5 Perfect Items to wear during pregnancy

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Pregnancy can be challenging when it comes to dressing. I am still pretty small and already struggling with what to wear and look good at the same time. And imagine when the belly grows. Well, we all have to get through that period but why not to share a bit of inspiration and cool items to get you through this period.

Tehotenstvi muze byt velkym oriskem co se tyce oblekani. Ja zatim nejsem zadny obr, ale brisko pomalu roste a uz ted se rano vztekam, kdyz nevim, co na sebe. A to mam jeste polovinu pred sebou. No ale kazda si tim musime projit a proc se nesnazit vypadat alespon trosku hezky. Sepsala jsem par idealnich kousku, ktere vam mohou pomoci se pres toto obdobi dostat s gracii a stylem.

1. White Shirts – You can use old one if it is oversized or buy larger or maternity to make sure it will fit even if your bump is really big. They look cool if you style them over your t-shirt as well.

1. Bile Kosile – Muzete bud nosit starsi, co uz mate. Ukrast jednu vasemu partnerovi a nebo si zkratka poridite bud materskou nebo vetsi. Vypadaji navic vyborne jenom tak rozepnute pres tricko. 

2. Cool Maxi Dress – These are great especially in the spring and summer. Style them with your favourite biker jacket and you will be the hottest mamma to be in town.

2. Skvele Maxi Saty – Tyhle jsou idealni hlavne na jare ci v lete. Prehodte si pres saty oblibenou kozenou bundicku a mate zarucene, ze budete nejstylovejsi a nejkrasnejsi mama v okoli. 

3. Shirt Dresses – I love shirt dresses for work as with the right styling you can transform them within minutes. They are great to get you through your “big” period and there are endless ways how to wear them.

3. Kosilove Saty – Ja osobne je miluju i normalne a to hlavne do prace. Staci zmenit svrsek a vykouzlite z nich outfit na tolik prilezitosti. Myslim, ze je to kousek, ktery se da nosit i kdyz mate brisko opravdu velike. No vsak to vyzkousim za par tydnu na sobe. 

4. Oversized jumpers – Another piece I would already have in my closet so no need to spend extra money. They look fab with jeans, leggings or wear them as a dress. Stylish mamma is guaranteed.

4. Velke svetry – Dalsi kousek, ktery uz mam ve skrini, takze neni treba utracet penize navic. Vypadaji skvele k leginum (ktere jsou povinnou vybavou tehulek), dzinum a nebo proste je mit jako saty. 

5. A Line Dresses – I love A line dresses. They show off your legs and hide a small baby bump. I am now in that period when in certain clothes you cannot tell if I just piled up few pounds or If I am pregnant. A – line dresses are the best for me at the moment. And the comfort is priceless.

5. Saty do Acka – Momentalne jeden z mych nejoblibenejsich kousku. Vystavi vase krasne nohy a zakriji rostouci brisko. Ja mam ted takove to obdobi, ze clovek nevi, zda jsem proste jenom pribrala nebo jsem tehotna. A prave ted je tento typ satu pro me idealni. A navic to pohodli, kdyz je mate na sobe je k nezaplaceni. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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  1. So many of my friends are pregnant at the moment…..I’ve always been a fan of an oversized white shirt – I’ll be passing the look onto my now pregnant friends :)

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