Coachella on my top


No, these are not forgotten pictures from Coachella festival. Its just a Brandy Melville top that I wore on my last holiday. Plus the famous Zara skort. You may be getting sick of it but I am only getting in to it. It took me months after I bought to actually wear it.

By the way I only realised today that Fashion Weeks are starting soon. I really wanted to come to Prague however my September will be so busy plus I am looking for a new flat. Hard Work.

Ne, tohle nejsou zapomenute fotky z festivalu Coachella. Pouze jsem si poridila tenhle super lehky top z Brandy Melville a dala si ho jeden vecer na posledni dovolene. Mozna uz mate po krk one proslavene skort ze Zary, ale me teprve zacina bavit. Myslim, ze uz jsem vzpominala, ze jsem si po zakoupeni v unoru znechutila tento model na pekne dlouho a pak mi trvalo par mesicu si ji dat na sebe.

Mimochodem jsem dneska koukala do kalendare a Modni tydny se blizi. Hrozne jsem letos chtela prijet na ten Prazsky, ale zase mi to nevyjde. Zari bude nabite a navic si hledam novy byt a mam se stehovat. Aaach Ouvej.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Wearing: Zara Skort, Sam Edelman Sandals, Brandy Melville Top, Marc Jacobs Necklaces, Rayban Sunglasses, Chanel Bag

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