Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Méditerranée

I have a sweet spot for good and beautiful things and I would love to introduce you to my latest crush. It is not the hot new actor but fabulous hotel in Nice. Last weekend during my visit at Cannes festival and few days at Cote d’Azur I accepted an invitation and stayed in a lovely Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Mediterranee. From the very first moment I felt like a royalty and I got the best of everything. Even the weather was nice to me so it felt so good to enjoy my first coffee on their luxurious terrace with a breathtaking sea view. I could not wait to explore this place more. The staff was so welcoming and helpful and that is what you would expect from a place like this anyway.

I stayed in a hotel room with incredible city view on the 8th floor so you can imagine what it felt like to wake up to that in the morning. And I cannot forget the bathrobes as you know how fussy I am about these. The hotel really thought of every little detail to make anybody feel very spoiled. If you just look at the terrace with a pool and people seemed to be so relaxed sipping their drinks in the sun. And the breakfast experience is just unbelievable as you get the best food with that view. Whether you fancy English breakfast, pastries, fruit or pancakes. They literally have everything on the menu. One thing I have noticed is that you even get stevia for your tea or coffee. I have never seen that in UK neither in Czech Republic. I discovered this pure and natural sweetener a while back and to have it in a hotel was a big surprise.

And then there is this smell…I kept going on about the amazing smell in the lobby and corridors of this Park Hyatt hotel. They have specifically designed fragrance which is just so soft and so chic that really takes this place to the next level. I wish I could have it at home but nobody is going to give out their secret formula right?

I hope I can come to this place again because they really made me feel so welcomed and looked after me in the best possible way.

PS: It is my birthday on Sunday so I really cannot wait for my big birthday weekend to start.

Pokud me sledujete na snapchatu a instagramu, tak asi vite o me nedavne navsteve jizni Francie. Minuly vikend jsem prijala pozvani od  hotelu Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Mediterranee a stravila den na festivalu Cannes a uzivala si prodlouzeny vikend v Nice. Cely vikend mi prisel jako sen a priznavam se, ze jsem opravdu v pondeli trpela, kdyz jsem se musela vratit do prace a uprseneho Londyna. Od prvniho momentu jsem se v hotelu citila jako princezna. Kazdy detail maji opravdu promysleny a z kazdeho koutu cisela pohoda a luxus. Jak vidite hotel ma uzasnou terasu sdech beroucim vyhledem na more a tam jsem si kazde rano uzivala snidani a vybornou kavu. 

Ja jsem byla ubytovana v pokoji s vyhledem na mesto a prestoze vyhled na more by se mi asi libil vic, tak jsem byla unesena. Probudit se kazde rano s takovym vyhledem opravdu stoji za to. Byla jsem taky nadsena, ze hotel mel v sladidel i stevii. Tu jsem objevila teprve nedavno, ale protoze se snazim jist zdrave, tak jse zacala sladit vsechno stevii. Prisaham, ze tohle jsem v Britanii nezazila a myslim, ze ani v Cesku. 

Opravdu bych se nejradsi vratila a odpocivala s nejakym dobrym koktejlem u bazenu. Nechtelo se mi vubec domu. Doufam, ze se sem znovu vratim, protoze se o me starali jako o princeznu. 

Preji vam krasny vikend.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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  1. Moje kamaradka si v Nice narazila typka a noc s nim stravila prave v Hyattu, tak ji to budu muset hned poslat, aby zavzpominala, haha :D

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