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Are there real friendships in blogging industry?

Pictures by Eva 

Wearing: Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Bag: Chloe, Sunglasses: Celine, Top: Revolve, Trousers: River Island, Coat: Missguided, Earrings: Chanel

Growing up I remember stories about models and about how they are trying to harm each other and put nails in other girls shoes? And I thought is that really true? Are they so blinded with competition they would hurt others in such pathetic way? I have never been a high fashion constantly booked out model but I have done commercial work, was going round castings in London too and the truth is I never came across anything like that. Lot of my friends  are still in modelling industry and although you hear some stories you also see friendships…I am talking strong friendships for life. These girls support each other, they are now married and some sadly divorced and some with children and they help each other in tough times but still share the happy moments in their life. They are true friends and that is not on the merit of number of likes, type of jobs they were working but based purely on their qualities, what they love and how they are.

In lot of ways I always compare modelling to blogging. There are so many similarities I can think of but is it similar with friendships? I personally love hanging out with other bloggers, I love to chat about what we have in common and that is fashion and beauty. I have met some amazing people thanks to what I do and I am grateful for that. Do I have friends in blogging? Yes. However from some strange reason some friendships in this industry come and go which also can be natural in life too. I believe people come to your life for a specific reason. You are meant to teach them something or they teach you something. Some friends can come for short periods and some stay your friend for years. I simply believe once the lesson is over the friendship can naturally goes away. And there is nothing wrong with that it is a natural way of life and karma.

I heard some awful stories about friendships in blogging however I want to stick to stay positive so do not want to go to detail about it. I tell you where I stand and how I see it. I believe blogging is like any other industry yes you can have friends but you also remain to be professional, you network and you build up your network further. It is natural, there is always part of business in this. If you name any industry whether that is film, fashion, law, advisory, venture capital etc. people know their “competitors” they can have business meetings, they meet at networking events as they know they can all benefit from each other in many ways even if it is only expanding on their market knowledge. They are able to talk about latest trends in their field, they are able to have a small talk and get on. And that is important.

So I believe there are some friendships but also lot of business “transactions” going on in blogging. And that is also fine as you simply would have tons of friends and friendship needs a bit of love and maintenance. You have to invest in real friendships and treasure it and you simply could not do it with everybody. There are apparently 505 million blogs based on figures from 2018 so that clearly shows you cannot maintain so many good quality friendships. We all can  remain professional though and keep this industry going in the right direction so there are no ugly “friendship” stories, there are no users, no victims and hate. If anybody wants to see this more as a business that is OK too but we can still support each other.

 Kdyz jsem vyrustala, hrozne jsem obdivovala modelky a uz v nejakych deseti jsem si strasne prala take byt ta kraska, ktera brazdi mola. Neptejte se proc, nejak vnitrne to tam zkratka bylo. Na druhou stranu me uz v brzke puberte sokovaly pribehy o zasti modelek a o tom jak si navzajem nechavaji hrebiky v botach. Je to ale vubec pravda? Dnes premyslim, zda by nekdo byl tak ubohy, aby ublizil jenom kvuli tomu, ze citi konkurenci. Ja jsem nikdy nebyla zadna top modelka, spise komercni prace bokem a obrazeni nejednoho castingu v Praze a v Londyne, ale uprimne jsem se osobne s nicim takovym nesetkala. Spousta mych kamaradek stale pracuji jako modelky a muzu rict, ze maji mezi sebou pratelstvi tak silna, ze by mohl kdekdo zavidet. Pratelstvi, ktere zaruci, ze vas ten druhy podrzi v tezke situaci, ale take se spolu zasmejte tak, ze se valite po zemi. A nejsou to pratelstvi zalozena na poctu lajku nebo na tom, kdo pracoval pro jakou znacku. Jsou to pratelstvi zalozena na sympatiich a charakteru cloveka. 

V hodne aspektech mi blogovani pripomina modeling a vidim spousty podobnosti. Ale jak je to v blogovani se skutecnym pratelstvim? Ja osobne se rada vidam s blogerkama, protoze mame hodne spolecneho, vasen pro modu a kosmetiku a tak je casto o cem si povidat. Mam pratele v oboru? Ano mam….ale nejak mam pocit, ze pratelstvi mezi blogery prichazi a casto i odchazi. Nevim proc, ale byla jsem svedkem pratelskych vztahu, kdy bez sebe  kamaradky nemohly byt pomalu ani vterinu az se neco stalo a ted se treba ani nepozdravi. Jak je to mozne? Ja osobne verim v tom, ze lidi prichazi do naseho zivota z nejakeho duvodu, bud se mame neco naucit od nich, nebo mi mame naucit neco je. A kdyz je lekce u konce, muze zkoncit i pratelstvi. A neni treba se za to nejak trestat, je to prirozeny kolobeh zivota a karmy. 

Za tu dobu co bloguju, jsem slysela silene pribehy o druhych blogerkach, ale vzdy rikam, ze chci tento blog vest pozitivnim smerem a tak nebudu zachazet do detailu. Spis chci rict muj nazor. Ja verim, ze blogovani je jako kazdy jiny obor. Ano muzete najit pratele, ale hlavni je dulezite zustat profesional, udrzovat networking a take si budovat kontakty. Je to prirozene a i blogovani je business. Kdyz se zamyslite jak to maji jine obory, je to treba film, prava, moda, poradenstvi, venture capital…vsichni profesionalove z oboru znaji alespon par lidi od konkurence, schazi se a ziskavaji neco jeden od druheho, i kdyby to byla treba jen znalost trhu. Kazdy vi, ze tyto znamosti vam vzdy mohou neco prinest. 

A opravdu verim, ze nejaka skutecna pratelstvi existuji, ale neni jich tolik jak je nam predhazovano na socialnich mediich. V blogovani je hodne takovych “business transakci” a to je take v poradku. Je to normalni vec ve vsech oborech.  Nejde byt opravdovy kamarad se vsema ( i kdyz nam to nekteri na socialnich mediich takto maluji). Opravdove pratelstvi neco stoji a je treba dost casu a spoustu lasky. Podle udaju z roku 2018 je na svete 505 milionu blogu a tak uz chapete, ze je nemozne byt kamarad se vsema. Co je ale dulezite je vest svet blogovanim spravnym smerem, zachovat profesionalitu, podporovat se, at uz se nikdo z nas nemusi dozvidat o vice “osklivych” blogerskych pratelstvich. 



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Beauty: Current skincare routine

This has been highly requested article and you were keen to find out more about my current skincare routine. As an influencer who is trying lot of new launches my skincare routine changes a lot and I believe it is good. I always say it is like a workout routine. You need to change it after some time to get better results.

What you see here have been my core products I have been using in the last few weeks however it does not mean that I don’t swap a product here and there for few days to tailor it to my needs. I also use face masks, night cream and so on.

After so many years in the industry and also trying out different brands you soon learn that cleansing is so important. The cleaner skin the better and you really see that. If I have just two nights in a row when I only do one step cleansing I can see it. I get breakouts and my skin is far from radiant.  I use mostly two Shiseido products to remove my makeup and clean my skin. You probably saw both of these in my video of the best products of 2018. As an extra touch for cleaner skin I use the La Mer micellar water which is a beautiful product. I love the smell, I love how delicate it is and how it looks.

As you may know I am a lover of Retinol and around 3 times a week I am using these Retinol drops by Rodial. I recently had an amazing luxury Rodial facial and was told that the percentage of retinol is not that huge in this product that I can easily increase it. However I am sticking to three as on other days I am using this fab product by Murad. This serum really grabbed me after I hear so much about it.

And as one of the final steps I hydrate the skin with the Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream and I add one drop of this La Mer facial oil. I discovered this trick thanks to express facial at Selfridges La Mer Counter. That is complimentary and you can book it online nationwide. It is a fabulous way how to try their products and decide what suits your skin. And of course I cannot forget about eyes. I have tried many eye creams but this Guerlain one is a gem. I love the consistency as I prefer heavier creams around my eyes and this is it. And to be fair the face cream from the same range is a number one cream I have ever used together with La Mer and Shiseido. See I can never decided on one and only. LOL

Well this is pretty much the core summary of what I use and hopefully you find anything interesting you would love to test yourself.

Tohle byl velmi zadany clanek a vetsina z vas chtela vedet jakou pouzivam kosmetiku a jaka je moje soucasna rutina. Jako influencer zkousim neustale nove znacky, nove produkty a moje rutina se casto meni. Je to zkratka tim co delam, ale i verim v to, ze kosmetika se ma menit. Stejne jako cvicebni program…nic nefunguje vecne a jakmile si vase telo zvykne je obcas treba veci trosku zmenit.

To co tady vidite neni vsechno, ale jsou to takove zakladni produkty se kteryma jsem byla v posledni dobe spokojena. Obcas mam dny, kdy si urcity produkt zmenim podle potreby, ale takto nejak to asi vypada.

Po tolika letech co se pohybuju v oblasti mody a kosmetiky a vyzkousela jsem nespocet znacek jsem zjistila, ze zaklad je opravdu v ciste pleti. Cim vice kroku na ocisteni..tim lepe. Ja casto pouzivam tyto dva produkty od Shiseido a to k odstraneni makeupu a ocisteni pleti. Oba jste asi videli v mem videu Oblibene produkty roku 2018. A k ocisteni take pouzivam i micelarni vodu od La Mer, coz je uzasny produkt. Je tak delikatni a navic skvele vypada. 

Mam take moc rada produkty s Retinolem a asi trikrat v tydnu si pridavam do me rutiny tyto kapky od Rodialu. Nedavno jsem mela moznost vyzkouset uzasnou kosmetiku/facial s produkty Rodial a bylo mi receno, ze obsah retinolu v kapkach neni tak vysoky, tak jej muzu pouzivat casteji. Ja ale rada v ostatni dny pouzivam uzasne serum od firmy Murad. Na to jsem slysela samou chvalu a jsem unesena po par tydnech pouzivani. 

Na zaver plet hydratuju timto kremem od Charlotte Tilbury (pres den) kde pridam jednu kapku tohoto oleje od La Mer. Tento trik jsem objevila nedavno diky express facial v Selfridges a hrozne se mi to zalibilo. Plet neni premastena a je pripravena k nanaseni makeupu. A samozrejme nesmim zapomenout na ocni okoli. Ja mam nejradsi hutnejsi kremy a tento krem od Guerlainu ma presne tu pravou konsistenci. 

Tohle je takovy zaklad z poslednich par tydnu, ale pod rukama mi opravdu projde tolik skvelych produktu. Takze snad jste objevili i vy neco, co vas zaujalo.



5 not that glamorous habits I have … ooops!!

I used to work with a girl that always said that in her head she can run miles and she looks so good whilst doing it. She can almost feel how fit she is and see her toned muscles in motion. Well the reality was different and we always laughed together. To be fair she was saying it quite a lot and I could see where she was coming from.

Then I was thinking do we sometimes picture ourselves being amazing, looking amazing and other day dreaming “important” stuff? I am sure we are all a bit guilty. The reality is that I do so many things that are not glamorous and it is time to admit those. LOL

They are the small things I wish I wasn’t doing but when the time is precious or I just get lazy I slip back and just keep repeating these things over and over again. And I hope I am not the only on this boat.

  1. Wearing a hairband on my wrist – Yes guilty….I know it is very practical as you always have hair band when you need it but then I end up with so many images even for my website and my socials with it. It drives me mad when I see that silly hairband on my images and it is too late to take off. It is that small detail that can ruin the whole look but I guess it is that bad habit…and very hard to stop. LOL
  2. Drinking water from a mug – It can be seen as it is not a big deal but in my mind I am that glam and chic girl that drinks her water from a nice glass or cool water bottle. However I so often grab a mug at home and guess why? It is easier to wash it than a glass. LOL
  3. Paint over chipped nail varnish – I cannot stand this one but I keep doing it. I love women with lovely manicure and it almost gives me anxiety if I have chipped nail varnish but with busy lifestyle you have times when you simply do not look perfect. Sadly I am often tempted especially in a rush that I just quickly paint over the chipped nails and hope for the best.
  4. Messy handbag – Oh well, I always love to watch those what’s my handbag videos and man I feel bad afterwards….If you look at mine on a good day it is getting closer to those amazing videos but on most days you find the most random stuff from receipts, lot of lipsticks, dummy, snack for Liam and everything is just a big mess.
  5. Not wearing matching underwear – Please tell me I am not alone. I have so many lovely sets and there is no excuse to do this but I keep wearing non matching underwear most time. I always hope that when the colour is close enough it is ok…haha And then when I see in a movie a chic lady with matching underwear I just feel so guilty. LOL

Pred par lety jsem pracovala s holkou, ktera pokazde rikala, ze ve sve hlave umi hrozne dobre behat a strasne ji to jde. Popisovala mi jak se vidi jak bezi strasne daleko a navic u toho vypada naprosto fantasticky, svaly se ji rysuji v pohybu a deset mil je pro ni jako nic. Samozrejme opak byl pravdou a vzdy jsem se s nim smala, rikala to totiz velmi casto. 

A tak jsem se zamyslela a rekla si, ze ja si taky obcas ve sve mysli pripadam skvele a vse mi jde tak dobre. Jsem zkratka denni snilek….jenomze opak je realitou a je treba jit s kuzi na trh. Delam tolik veci, ktere bych nemela verejne priznavat, ale pak se vzdy zastavim a reknu si, ze tyhle zlozvyky bych mela prestat delat.  A tady jsou….

  1. Nosim gumicky do vlasu na zapesti – No ono by to nebyla az takova hruza, jenze ja vzdy zapomenu, ze ji tam mam a pak se hrozim, ze mi to nici fotky. Zadny modni zazrak to totiz neni, ale zase je to prakticke….gumicka je stale po ruce, kdyz je treba.
  2. Piju vodu z hrnku – Ve svych predstavach jsem 24/7 ta elegatni zenska, co si vodu naleva do nejake hezke a chic sklenice, opak je bohuzel pravdou a casto se nachytam, ze zase piju z hrnku. A vite proc? Protoze hrnek se jednoduseji umyva. LOL
  3. Premalovavani nehtu – Jejej…Mam hrozne rada upravene nehty a oloupany lak me desi, bohuzel ne vzdy mam cas vse cele odlakovat a prelakovat a tak casto v casovem skluzu proste chytnu lak a udelam co se nema, prelakuju ty oloupane. Ja vim…zadna bomba to neni, ale co uz nadelam :) 
  4. Neporadek v kabelce – Rada koukam na what’s in my handbag videa a vzdy si rikam, ze do idealu mam hodne daleko. Kdyz me to chytne a vse protridim a uklidim, tak se to da, ale vetsinu dni je to trosku horsi. Rada bych rekla, ze tam nosim sik diare a vse je uhledne, ale vetsinou je to tak 6 rtenek, uctenky, dudlik, svacinka pro Liamka, prazdy papir od nejake raw bar apod. 
  5. Nosim pradlo, ktere neladi – Doufam, ze v tomto nejsem sama. A vlastne na tohle neni v mem pripade ani omluva, protoze mam spoustu peknych souprav a mam jich dost na to, aby mi pradlo vzdy ladilo a presto casto sahnu po tech svych oblibenych a pohodlnych a casto je podprsenka i kalhotky uplne mimo. A pak kdyz koukam na film, kde ma zena krasne ladici pradlo tak me zase hryze svedomi. haha 

Eva xoxo 

Outfit: Top things PR could learn from Influencers?!

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Wearing: Dress: Allsaints, Bag: Chloe, Hat: Asos, Boots: River Island, Cardigan: H&M, Coat: Zara, Earrings: The Triplets

The PR world is such a dynamic industry and everybody working in this area needs to keep up to date with new things coming up, keeping the relationships going, keeping fresh market knowledge and keeping on top of things. And I bet it is not easy at all especially when the leadership has no clue about PR techniques or are not open to use digital influencers and any new PR techniques. I was thinking about this all the other day and realised that us influencers can be actually such a good source of knowledge to any PR individual out there.

We influencers gather market  knowledge by talking to each other, brainstorming, coming up with strategies for our own websites and social channels. We work pretty much 24/7. Most of us have been doing this for years, went through different transformations and learnt by trial and error whilst for some press and communications professionals this can be a brand new world. I feel myself I have also learnt so much during my career in recruitment/sales and there are so many things I can apply in what I do. Whether it is ability to sell something, networking, negotiate. There is honestly so much. At the end of the day without sales there would be hardly any business going on. I have seen it so many times that the people that are reward the most are those who can sell. It is amazing if you have that amazing technical person that can solve problem but If you have nobody to solve that problem for you are stuck. And other influencers perhaps learn a lot from their previous jobs too. You never know what it is we can offer.

Use our market knowledge – Most of us spend hours and hours on social media, we meet, we talk, we research as it is part of what we do. You as a PR specialist do that as well however you also do tons of other things and probably look at different aspects of everything. I like to understand what different brands are doing for their campaigns, what influencers they are using and why. It helps me to get an idea about the strategy of that particular brand. As this all helps me to get to know the brand and figure out if my brand is a match for them. I also love to come out with ideas who may be suitable for the brand. I have no problem to recommend people who may be suitable for certain job. I have been doing it pretty much at most meetings. My contacts may discover somebody truly amazing and I feel good about it. So I would always recommend to ask us.  Ask us about who, what, when and why? You never know what you can learn.

Utilize our ideas – There are so many brands that have a vision and they do not want to go outside of this. They give you scripted plan of the project and you have to fit in that box. Going back to my recruitment days I would call it fit us exactly in the job spec. Why not to be more flexible? Listen to our ideas as we are the creative crowd and maybe there could be other ways how to attract new potential buyers for the brand, increase sales or awareness of the brand. We may even have suggestions for venues, type of events, how to collaborate or how to boost the awareness for the brand.

Meet us – This obviously isn’t something you learn from us but by meeting us you can create relationship and you help us to understand your brand more and you understand us and our brand. It is crucial in any business relationship. Nothing is as efficient and effective over emails or phone as meeting face to face. That has always been rule during my career in sales. And I know PR world is busy and demanding however if you find that time you can learn new things from us, understand us, get ideas. Any influencer will always create better content if they know the brand well rather than reading some scripted brief for collaboration. I am always keen to meet face to face as it is the best way how to develop understanding and good relationship with the brand.

Listen to us and let us listen to you  – During my career in sales I have been told every day that listening is the most important part. By listening you get to the point of the problem and then you can offer solution. Good listening skills are one of the best things in any relationship and in life. You understand more each other, you communicate and you find solutions together just by good listening. I always laugh at that old drawing which is a joke showing client brief and client’s budget…And it reminds me so much when influencers trying to explain to PR professionals yes we can create what you want but we also need budget for it and time for it. We need to pay other people to help us to create X,Y,Z and if we do not have the budget there is no certainty of what our Instagrams husband can deliver for “free” LOL.

Like us try to keep up with all the platforms – This is tough even for me so I cannot imagine how on earth could all PR manage this effectively however to understand any influencer’s work and understand if they are the right fit you should be able to follow all of their platforms. Hard I know…However I try to do it as an influencer and follow people across variety of platforms…you honestly discover so many new things. Some people show totally different content on their Youtube and their Instagram stories can be more personal whilst their feed is focused on luxury. Only by following all platforms you can determine the suitability of the individual. You may even discover that in the end you only want to collaborate with them via Instagram stories or twitter. If you focus on one you may miss certain things. You can understand the whole package only if you look at the influencer’s brand in more complex way. Somebody can have a dreamy Instagram feed but swear a lot on their stories and you may realise they are no good for your high end classic old school brand.

Give us a chance/Be open minded – As an influencer I get approached by brands a lot (very grateful for that) and I try to be open-minded and give everybody a chance. Not every time it is the right fit for me but just because it is a small start up I will not discount them. Everybody starts somewhere and I look at the potential. I would say brands should be the same and not to look just at numbers, sales and engagement. Look at all aspects of bloggers with smaller following. What is their content like, what is their potential, what could they do for us as a brand? It is important to be able to balance things out. I work with smaller and less known brands and also big brands. It is very hard to decide sometimes trust me and it must be the same for PR however mixing things is up can bring positives. Try to bring new influencers on board, bring them on a trip, invite them to event. It again reminds me so much from my career in sales. Big corporate hiring several agencies and mixing the well established agencies with huge databases and the smaller new niche agencies with maybe three employees. They all have different things to offer. And eventually in few years that niche one can become huge anyway.

So let’s help each other out, let’s learn together and be open-minded. Many exciting things and great relationships are ahead of us.

Svet PR je velmi dynamicky, neustale prichazi nove veci a vsichni, kdo pracuji v tomto oboru se musi ucit, prizpusobovat novym zmenam a udrzovat sve znalosti. A to urcite neni jednoduche. Nejhorsi situace nastava, kdyz vedeni nevi nic o digitalnich influencerech a je to pro ne neznamy svet a PR se je snazi presvedcit, ze tohle je ta spravna strategie. Obcas profesionalum v tomto oboru opravdu nezavidim. Nastesti jsou tu influenceri, kteri maji za tech nekolik let, co tuhle praci delaji urcite znalosti a proc je tedy nevyuzit. Myslim si, ze kazdy PR profesional muze cerpat od nas hodne informaci a znalosti a posouvat se tak dale. 

My se ucime tim, ze komunikujeme mezi sebou a je to nase kazdodenni prace. Resime strategii, mame prehled o ostatnich v branzi a ucime se tim, ze zkousime veci, ktere bud funguji nebo ne. Vetsina z nas bloguje leta a prizpusobejeme se zmenam a novinkam, ktere neustale prichazi. Ja mam i pocit, ze jsem se naucila hodne veci diky me predchozi praci v oblasti naboru a personalistiky. Jednou z nejdulezitejsich veci ve spouste oborech je totiz umeni prodat. Je skvele, kdyz je nekdo technicky dobry, ale kdyz nemate komu prodat vase napady a nevite jak je prodat, tak je vam to k nicemu. Naucila jsem vyjednavat a take networking. To jsou vsechny veci dulezite nejen v oblasti prodeje, ale temer vsude. A proto nikdy nevite, co vam muze dany influencer poradit. A co se od nas muzete teda naucit? 

Vyuzijte nase znalosti trhu – Vetsina z nas travi hodiny na socialnich medii, potkavame se, resime nasi praci a je to soucasti naseho denniho programu. PR to samozrejme delaji taky, je to jejich prace byt na Instagramu, ale maji bohuzel i dalsi zalezitosti a pro nektere muzou byt nektere veci uplnou novinkou. A tak se nebojte vyuzit nasich znalosti. Ja travim na socialnich hodne casu, protoze me zajimaji veci jako jakou maji firmy strategii, kdo na cem pracuje, co se zmenilo, jake trendy zacinaji v urcite oblasti. Osobne nemam na schuzkach problem doporucit PR ostatni influencery, ktere si myslim, ze jsou vhodni pro danou znacku. A tak se nas nebojte zeptat na uz je to tip na influencera, jak usporadat akci, co ted frci…

Vyuzijte nase napady – Existuje tolik firem, kteri prijdou s napadem a snazi se influencery strcit do te jejich vize a krabicky, ale co kdyz to neni idealni reseni, co kdyz ma onen bloger treba zajimavejsi napad, pohled na vec a treba zrovna ta muze mit vetsi efekt? Zkuste byt vice flexibilni. Naslouchejte nasim napadum, protoze treba zrovna ty mohou pomoci k vetsim prodejum ci lepsi reklame. 

Seznamte se s nama tvari v tvar – To neni teda neco, co vas muzeme naucit, spise chci rict, ze osobni schuzka vam vzdy prinese nejvice. Emaily ani telefon nemaji silu osobni schuzky. Jenom tak skutecne muzete poznat nas a my vasi znacku. Behem me kariery v naboru jsem tohle slysela denne a je to pravda, jakmile jsem klienta pozvala na obed, vse slo lepe. Lepe jsem hledala ty spravne lidi a dokazala lepe prodat potencialnim zamestnancum to ci ono. Behem osobni schuzky zjistite nejvice, vse dukladne proberete a poznate se. Dokonce bych rekla, ze to cloveka motivuje a je to profesionalni pristup. 

Naslouchejte a nechte nas naslouchat – Behem me predchozi prace jsem zjistila, ze nejvetsi prodejni tajmestvi spociva v tom, ze umite naslouchat. Jenom tak dokazete vse analyzovat tak, ze nasledne dokazete najit problem a nabidnout reseni. Kdyz opravdu poslouchate, co je receno, vice si rozumite, budujete kvalitnejsi vztahy a je to opravdu dulezity aspekt v jakemkoli vztahu. Obcas si behem schuzek vzpomenu na takovy vtip, ktery jsem jednu dobu vidala hodne, je to kresleny v tip, kdy klient ma urcite predstavu, da vam zadani, ale rozpocet takovy, ze to neni mozne docilit. Casto od nas firmy ocekavaji dokonaly obsah, ale ten neco stoji. Kdyz je predstava hodne narocna, potrebuju zaplatit fotografa, najat misto na foceni a potrebuju cas. Pokud mi dana firma nezaplati nebo nezaplati dost, riskuje, ze jim nedodam, co si predstavuji. A proto poslouchejte co se vam snazime rict a budte dostatecne transparentni, at muzeme naslouchat my vam. 

Sledujte vsechny nase platformy – Stejne jako vetsina influenceru sleduji vsechny platformy tech ostatnich, je to dobre k tomu, aby jste si udelali predstavu o jejich “znacce” (Az po case si vyselektuju, ktera platforma me bavi vice ci mene). Je to samozrejme casove velmi narocne, ale jenom tak muzete videt daneho influencera vice komplexne. Kazdy z nas muze mit uplne jiny obsah napriklad na youtube a nase stories mohou byt vice osobnejsi. Pokud si reknete, ze ma nekdo super Instagram a napriklad se nepodivate  i na Twitter, insta-stories (kde dany mluvi jako dlazdic) nemuzete si byt jisti, ze ten bloger je vhodny prave pro vasi firmu. Ja jsem pred par lety zjistila, ze Stefano Gabbana sam odsouhlasuje kazdeho influencera a pak teprve da PR teamu sign off. Prochazi si jejich socialni site a platformy sam. Byla to pro me obrovska pocta, ze jsem prosla jeho sitem a take klobouk dolu, ze si na to udela cas. Takze i takovy lide si najdou cas, protoze je pro ne dulezite, kdo reprezentuje jejich znacku.

Dejte nam sanci a budte otevreni – Jako influncera me oslovuje hodne firem a moc si toho vazim. A snazim se dat vsem sanci a byt uprimna, kdyz si opravdu myslim, ze firma neni vhodna pro moji znacku. Ale chapu, ze kazdy nekde zacina, rada podporim mladou znacku, pokud se ke me hodi. Je dulezite videt potencial a drzet balanc. Ja jsem za celou dobu spolupracovala s mensima znackama i s velkyma. Je obcas velmi tezke se rozhodnout, ale udrzovat balanc je dulezite a muze casto prinest spoustu pozitiv. Vzpominam si dokonce i behem me kariery v naboru, ze je naprosto normalni zadat jednu praci nekolika rozlisnym firmam. Firmy jako velka ctyrka casto najimaly ty nejvetsi personalni agentury, co maji mega databaze, ale i mini firmy, kteri zamestnavaji treba dva tri lidi. A navic nikdo nevi, co se z te malicke firmy muze jednou vyklubat. A proto nemusite na sve press tripy brat jenom mega youtubery, ale dat sanci i mensim a zacinajicim influencerum, protoze nikdy nevite, co ten “novacek” dokaze. Cisla nejsou vsechno a je treba vzit v potaz obsah, kteri influenceri tvori, potencial a jine aspekty. 

A tak si proste navzajem pomahejme, ucme se a cekaji nas uzasne veci a pevne vztahy. 

Eva x 

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