Burgundy Flowers

Wearing: Chanel Bag and Earrings, Christian Louboutin Shoes, Zara Maxi

I just got back from a long weekend at the Irish coast. Yes another trip and another wedding. I was not sure what to wear until the last minute and saw this dress in Zara nd fell in love with the colours and the whole lose and relaxed cut.

I also realised there how much time I spend on blogging and social media connected to my blog as it was hard not to have a wifi 24/7. I have now full mailbox to go through. Well, at least I know how I will be spending my evenings after work over the next few days.

Prave jsem se vratila z prodlouzeneho vikendu v Irsku, kde jsem byla na dalsi svatbe. Do posledni chvile jsem nevedela co na sebe, protoze Irsko teplym pocasim obvzlastne necisi. A minuly tyden jsem sla do Zary omrknout novou kolekci a zaujaly me barvy na techto satech. A myslim, ze se na Irske pobrezi nesmirne hodily. Kombinace ruzove a vinove se mi moc libila a myslim, ze i strih byl do tohoto prostredi idealni.

Bohuzel jsem si take o vikendu uvedomila jak jsem zavisla na wifi, protoze je potrebuji k blogovani neustale potrebuju. A take se mi nakupila emailova schranka emaily a pozvankama. Alespon vim jak budu travit nadchazejici vecery.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Current Favourites


I have not shared with you much from beauty in the last few weeks so here we go. I wanted to show you my favourites some of them are old like the corrective serum from Kiehl’s or Creme de La Mer serum and some of them are new. Mainly all the stuff for dry lips as I do suffer a lot a the moment. I need to have a good lip balm in each bag and each room. I am now trying new products from Burt’s Bees and the lip balms are really hydrating which is exactly what I am looking for. That Elemis lip balm is top class as well and I love the packaging. I must admit I got it thanks to blogging and it is great that I got it as I would not normally buy a lip balm from this brand. However, it is an amazing product so I will be using it again.

So what are your current favourites? Any fantastic lip balms I should try?

Uz dlouho jsem nevydala zadny beauty clanek, tento se teda za typicky beauty clanek neda pocitac, ale chtela jsem vam ukazat par oblibenych produktu. Nektere jsou starsi a nekteri jsou novacci. Hlavne ted zkousim balzamy na rty, protoze mam rty neskutecne vysusene. Balzam mam v kazde kabelce a snad i v kazde mistnosti. Mam ted nejake novinky od Burt’s Bees a mam rada hlavne jejich balzamy. Musim ale uznat, ze tento Elemis balzam na rty je uzasny. Priznam se, ze jsem ho dostala. Mozna by me to az uplne nenapadlo si od Elemis koupit zrovna balzam na rty. Ale jsem z nej nadsena. Krasne hydratuje rty a ma i pekne baleni. Ja mam proste radsi baleni, ktere vypadaji luxusneji.

A co vy? Jake mate momentalne oblibene produkty? Nejake skvele balzamy, ktere bych mela vyzkouset?

Love Glamazon xoxo

Brunching in Monochrome

Wearing: H&M Shoes, Atmosphere Trousers, Balenciaga Bag, Zara Top, Asos Coat, Celine Sunglasses

I had the laziest weekend ever. I think with my hyper activity I still was not sure if it is right not to do much. I mean I was still doing blogging, shopping, meeting friends but after a long time I actually felt rested. I have felt a bit guilty recently as I have not had enough time for friends or at least I could not find a time as to put something in a diary when both of you are really busy can be impossible. I sometimes prefer to stay localy and as we have enough restaurants and cafe there is no need for me to travel anywhere.

This is my super casual weekend outfit when I went for a brunch with my boyfriend. I picked these trousers I have not worn for ages and the whole look is very monochrome and comfy.

Have an amazing week.

Prodlouzeny vikend je za nama a jsem ho opravdu prolenosila. Sice jsem porad neco delala jako nakupy, uklizeni, blogovani, ale nebylo to v me klasickem uspechanem tempu. V posledni dobe se citim az provinile, protoze nemam nekdy cas na sve pratele nebo cas by byl, ale najit dobu kdy muzou jit obe osoby ve stejny cas je nemozne. Pak clovek musi pocitat s dopravou, protoze v Londyne je vsechno daleko. Nejde si to proste jenom tak neplanovane skocit za nekym na kavu. A tak vikendy travim vetsinou v okoli. Nastesti mame dost kavaren a restauraci v okoli.

Takhle jsem se oblekla na brunch s pritelem a po dlouhe dobe jsem vytahla tyhle kalhoty. Na fotografiich to nejde moc videt, ale maji potisk kohouti stopy. Jak tak koukam cely outfit je cernobily a nejak nevedomky jsem zkoncila v monochrom stylu.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Handbag Clinic


You are probably wondering why you have not seen me wearing this bag. Actually, I had a massive accident when I left it on kitchen counter few months ago. There was a leak over night and all the water soak in the leather. I wanted to cry. I mean a Mulberry bag is now 900 £ and mine was destroyed. I hoped when the water dries that I will be able to wear it and unfortunately the damage was so visible and extensive. I did lot of research online and there was no way I could solve this myself. I was flirting with an idea just to put it all in a bath but I was so scared already. Mulberry told me they can’t help me and there is nothing I can do with something like this.

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Luckily I found this place called Handbag Clinic and they saved it. This is a picture after full restoration and it looks like new. Yes the full restoration will cost a bit (200 £) but if you think how much the bag costs it is worth it and they truly did amazing job. It took longer than two months but it was worth the wait and the money. At least now I now that you can save your destroyed bags.

Mozna si rikate, ze tuhle kabelku jsem na sobe pekne dlouho nemela. No a hlavnim duvodem je to, ze jsem si ji totalne znicila. Pred par mesici jsem ji nechala na kuchynske lince a pres noc nam vytelka voda a kabelka ji vsechnu do puly nasala. Neskutecne jsem to obrecela a dala se do vyhledavani jak tuhle mega skvrnu odstranit. Bohuzel skoda byla tak rozsahla, ze jsem se obratila na tyhle profesionaly Handbag Clinic, protoze i v Mulberry mi rekli, ze mi nepomuzou. Sverila jsem tasku do odbornych rukou Handbag Clinic a ted je kabelka jako nova. Celkova restorace sice stoji 200 £ a trvala vice nez dva mesice, ale kdyz si vezmete celkovou cenu kabelky a fakt, ze takhle znicena by vam k nicemu nebyla, tak to clovek musi obetovat. Navic dokazi zmenit barvu a pomoci se skvrnou treba i od odlakovace na nehty.

Ja jsem spokojena a kabelka je jako nova. Alespon clovek vi, ze takove veci se daji zachranit.

PS: Moc rada bych byla za vase hlasy v Cosmpolitan Bloggers Awards v UK, kde je muj blog v top ten nejlepsich modnich blozich v Britanii. Volit muzete tady.

Love Glamazon