Holiday Time

Well, in my mind I am already on the beach with a cocktail in one hand and book in another. Physically, I am still in London (can somebody push time and then stop it when I am there?). Plus my week is super busy – work, blogging events press days. So I did some packing this weekend as I don’t have time otherwise (did I ever mention how I hate packing?) As always I hated decisions what to take and what to leave at home? One thing is for sure that I need everything on this picture – book, beach crochet dress, favourite Lancaster sun protection, favourite Celine Sunglasses and a hat. And bikini…ooops. I am not that much in overall nudity in public. LOL

Myslenkama uz jsem pekne na plazi s koktejlem v jedne ruce a s knizkou v druhe. Realita je takova, ze odletam az v sobotu, takze jsem zatim v plnem proudu v Londyne a mam docela nabity tyden…samozrejme prace a nejake press days a akce ohledne blogu. Kez by nekdo umel posunout cas  a pak az jsem na dovolene ho umel i zastavit.

Ja jsem se musela sbalit uz o vikendu, protoze zkratka nemam v tydnu cas a jak vidite tohle je moje zakladni vybaveni na plaz – oblibena Lancaster ochrana proti slunicku, oblibene Celine bryle, knizka, hackovane saty na plaz a klobouk. A taky plavky (ty nuda plaze me zase az tak neberou).

Love Glamazon xoxo

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