How to be that cool girl?

How to be that cool girl? elevator outfit - oversized blazer and vintage chanel bag
Source: l.kiassumbua

I think it is not a secret but I have always loved the cool girls style. Yes classic timeless is pretty but my taste and intuition always sway me to pin images of the cool girls tribe. And despite getting older that has not changed. So glad that there are so many women over 50 that are keeping that sort of cool girl vibe so yes I don’t think the coolness goes away with age.

The cool girls wear lot of oversized and mix and match casual with tailoring. They love a good bag but it can also be vintage so good hunting skills in charity shops and vintage stores are required. The style is never try too hard and there is mixture of textures and other elements and they always look relaxed. They also put effort in hair and makeup but it is never way to perfect. I have seen messy buns, messy waves, that just got out of the bed vibe hair and messy plaits.

So a key is to play with accessories like baseball caps, headbands, vintage t-shirts or you can even cut your plain boring one at home and wear with baggy jeans. And of course sometimes they look like the IT girls who just left the gym but made a bit of an effort. So mix your favourite workout set with a metallic bag or your boyfriends blazer. This always makes me so happy as most days you see me in Sporty and Rich tracksuits sets and Adanola leggings with oversized trench. That for me is perfect school run attire.

Sometimes I feel this cool girl style is about juxtapositions and having fun, matching things that others would not and voila the cool girl has been born.

So go and have fun yourself. I have made an edit as always of some great items to shop right now.

How to be that cool girl? Emili sindlev wearing sporty white look with gold LV bag
Source: Emili Sindlev
How to be that cool girl? Hanna Schonberg relaxed outfit of oversized tshirt and baseball cap
Source: Hanna Schonberg
How to be that cool girl? Ell Ferguson wearing boots, Chanel 22 and jersey shorts set
Source: Elle Ferguson

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