All Saints Leather Trousers

Good Morning Darlings,So how about Great Expecations? I went to see the movie and I am not going to lie the book is so much better :) This may sound like a cliche because you hear this a lot when you first read the book and then you go to see the movie but this time it is true.

I wore these amazing all saints leather trousers which remind me of Isabel Marant thanks to the design. Anyway, I love them and they are even long enough for me :)

A do not forget this giveaway.

Love Glamazon xoxo

Tak co Nadejne Vyhlidky? Vcera jsem sla do kina prave na tento film a priznavam, ze knizka byla lepsi. Mozna to bude znit jako klise, ktere lidi pokazde vypusti z ust, kdyz se natoci film podle nejake velmi zname knihy, ale tentokrat mi to prislo opravdu pravdive. Kazdopadne  je to skvely pribeh plny emoci.

Oblekla jsem si tyhle skvele kozene kalhoty z All Saints, ktere mi pripominaji diky snerovani a strihu celkove Isabel Marant. A navic jsou pro me dostatecne dlouhe, takze trikrat hura.

A nezapomente na Giveaway a moznost vyhrat sperky v hodnote 2000 – 3000 Kc.

Preji vam krasne pondeli.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

Wearing: All Saints Trousers, Oasis Coat and Boots, Collective Concepts Shirt, Rayban Sunglasses


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