Current Favourites … Silk’n Dual Clean and Face B4

Products: Silk’n Dual Clean Brush, Face B 4 Foam and Serum

These are new additions to my bathroom shelf and this super effective and super cheap Silk’n Dual clean brush is definitely my new favourite. I am a busy person so I find it amazing that this brush cleans my face within seconds and it does its job properly. And in combination with Face B4 Foam and Serum it has worked miracles on my skin within only two weeks. I can now say that I have less breakouts and clearer skin which is what every woman wants. So say hello to my new friends!

Tohle jsou moje posledni prirustky….Silk’n dual clean brush a cistici pena a serum. Oba produkty se hodi spise na mastnou a aknozni plet a musim priznat, ze v kombinaci s timto elektrickym kartacem na plet mi uz za dva tydny opravdu pomohly. A hlavne se hodi k memu uspechanemu zivotnimu stylu. Takto mam jistotu, ze moje plet je poradne cista a bez namahy. Jsem opravdu nadsena  a nechapu, ze jsem si neco podobneho neporidila uz davno.

A co vy? Pouzivate nejake elektricke obrusovaci a cistice kartace na plet? 

Love Glamazon 


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