Outfit: Baby Bump in Oia

7Wearing: Dress: H&M, Shoes: Emu Australia, Bag: Chanel, Sunglasses: Rayban

When I was packing for babymoon in Santorini I knew what sort of looks I was going for. In my mind it was all about boho dresses, romance, light colours and also comfort. Being 7 months pregnant does not make things any easier so I went for simple things. I knew I can rely on a good old maxi dress. This dress is from H&M and as always I just got bigger size to fit my bump in it and it fits perfectly. It just gives me more options and I do not have to rely on just maternity collections.

I also heard the island can be windy and because it is only end of May I packed few jackets like this classic Levis one. We are travelling around the island every day. There are lot of cute villages, beaches and little fishing spots so hiring a car was the best decision ever. And my bump is growing probably by an hour. I hope there will be weeks where it just stops as it popped so quickly. LOL

These pictures are from stunning Oia where you can see some astonishing views. It is definitely one place to see. Yesterday it was my birthday and that means another lovely day with lovely food and sun. I wish we could have treats like this every day.

Kdyz jsem se balila na babymoon na Santorini mela jsem presne predstavu o tom jake obleceni si chci sbalit. Rozhodla jsem se pro romantiku, boho, svetle barvy a hlavne pohodli. Fakt, ze jsem v sedmem mesici tehotenstvi mi veci neulehcoval, ale kdyz se clovek spolehne na klasiku neni to tak hrozne. Tohle jsou dalsi nematerske saty, jsou z normalni konfekce jenom proste vetsi a citim se v nich vyborne. A tusila jsem, ze tady asi bude docela foukat a vecery budou ted v Kvetnu chladnejsi, tak jsem si sbalila par svrsku jako napriklad tuhle klasickou Levisku. A tohoto rozhodnuti jsem take nelitovala, dzinova bunda a kasmirovy svetrik je sem v tuhle dobu uplne idealni. 

Kazdy den podnikame vylety po ostrove a prozkoumavame plaze, rybarske vesnicky a pristavy. Tyhle fotografie jsou z kouzelne Oie, kde je opravdu nadherne. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Exploring Santorini In Embroidered Waistcoat

Wearing: Sandals: Dune, Bag: Pinko, Sunglasses: Dior, Waistcoat and Top: Asos

Santorini got my heart straight away. It is the opposite of the typical beach holiday but it has got a charm hard to describe. The last thing I wanted to do in 7th month of pregnancy is to roast myself on the sun somewhere on the beach. We are doing lot of exploring as much as my bump lets me but I do have to listen to my body so I am resting a lot as well. That is the best advice I can give to any pregnant lady.

And exploring of this kind requires comfortable attire right? I opted for simple black combination of leggings (yes I know again) and side split maxi top. The key item of this outfit is my old embroidered waistcoat. It is no longer available to buy but I found this similar model that is just stunning and such a bargain. I find these type of items one of the best things during pregnancy as you usually style up otherwise simple combinations. And somehow these embroidered boho pieces are perfect for summer holidays.

I cannot wait to show you more of this island as some parts are just picturesque.

Ostrov Santorini si me okamzite ziskal. Je to presny opak typicke valeci dovolene na plazi, ale to mi prave ted vyhovuje. V sedmem mesici tehotenstvi se mi moc na plazi varit nechce a tak jsem rada, ze se muzu kochat krasy tohoto Reckeho klenotu. Sice prochazky mi davaji zabrat, ale hlidam se a hodne odpocivam. Zkratka posloucham sve telo. A to je asi nejlepsi rada, kterou muzu dat vsem tehotnym zenam. 

A prave na takove prochazky je treba pohodlny outfit. A tak jsem si jeden den vybrala klasiku v podobe leginu (no jo ja vim zase ty leginy) a dlouheho cerneho topu, ktery je rozstrihnuty na stranach. No a ozdobou teto cerne nudy je vysivana vesticka, kterou uz mam delsi dobu. Ale nasla jsem tuhle v podobne stylu a za par korun. Je to skvela investice a ozivi kazdy outfit. A jak vidite, da se nosit i v tehotenstvi na tu cernou klasiku. A navic tyhle kousky jsou proste idealni na letni dovolenou. Maji zkratka neco do sebe.

Tesim se az vam ukazu vice fotografii z dovolene, protoze je tu opravdu krasne a nektere zakouti jsou vice nez fotogenicka. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Holiday Essentials

Hello from Santorini! I am currently with my husband on Babymoon. It was quite easy for me to decide where to go. I wanted somewhere in Europe and somewhere where I have not been. I visited Corfu many years ago and heard so many good things about other Greek Islands like Santorini. The weather now is not cold neither super hot which suits me perfectly as nobody wants to carry the bump in the heat. I am 27 weeks pregnant so things are becoming a bit harder. Yesterday when we arrived was very warm and I struggled with all those little hills and alleys. Well, the bump is not getting any smaller.

I wanted to share with you some of amazing products I brought with me. I love a bit of luxury on holidays and all the time to be honest. I have been admiring this new Tom Ford scent for a while and it was even on my birthday wish list. I was the happiest girl in the world when Tom Ford sent it to me just in time for holidays. It is honestly like summer in the bottle. I also got a stunning summer edition lipstick and the shade is called Le Mepris. What a gorgeous colour to contrast with all the white buildings here in Santorini.

And of course I could not forget a nice bronzer, good foundation, favourite sunglasses and body oil. I think my holiday beauty regime is sorted.

Zdravim z krasneho ostrova Santorini. Jeste pred porodem jsem se rozhodla zajet na posledni dovolenou pred narozenim miminka – babymoon. A chtela jsem nekde v Evrope a to nemame domu daleko. V Recku jsem zatim byla pouze na Korfu a to hodne davno a Santorini kazdy neskutecne chvali. A tak vyber byl docela jednoduchy. A navic mi vyhovuje pocasi…ani zima a ani velke horko. Vcera po priletu bylo trosku vice teplo a uz jsem na tom slunicku s briskem byla opravdu zpomalena. Je tu spostu ulicek a schodu a to da cloveku zabrat. Uz jsem 27 tydnu tehotna a behem poslednich dvou mi brisko opravdu porostlo.

Chtela jsem vam ukazat par novych i starsich oblibenych produktu a veci, ktere jsem si na dovolenou sbalila. Neni na skodu si sebou vzit trosku luxusu, i kdyz ten ja mam rada porad. LOL

Nejvetsi radost mam z noveho parfemu od Toma Forda, ktery jsem obdivovala od te doby, co se objevil na trhu. Voni jako leto v lahvicce a mela jsem ho dokonce na sve seznamu toho, co chci k narozeninam. O to vetsi jsem mela radost, kdyz mi Tom Ford tesne pred odletem poslal balicek a v nem jsem nasla prave tuto vuni. Neni to sice nejlevnejsi zalezitost, ale urcite jej vyzkousejte. A v balicku jsem nasla take nadhernou rtenku z limitovane letni edice v odstinu Le Mepris. A samozrejme jsem nemohla zapomet oblibene slunecni bryle, olej na telo a take nejaky ten bronzer a BB kremy. Myslim, ze jsem vyborne vybavena. 

A co si na dovolenou berete normalne vy?

Love Glamazon xoxo

Outfit: Corporate Pregnancy Style


Wearing: Dress: Asos, Blazer: Armani Exchange, Sunglasses: Ralp Lauren via Sunglasses Shop, Bag: Chloe, Shoes: Chanel

When I hit 25 weeks of pregnancy my bump just popped out and sometimes I feel it is growing by hour. Until now I heard all the time “Eva you don’t look pregnant” and with this milestone I hear “OMG Eva you grew so much”. Ehm…that will happen right? The baby is growing and I am starting month 7 on Sunday.

I must say I love tight dresses on other pregnant women but I just do not feel myself wearing them. I got few dresses maternity and non maternity for work but still prefer more flare style dresses. Anyway, this is one of my attempts for a nice corporate outfit for work. It is just about finding few pieces to dress your bump and then use already existing pieces from your wardrobe whether that is old blazers or jackets.

I am off for holidays now so do not forget to follow me on Instagram (evglamazon) and snapchat (evaglamazon) for daily updates.

Santorini I am coming for you!

Jakmile jsem byla 25 tydnu tehotna, tak bricho se proste rozhodlo strasne rychle  narust. Mam pocit, ze snad roste kazdou hodinu. Do teto doby jsem od vsech slysela, ze nevypadam jako tehotna a ted se to obratilo a kdyz si dam strecove saty, tak mi vsichni rikaji, jak jsem porostla. No neda se nic delat, ze? V nedeli zacinam sedmy mesic a s tim musim zkratka pocitat. 

Obecne jsem se priznam, ze jak se mi libi na druhych tehotnych upnute saty, tak u me se k tomu proste nejak nemam. Tyhle tehotenske jsem si poridila uz davno ve sleve a urcite je budu nosit, ale jsem v nich nejaka nesva. Kazdopadne do prace se hodi a tak jsem vam chtela ukazat dalsi pracovni outfit. Myslim, ze i v tehotenstvi to jde. Je jen treba najit to v cem je vam dobre a zakomponovat do satniku vase starsi veci jako saka a doplnky. 

Dneska se chystam na dovolenou a nezapomente me sledovat na Instagramu (evglamazon) a Snapchatu (evaglamazon), kde budu denne pridavat fotografie a videa. Santorini tes se! 

Love Glamazon xoxo



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