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Outfit: Summer with Dolce & Gabbana

Wearing: Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana, Bag: Chanel, Dress: Asos, Sunglasses: Rayban

The time when I should be writing about transitional pieces, autumn fashion and knits is here. Although the sun is shining we are in the other half of August and sadly summer will be over soon. However, you know how much I love autumn and its fashion so I am excited anyway. No tears here. There is always something great about each season. Pumpkin spice latte anybody?

This also does not change a fact that I still want to share my favourite summer outfits and favourite investment pieces. One of the favourite purchases were these Dolce & Gabbana espadrilles (currently on sale) that really added colour and fun to my shoe collection. Although this is the first time you see them here I have posted them on my Instagram and wore them a lot. They really are fun piece and always change even the most simple outfit. That print is just so fun and screams summer more than anything.

I am sure I will be wearing them next year as well. No doubt.

Nastala doba, kdy bych mela zacit psat o prechodnych kouscich, ktere se daji nosit koncem leta ale in podzim. I kdyz si rikate, ze leto je jeste v plnem proudu a treba spoustu z vas jeste ceka vysnena letni dovolena, tak to v mode chodi. Zkratka jsme v druhe polovine srpna a je cas premyslet o podzimnich bundach ci pleteninach. 

To neznamena, ze nemuzu jeste stale presentovat letni modu a bavit se o oblibenych kouscich, do nichz jsem toto leto investovala. Jednim z nich jsou tyto espadrilky od Dolce & Gabbana. Na me asi docela vyrazny kousek, ale bavi me. Libi se mi, ze mi pokazde ozivily jednoduche outfity a ze si jich clovek zkratka vsimne. Dobre je, ze jsou ted v super sleve, takze pokud si je chcete uzit treba pristi leto, mate moznost. Tento potisk mi zkratka prisel hrozne zabavny a letni. 

Myslim, ze je budu rada nosit i pristi leto. O tom nepochybuji. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Summer Love

Wearing: Dress: Few Moda, Shoes: Charles Keith, Bag: PINKO, Sunglasses: Rayban

When I visit Czech my heart always beats. It is where I was born after all and although there are many things I may not like there are still many I love. One of them is typical Czech summer. I keep so many beautiful memories inside and when I am back it feels they are all awake again. Certain corners, traditions, trips always bring the best to my mind.

Straw piles are one of them. I remember as kids we could play there all day long, especially on the really big ones. We were jumping like mad trying to triumph each other. Well, now the smaller ones are perfect for shoots. I believe you should keep things authentic and true to the country. If you are in the countryside no point searching for a white house which is so widely popular amongst bloggers LOL.

And in my eyes that white dress together with the bag look magical in this field. Summer at its best.

Pokazde kdyz jedu do Ceska tak mam radost, je to zeme kde jsem se prece narodila. A i kdyz je spousta veci, ktere tam nemam rada, stale jeste je spousta veci, ktere miluju. A jednou z nich je typicke Ceske leto. Letosni navsteva privedla zpet tolik krasnych vzpominek a kazde zakouti na Morave, veci ktere jsem podnikala mi neco prineslo. 

Stohy a baliky slamy jsou jedna z uzasnych veci, ktera prinasi tolik vzpominek. Kdyz byl v lete na poli za domem velky stoh, dokazala jsem si tam hrat s ostatnima cele dny. Skakala jako silena, delala salta a dneska jak vidite pouzivam baliky slamy na foceni. Maji zkratka sve kouzlo. Ja jsme za to, ze kdyz clovek foti, mel by zachovat autenticnost mista. Nema cena hledat sterilni bily dum jenom protoze blogersky svet je jima posledly. A pokud jste jeste nevideli muj vlog z Ceska, tak se podivejte tady

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Volume Sleeves

Wearing: Bag: Gucci, Skirt: Zara, Top: Asos, Shoes: River Island, Sunglasses: Dior

Volume puffball sleeves are definitely a feature that will get you an attention. And plus they can work to your advantage if you have wider hips right? Perfect way how to optically balance your figure. Although, if you love your body it does not matter if you are certain shape or size. You carry anything with confidence and big smile.

There has been enough of judging of what people look like, wear or how they behave. The truth is that you cannot please them all and there will always be somebody that does not like certain things but on the other hand there will be things you like. The key is not to worry and focus on yourself. And that is why I am wearing puffball sleeve top. I simply love it.

Velke rukavy jako tyhle budou mit za to, ze vas nikdo neprehledne a take mozna dokazou slouzit vyborne k balancovani postavy. Co treba vybalancovat sirsi boky? I kdyz na druhou stranu pokud nekdo ma rad sve telo, tak je jedno jak vypada a dokaze s usmevem nosit to na co ma chut. 

Myslim, ze hodnoceni bylo dost. Stejne se vsem nemuze libit vse a vsichni a na druhou stranu se vzdy najde neco ci nekdo, kdo se libi vam. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Embroidered Tunic

Wearing: Sunglasses: Rayban, Shoes: Charles Keith, Dress/Top: Shein, Shorts: All Saints

Strangely enough this tunic really reminds me of local traditional costumes and yes people have raised it when they saw me wearing it. However, that is fashion, isn’t ? Fashion is looking into different sources of different heritage, eras and areas for inspiration. That is what brings each season new and new trends.

Also I think I couldn’t find a better spot for shooting this than this traditional wooden house right? Being back in London is amazing but it does not mean I will not miss beautiful Czech countryside. The weather was beyond gorgeous and I loved not wearing makeup on most days.

Tahle tunika mi pripomina nase mistni tradicni kroje a abych vam pravdu rekla dokonce mi to na Morave i par lidi reklo. Ale o tom moda je. Moda hleda inspiraci v tradicich, ruznych erach a oblastech. A to prave kazdou sezonu prinasi nove trendy. Recyklujeme stare napady a navrhy. 

A myslim, ze jsem pro fotky nemohla najit lepsi misto nez tuhle roztomilou roubenku. Je super byt zpatky v Londyne, ale to neznamena, ze mi nebude chybet krasne pocasi, co jsem si na Morave uzila a take fakt, ze jsem temer nenosila makeup. LOL 

 Love Glamazon


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