Hello Chanel!

Pretty things come usually in pretty boxes. Chanel style wrapping and packaging is beauty itself (it is worth that sitting and waiting on their store sofa for few minutes) and what is inside is sooo much better.

I got these earring as a Christmas present but have not worn them yet.

Have a fanstastic day. I am unfortunately in bed with awful flu so my company is tea and tons of drugs.

Krasne veci jsou vetsinou zabalene v krasnych krabickach. Chanel vzdy vse krasne zabali a pripravi (a stoji za to i to nekolikaminutove sezeni a cekani na pohovce). To co je vevnitr byva jeste krasnejsi.

Tyhle nausnicky jsem dostala k Vanocum a uz se tesim az si je dam.

Libi se vam?

Preji vam krasny den. Ja lezim s odpornou chripkou v posteli ve spolecnosti caje a spousty leku.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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