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This article is definitely on demand. Lot of you keep asking how I look after my hair and want to see the products I am using on a daily basis. I guess lot of it is just genetics. My hair is very thick, rather wavy and has good texture. And another thing I can advice is to drink plenty of water. My hair is more on the drier side so hydration is very important. That is why part of my daily routine is to use some oil which I normally apply just on my ends. It helps to prevent splits and also gives my hair healthier look.

I do not wash my hair every day and try to keep it to minimum and I also prefer when my hair dries naturally. I know that is not possible at all times though. Firstly, I wash my hair with Kerastase shampoo for sensitive scalp which is perfect for my skin and then apply either hair mask or conditioner from John Frieda. Another product I use is  a hair extract from Sisley that helps to restore hair and gives the right nutrition to your skin as well. And of course I cannot skip some oil that hydrates my end. At the moment I use John Frieda. As I said previously there is not much to say about my hair care as it is quite simple and basic.

If you want to read more about how I look after my hair or style my hair you can have a look here and here. I have also added links to the products I use under this article.

Tento clanek si mnozi z vas prali uz nekolikrat. Velmi casto od vas dostavam komplimenty na vlasy a zajima vas jak o ne pecuju. Popravde jsem si rikala, ze sem vlastne ani nemam co psat, protoze asi za hodne vdecim prirode. Jelikoz mam vlasy od prirody spise vlnite maji sklon byt sussi a tak muzu doporucit pit hodne vody. I samotni kadernici se me casto ptaji co pouzivam za produkty a ja se snazim vysvetlit, ze se o ne nejak extra nestaram, ale ze piju hodne vody. A tim, ze mam sussi vlasy tak take pouzivam casto ruzne oleje. Ted momentalne casto pouzivam klasiku John Frieda.

Vlasy se snazim nemyt kazdy den, ale spise podle potreby. Dlouho mi trvalo najit sampon, ktery bude vyhovovat me citlive pokozce az jsem konecne nasla tento sampon od Kerastase, jez je urceny na citlivou pokozku. A jak vidite investuju do velkeho baleni radeji nez porad kupovat ty mensi a neustale se stresovat, ze musim delat dalsi objednavku. Po kazdem umytim aplikuju bud John Frieda kondicioner ci masku, protoze moje vlasy jsou zejmena o hydrataci. A take se mi osvedcil produkt od Sisley, ktery slouzi k vyzive vlasu a obsahuje oleje, ktere dodavaji vse potrebne jak vasi pokozce tak vlasum. Jak vidite moje vlasova rutina neni nic specialniho, ale chteli jste vedet jak se o ne staram a prece vam nemohu rici ne. LOL

Pokud vas zajima vice o mych vlasech, peci a uprave muzete si precist starsi clanky tady a tady. Vsechny produkty jsem pridala dole pod clanek.

Love Glamazon xoxo


Top 5 Tips to Make your Mornings Nicer

10(Image via Pinterest)

I am a morning person in general. I have usually lot of energy and always prefer to do work in the morning whether that is to create content for my blog, meet people, go to the gym or any other activity. However, some people are the total opposite and they absolutely hate mornings. Whether you are like me or the others I believe it is about positive attitude and bringing lovely routines to make your mornings better.

So I decided to put together few tips and suggestion of things you can try to make your mornings nicer. Obviously you may not be able to fit all of this in on a weekday but you may pick one to try and do the rest on Saturday or Sunday.

  1. Move your body – It can be a morning walk or a run or any other sort of exercise. I guarantee that if you do this first thing in the morning you will feel so much better.
  2. Try new methods like Hayo’u Method – A while back I wrote this article about this fab way how to start your day and shake the stress off your shoulders.
  3. It is all about the small things – Whether you like a nice cup of coffee or a hot shower do it. Whatever makes you happy. I love having a nice cup of coffee. It seems to trigger some sort of satisfaction and happiness.
  4. Plan the night before – I am a typical planner and it does help in life a lot. I set targets, goals and prepare strategy to achieve things. It is so much easier to know what you need to do that day rather than having chaos in your head already.
  5. Healthy touch – Ok, I mentioned coffee in a point three and that is not the healthiest thing on the planet. However, another thing I love is to start to healthy. I love to have a warm water with lemon or a nice green juice. There is just something about starting your day like this.

You all may have different ideas and routines however the point was to share mine. Hopefully we all get to the point when we love to wake up each day and with a big smile.

Jsem typicke ranni ptace. Rano mam vzdy nejvice energie, vstavam brzo a rana mam k vsemoznym aktivitam. Jsem schopna se v nedeli brzy vzbudit a napsat hned za sebou nekolik clanku na blog, jit cvicit, jit s nekym na snidani a mnohem vice. Ale na druhe strane jsou lide, kteri rana nesnasi a dela jim problem se vyhrabat z postele. At uz patrite do prvni ci druhe skupiny je dulezite si rana zprijemnit a prinest trosku rutiny, at vkrocite do kazdeho dne tou spravnou nohou.

Samozrejme kazdy je uplne jiny a ne vsechny nas bavi stejne veci a tak mozna v tydnu si muzete vybrat jednu z techto veci. Ale o vikendech urcite zvladnete i vice.

  1. Hybejte se – Miluju ranni pohyb a je uplne jedno, co delate. Nekdo rad plave, nekdo si jen radsi zajde na prochazku ci behat. Ten pocit kdyz skoncim nejakou aktivitu je k nezaplaceni.
  2. Zkuste nove metody jako napriklad Hayo’u – Nedavno jsem napsala clanek o nove metode, ktera trva par minut a pomuze vam zbavit se stresu.
  3. Male veci, ktere udelaji radost – Ranni kava, dobra snidane ci sprcha. Muzou to byt male ritualy, ktere vam zprijemni rano. Ja mam pocit, ze dobry salek kavy mi dodava takovy prijemny pocit radosti.
  4. Naplanujte si den predem – Ja jsem typicky planovac. Stanovuju si cile, strategie a vetsinou vim uz rano, co musim udelat. Je urcite lepsi vstat z postela a mit pevnejsi plan nez chaoticke myslenky a nevedet, co musite udelat prvni. 
  5. Zacnete zdrave – Vim, ze jsem v bode 3 zminila kavu a to asi neni ta nejzdravejsi vec na svete, ale rada zacinam den zdrave napriklad teplou vodou s citronem ci cerstvym dzusem. Neco na tom zkratka je, kdyz si prvni rano vypiju neco zdraveho. Mam pocit, ze jsem pro sebe neco udelala a den je pak zkratka jiny.

Mozna mate jine male ranni radosti a ritualy, ale chtela jsem sdilet ty me. Snad se jednou dopracujeme k tomu, ze kazde rano bude prijemne a vykouzli nam usmev na tvari. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


Outfit: Heels or Flats?

4Pictures – Monikh
Wearing: Shoes: Mango, Bag: Gucci, Sunglasses: Celine, Top: H&M, Waistcoat: Lipsy, Jeans: Asos

Few weeks ago I headed up to meet my friend Monikh for a quick lunch at Soho House. It was nice sunny day but you never know what surprises can London bring when it comes to weather so I decided to wear my maternity ripped jeans together with some black simple pieces.

Honestly, I would prefer heels with this outfit however being 9 months pregnant I much prefer flats at the moment. I found these that would be a great heeled option to go with this combination. Well, I know I have been saying this for a long time but not much longer. But it is true what they say the last days take ages and you are just waiting and waiting.

Pred par tydny jsem se vydala na obed v oblibenem Soho House s kamaradkou Monikh. I kdyz hezky svitilo slunicko, tady clovek opravdu nikdy nevi. A tak jsem sla do jistoty dziny a cerne jednoduche kousky. Uz opravdu nevim co vymyslet s timto velkym brichem, ale mohlo by byt i hur.

Uprimne by se mi tato kombinace libila vice s podpatky, ale ted uz v devatem mesici si vybiram spise nizke boty a pohodlnost. Ale treba tyhle sandalky na podpatku by byly idealni. Ja vim, ze to rikam pokazde, ale opravdu ti co rikaji, ze konec je opravdu nekonecny, tak maji pravdu. Poslednich par tydnu clovek jenom ceka a ceka kdy uz prijde den D. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Wonder Woman

1Pictures – Anna Sandul
Wearing: Sunglasses: Dior, Bag: Gucci, Jeans: Asos, Top: Asos, Shoes: Dune, Blazer: Zara

Would’t be nice to be a Wonder woman at least for one day. Well, I kind of tried with this cute t-shirt which is actually from maternity section. Funny enough when I was having lunch whilst wearing it I saw a kid wearing the same top. Well, some styles are just so multifunctional right?

I always say that fashion is fun and no need to hold back. Anyway, my due date was yesterday but the baby seems to be very cosy. The waiting game is on. Not fun but so many of you actually say to enjoy every last moment of this life before the baby. So I am trying. Although it is hard when you can barely move and the size of your bump is so enormous. LOL

Nebylo by super byt Wonder woman alespon na jeden den? No ja jsem si to tak trosku zkusila diky tomuto tricku, ktere je dokonce z materske sekce. Par materskych kousku prece jen nosim. Vtipne na tom je, ze kdyz jsem v nem sla na obed, ze jsem videla malou holcicku v uplne stejnem. No nekdy moda sedi vsem generacim a nedelaji se rozdily.

Ale o tom to je. Vsechno nemusi rozdelene na dospele a deti, muze ci zeny. Kazdopadne vcera jsem mela termin a miminko nikde. Asi se ma vevnitr dobre. I kdyz mi vetsina z vas pise, ze si mam tyhle posledni dny uzivat. Musim se priznat, ze se snazim, ale vzhledem k velikosti bricha a vaze uz to proste neni ono. LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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