbach Led Zeppelin prakticky vyrostla. Rodice prehravali snad vsechny alba jak v aute tak doma a proto by bylo nemozne vymazat je z pameti. A i kdyz jsem jako mladsi jejich songy neocenila tak dneska muzu prohlasit, ze je mam moc rada. Klasika je zkratka klasika.

A tak je klidne budu s radosti nosit i na tricku. Tohle jsem si poridila uz pred dovolenou na Santorini a prestoze to neni matersky top, tak se mi do nej i na zacatku devateho mesice brisko vleze. Takze to byl urcite dobry kup. A pokud se vam libi, tak nemusite hledat jenom v damskem oddeleni. Treba tohle panske tricko bude vypadat vyborne i na holkach. Navic, kdyz je o neco vetsi, vypada snad jeste lepe. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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