Outfit: Candy Floss

Wearing: Shoes: Zara, Coat: H&M, Bag: Bulgari, Polo Neck: Uniqlo, Hat: River Island, Jeans: Asos, Sunglasses: Dior

I don’t know how about you guys but I am in proper Christmas mood. I wanted to buy a Christmas tree this weekend but my friend Helena put me off a bit by saying it will die by the actual Christmas so will hold on for another week. I play Christmas songs to Liam every morning. And really enjoying it this year. It is probably I have time to think about these things.

Well, that brings me to the topic of the baby as he is poorly for the first time and it is not fun at all. Now when I am writing this is 1 am in the morning and been up 5 times already. Gosh, poor boy and poor me. My family thinks I should go to the doctor but I know how would it end up. I would go and they would say it is viral, he needs liquids and Calpol if he has got fever (I would get angry again and just wasted my time). Sometimes I feel I could be a doctor in UK. LOL

Anyway, let’s stay happy and positive and appreciate this candy floss outfit and the fact that we can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere already.

Ja uz mam uplne Vanocni naladu. Chtela jsem jiz nazdobit stromecek (tady se zdobi uz prvniho Prosince), ale kamaradka me trosku odradila, ze mi do Vanoc uvadne, tak jeste jeden tyden pockam. Rano vzdy poustim sobe a Liamovi Vanocni pisnicky a proste si to letos uzivam tak nejak brzo. Je to asi tim, ze to dokazu vice vnimat.

A to me privadi k tomu, ze jsem vam chtela rict, ze Liam je poprve nemocny. Nejake hnusne nachlazeni a chripka a neni to zadna sranda. Je jedna rano a tak pisu a tuhle noc jsem vstavala uz petkrat. Nechci se zitra videt opravdu. A chudacek muj maly. Snad se mu brzo ulevi. Moje rodina si mysli, ze bych mela jit k doktorovi, ale tady uz se nesnazim. Jen se vzdy vzteknu a plytvaji mym casem. Prisla bych tam, rekli by mi, ze potrebuje tekutiny, ze mam hodne kojit a kdyz bude mit teplotu tak mu dat Calpol. A tim to hasne. Vlastne bych mohla byt v UK doktor. Haha

Ale co zustanme positivni, alespon si chlapecek vybuduje imunitu a maminka trosku procvici nervy. A navic se nebudu zlobit, kdyz mam v tomto postu na sobe tak hezky outfit a Vanoce jsou ve vzduchu. 

Love Glamazon xoxo

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