Eras Tour dresses and outfit ideas

Eras Tour dresses and outfit ideas - lovely dresses including sequin and fringed dress, gold lace dress and pink sequin dress

Eras Tour dresses and outfit ideas

Era’s tour continues this year in Europe and other parts of the world and that means we need some major inspiration.

I am attending this month in London and my group of friends have chosen the theme Lover which I really want to stick to but if it was up to me I would definitely go for different theme. However, when teenagers decide what can mums really say. Let’s have them to have some fun and enjoy the concert to maximum.

Anyway, because I have been browsing so much searching for inspiration I decided to share it with you. For me the outfits should be fun, perhaps a bit of sparkle with touch of country that goes back to Taylor’s roots. One thing is definite that the outfits people were are just out of this world. You know I love sequins and just bit of glam. I still have not found my perfect dress as I want to go with the theme but love one particular dress from this edit that I think may work. I also as most people need to think of comfort as you spend hours of dacing, signing and who knows what British weather will bring. It is always full of surprises.

My fyp on Tiktok is covered with stunning DIY bodies and dresses and so many unique looks. The main thing is to feel good and really enjoy the show.

Luckily there are plenty to chose from an also amazing deals. Act now for our exclusive Marks and Spencer offer at Rewardoo!

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