Beauty: Last Minute Rescue with Rodial


Do you sometimes have those days when you know you need to do something in order to rescue your skin? I get this after stressful period, travelling or when I do not get enough sleep. You break out and your skin looks dull and has zero glow. Now when I am on maternity leave I feel I have more time to do this routine more regularly as a prevention.

I wanted to show you this routine and share the products I use. Partially, this is my daily routine but it may change with few products here and there.

The whole process is about prepping your skin and then give the right hydration. My first step is using this Rodial cleanser and then following with my all time favourite Rodial Rush peel. If I feel my skin needs that extra push I apply Rodial iconic hangover mask (even if I do not feel hangover LOL). The Rush peel is really effective and it is one of the best products ever. Especially when you use it before bed. The difference in the morning is just huge.

After all these steps your skin is ready for hydration process. I first start with this tonic from Dragon’s blood range. I then apply my new favourite Geneu Serums (you can read more about these serums here). These are tailored to your DNA and so far I am loving them. Then depending on the situation and how I feel I either use this Snake Skin oil from Rodial or my new pregnancy oil from De Mamiel. I only discovered this brand recently and they do season oils too. It is not just an option for pregnant women.

These steps simply help to get rid of old skin cells and help to renew your skin. After that skin is ready to take in all the nutritions from other products and stay hydrated.

Znate ty dny, kdy proste potrebujete udelat neco rychle, abyste zachranili vasi pokozku? Vetsinou se mi stava, ze mi vyskoci pupinky a plet vypada unavene a uvadle a to hlavne v obdobi stresu ci kdyz mam nedostatek spanku nebo cestuju. Plet zkratka nevypada dobre a postrada jiskru.

Chtela jsem vam ukazat jake produkty pouzivam v takove dny. Ono muj kazdodenni ritual je mu podobny, ale v takove dny zkratka pridam par produktu, ktere mi za kratkou dobu plet vrati do predchoziho stavu. 

Celou rutinu zacnu timto Rodial cleanser and a hned pote pouzivam Rodial Rush Peel, ktery necham pusobit asi deset minut. Je to jeden z mych nejoblibenejsich produktu, ktery funguje rychle a efektivne. Kdyz mam pocit, ze je treba opravdu plet vysvobodit a rozzarit, tak si dam jeste  ikonickou pletovou masku Rodial Hangover mask. Plet je po techto krocich pripravena na proces hydratace a vyzivy a jako prvni vzdy postrikam oblicej touto vodou Rodial Tonic from Dragon’s Blood range

Pote pokracuji v me klasicke rutine, ktera doda potrebnou hydrataci. Momentalne pouzivam sera Geneu, ktere jsou michane na miru podle vasi DNA a vice se o nich muzete docist tady. A pote bud pouziju tento olej nebo novy olej, ktery hodne pouzivam v tehotenstvi od znacky De Mamiel. Je to velmi prirodne zalozena kosmetika, ktera dela oleje nejen pro tehotne, ale take oleje usite na kazdou sezonu. Ty vam dodaji potrebnou hydrataci. Me olej bavi, protoze funguje zaroven jako aromaterapie a vzdy mi plet krasne zklidni.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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