Hello Ladies!!!

Welcome my new runners I got from my boyfriend. Isn’t that nice of him? Now I am not sure if he is trying to say something to me? Hmm, maybe as next present I can get him a voucher for weightwatchers right?
I am only kidding. I have been talking about new runners for a while and I will not only wear them for running but I will check out some latest inspiration how to combine them maybe with my Chanel bag.Yay, sometimes it takes a time for me to start to wear certain trends. Well I guess we can call it luxury and comfort all in one!

Vitam ve sve sbirce nove tenisky, ktere mi koupil pritel. Asi se mi snazi neco naznacit. Ja mu to budu muset vrati a jako dalsi darek mu koupim treba poukaz na weight watchers. Haha.

Delam si srandu. Uz nejakou dobu jsem mu rikala o tom, ze bych si chtela koupit nejake nove tenisky nejen na behani, ale i na bezne noseni. Obcas mi to trva delsi dobu nez si nejaky trend oblibim. Ale pokusim se nasat nejakou inspiraci a snad me uvidite v techto botach i v kombinaci s Chanelkou. Pohodli a luxus v jednom.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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